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earth and space

Solar System

brandon, OH | (none)
did you now that there's a new planet?

Scot, OR | (none)
Did you now that there are more than 9 planets in our SOLAR SYSTEM? If not,there are really 13!

garret , | (none)
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katia galvan, | (none)
space is big :)

Johnny, VA | (none)
Also Ryan, Ceres is not a dwarf planet it is a minor planet. Also Kayla the reason Pluto is no longer the planet is because it is so tiny and its distance away from the sun. Pluto is smaller than the state of Alaska.

Johnny, VA | (none)
Ryan for your information, Saturn actually has over 1000 rings not 7.

selena , MX | (none)
dear Catasha I was on the computr and I found on the solar system . I hope you will back from selena

Alyssa , MN | (none)
Did you know how many moons in the year 13 two each mon.

Corey D., FL | (none)
*Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Its surface has many thousands of impact craters as a result of being bombarded by objects since the solar system's early days. Since Mercury has no protective atmosphere. The temperature on the surface ranges from extremely hot on the side facing the sun to extremely cold on the side that faces away from the sun. *Venus is named after the roman goddess of love and beauty. This is one of those cases where beauty is only skin deep, though, as the surface of venus is a very unpleasant place featuring very high temperatures. Winds that blow hundreds of miles per hour and an atmosphere of sulfuric acid. Venus is an example of runaway greenhouse effect on a planetary scale. *Earth our home planet is a very beautiful with the most varied surface in the entire solar system. From a distance, our planet looks like a beautiful big blue marble. *Mars the red planet is named after the roman god of war it's distinctive rust color is easily seen through a small telescope. The surface of Mars features many mountains, canyons and even polar ice caps that look a lot like those on earth. On ancient times, mars may have harbored some kind of life and there is a lot of research going on now trying to get a definitive answer as to weather we are the only life forms in the solar system. *Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. it has at least sixty-one moons and features the great red spot, which is a huge "storm" that has been observed from here on earth for over three hundred years. saturn is one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system. It's fascinating system of rings have been a source of wonder since we first saw them with the earliest telescopes. Although the rings look fairly simple through a small telescope, spacecraft pictures have reavled that what looks like two rings through a telescope is actually hundreds of individual ring systems. in addition, *Saturn has so many moons that it is like a miniature solar system. *Uranus is one of the giant gas planets in the solar system. Its mysterious blue-green color provides very few clues as to what is going on underneath the surface clouds. also has a very faint ring system that we didn't know existed until the planet was visited by the voyager spacecraft. *Neptune was the last stop the voyager mission made before it left our solar system. What we found out from voyager was that Neptune has winds that blow hundreds of miles per hour and a moon that features "geysers" of nitrogen that errupt and leave dark marks on the surface. *Pluto is the smallest and most mysterious planet in our solar system. Pluto is so far away that the sun is just a dim point that looks like any other star. Pluto has one moon moon, Charon, that is almost as big as the planet itself.

corey, FL | (none)
murcery is next to the sun but it is not the hotest plannet !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logan, CA | (none)
There's a planet like earth a few trillion miles away from us called gissele 206 (I think that's it's name)!

Logan, CA | (none)
Katie, your question about how many earths could fit into saturn, the awnswer is 9.45775536

Logan, CA | (none)
You could fit ~1,000,000 earths into the sun!

Wylie MacDougall, NH | (none)
how fast can mars go around the sun.

ilhaan, MN | (none)
how is volcano mada

Katie, MO | (none)
How many Earths would it take to fill Saturn?

angelica, FL | (none)
who is god of saturn

sarah, NC | (none)
what is the biggest star known?

mariah, IN | (none)
hi my name is mariah and my teacher said there us no such thing as a solar system is that true?

puppylover, PR | (none)
how many times can Saturn go into the sun???

sebastian green, FL | (none)
i love space

keke b., AL | (none)
how do poeple now their are 24 hours in a day

Lexie Harvey, PA | (none)
What does Mercury and Neptune have in common?

