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Summer Science Fun

ghost, MB | (none)
i love cookies whos wit me

turdnugget, OH | (none)
I'm thinking about doing a project on UV RADIATION I don't know if I SPELLED THAT RIGHT

tanner, CA | (none)
why can I not play any games?

Logan, CA | (none)
I'm thinking of doing 3 projects, called, Explode-a-thon, Evarporate-o-thon, and Frisbee. *P.S: I GOT 2nd place (indiv. project) and 3rd place (group project) in same science fair.

shayshay, LA | (none)
i need a good science fair topic to do

Sophie, MA | (none)
I invented a pedal that uses foot pressure so you don't need your hands and I don't know where to submit it? It exercises your legs when you stomp on it. Please tell me where to submit a picture. Thank you.

richard, AZ | (none)
i really liked that ka la la la la la thing from the video precipation

talia, WA | (none)
did you like the games?

Dalyn, PA | (none)
Dear Pbskids.org, I love your shows so much! My sister & I watches your shows a lot. Love,Dalyn

g4ttt, | (none)
summer go

Raven, NC | (none)
Does anybody here like monkeybread?(it doesn't have real monkeys in it so don't think that.)

August, MO | (none)
In the summer I went to the pool with my best friend. When I put my beach ball in the water it floats. But when my friend droped his gogles they sank. Why is that?

jack, NY | (none)
how to make Geyser with a botal of soda

breeanna, WI | (none)
hi i want to know about taste buds can you show me some pictures please?

deanna, PA | (none)
are dogs cool

Jeremy, FL | (none)
Dear Friends I want to get a Knex Model Building Set.

monica, IN | (none)
I went to a lake and collected some water then I waited 3 weeks then it was gone! What happened?

8hnatlie, MO | (none)
In 07 I went to White Water.

cutiepi, OK | (none)
I went 2 Branson and played in a HUGE water park!

Lauren, ON | (none)
On Summer break I went to the beach, and got some sand, a week later i went to California, I decided that I would get some sand from their beaches, when I got home I studied both of the sands, and I came to figure out that sand in Ontario is cleaner than sand in California, but I wondered about that because our sand is darker than California's sand Is it true ??? Lauren,

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