Ray, PR | (none)
How many moons does it take to get from the Earth to the sun?

Devonte, AR | (none)
why did the solar system get it's name? Project,please answer

Gary Rangel, TX | (none)
How Old Is Jupiter?

AlExIs BeDrOcK, MS | (none)
I lOvE sTaRz BeCaUsE ThEy ArE sO sHiNy And ColOrFuL!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan, MA | (none)
Ok, there are a lot of questions being asked, and I can answer a LOT of them. First of all, the moon takes 28 days to orbit the earth. Also, Saturn has 7 rings. Also, adawiyyah, pluto is not a star, it is a dwarf planet, stars are not small at all. They are extremely big. The sun is a star and it is extremely big. backy, it takes about 29 years for saturn to orbit the sun once, which is about 10,585 days. amrit, the two names of the additional dwarf planets are Ceres and Eris. Ceres is located in the asteroid belt, which is between the planets Mars and Jupiter. Eris is located beyond Pluto. angie, about 2 Mars fit into Earth. Mar's diameter is about 4100 miles, and Earth's diameter is about 8,000 miles. Brooke, 0 Earth's can fit into Venus, in fact, Venus is a little smaller than Earth, with a diameter of about 7,520 miles. Earth's diameter is about 8,000 miles. Jake, Jupiter is not a star, it is a gas planet just like Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. hali, Mercury has no rings. Jesse, the order of the planets from the sun are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. White, Mercury has no moons. Super star, Venus has no moons. shelnby, about 833 Earth's can fit into Saturn. Sorry, but I have a project due tommorrow, and I can't answer anymore questions.

Daivd, IL | (none)
How many days does it take for the moon to orbit the earth?

Curt, NY | (none)
whats the nickname for saturn & earth

KT, UT | (none)
What do you think if we put a plant on Mars? Could it actually make the CO2 into oxygen?!

Sabrina, TX | (none)
How many times can jupiter fit in the sun?

aislinn, GA | (none)
saturn is my best planet because its so beautiful!

lilly, GA | (none)
hey why is the sun a star?

Ethan, MS | (none)
Dear Kimberly,The earth can make one orbit arou nd the sun in a year.

sophia, CO | (none)
how many Plutos can fit in to the sun?

Lucas, MN | (none)
Q: Why is Pluto not a planet anymore? A: I'ts too small, so i'ts a dwarf planet.

Veronica, AS | (none)
How many rings around saturn?

Kysa-k, IL | (none)
Is Pluto a plant? I am doing a science fair project for school,please answer soon.

Connor, MD | (none)
How many Suns does it take to fill up Arcturus?

Plutogirl, IA | (none)
Pluto will always be a planet to me!

Adawiyyah, AL | (none)

Adawiyyah, MT | (none)

Anastasia, IL | (none)
Did you know that Halley's Comet's tail stretches 94 million miles??

kimberly, MD | (none)
how many orbits around the sun can earth make in a year

andie, AZ | (none)
How many times does Pluto fit in Earth? Im doing a project so please answer!!!!

Stephanie, IN | (none)
Why was Pluto dwarfed?

becky, CA | (none)
How many days does it take for Saturn to orbit the sun?

Jack, KY | (none)
Pluto is still a planet, and I'm gonna prove it by taking a rocket, go past Neptune and take photographs of what's there.

Aryana, CA | (none)
Why isn't Pluto a planet?

lauren, OH | (none)
I don't understand why scientists don't think pluto is a planet. I mean if it revolves around the sun wouldn't it be considerd to be in our solar system. I heard that somtimes in its orbit it is closer to the sun than neptune. Pluto may be small but I think it deserves to be a planet why don't scientists think the same?

ally, NY | (none)
how many moons can fit in the sun

corey, NJ | (none)
how many times does pluto go into the sun

Henry, TX | (none)
Space is a wonder of magical places where the planets are all places most of us do not know. The galaxes are all things we may not go to, there are things that we may know in the future. But some of us may never experience the things the future holds for us all. Good night.

Jeremy, FL | (none)

Jeremy, FL | (none)
I see a Rings Tonight. I bring a Refractor Telescope.

arinola, NJ | (none)
what does the solar system do

me, CO | (none)
how big is earth compared with neptune

Nicky, WA | (none)
how was the olympus mons (the silly volcano on mars) made?

michelle, ON | (none)
I find the solar system very interesting.

amrit, | (none)
what are the names and locations of the two additional dwarf planets? i need an answer, quick!

alexa, MA | (none)
i like to make a solar system project.

angie, AK | (none)
how many mars fit into earth???

tatiana, | (none)
how does earth fit into the solar system?

Donovan, MA | (none)
Does Earth have rings?

Jake, MN | (none)
It has no solid surface. So it's a star. P.S. Jupiter is like a mini solar system. It's almost a star, and 4 of it's moons are the size of planets!

Jake, MN | (none)
All Saturn is is gas, liquid gas, liquid metal, and a rocky core. Well, I'm not sure about the core, though.

Brooke, HI | (none)
I would like to know how many earths can fit into Venus :)

hali, FL | (none)
how many rings does mercury have

kayla, | (none)
we are Learning about our solar system

Laly, MI | (none)
Can Venus get cold?

brooke, NB | (none)
how long does it take to go around the solar system?

nadia, AS | (none)
how long does it take pluto to spin on its axis once?

brooke, CA | (none)
how many times does Pluto fit in earth?

billy, OR | (none)
how many Pluto's can fit in Jupiter

manpreet, CA | (none)
howlong doe sit take to go to neptune in a space ship traveling 80,000,00 kilometers per a hour

mikayla911, NC | (none)
How hot does venus get?.....The answer is 484 degrees celsius!

linda, MB | (none)
dose saturn have one big ring or many different rings?

carly, FL | (none)
in the solar system it takes 33,400,000 earths to fit in the sun and fill it up

KYLIE, AR | (none)

patrick, FL | (none)
what are the nicknames of the 8 planets + pluto?

Hali, PA | (none)
Why doesn't Earth's moon have any rings?

April, AZ | (none)
Does anyone know how many moons saturn has?

Jesse, PR | (none)
Which order are the planets from the sun?

White, NY | (none)
How many moons go around Mercury?

Super star, SD | (none)
Does Venus Have any moons???

lucas, OR | (none)
How far is our sun to Mercury?????

mary, FL | (none)
how many times can you fit mercury into earth?

Jacob, MX | (none)
How long does Venus take to orbit the sun compared to Earth

katie, OH | (none)
How many planets are there including the ones that the scientists have not announced official planets

Mike, CA | (none)
We were once hit by an asteroid 11 miles across the size of Mt. Everst, 65 million years ago that extinct the dinosaurs.Well we are gonna get it again.In 2004 scientist found an asteriod the size of a rose bowl named Apophis that may hit us in 2036.So prapare for the worse. =(

shelnby, MD | (none)
how many earths can fit in saturn?

kokola090, FL | (none)
how many earth years does it take for mercury to orbit around the sun?

the coolman, DC | (none)
mars has 2 moons they are called phobos and gorses

Kitty, CA | (none)
How many times can Venus fit in Saturn?

isaiah, KY | (none)
how come you guys dont talk about the x planet, i mean it is way more interesting to kids than any other planets!!!

Seneca, TN | (none)
Is the sun really hot in the solar system? Im doin all the the planets for my house.

Marceline, FL | (none)
What is the fastest planet to orbit the sun?

Kristina, FL | (none)
Dose venus have any moons? how many?

winona, | (none)
can human live in planet neptune?

Riley, NY | (none)
Its okay Pluto...Im not a planet either. =(

annoymous, CT | (none)
how many days does it take for the moon to orbit the earth???

Cindy, VA | (none)
What is Saturn's nickname? I can't find it... Dx

marie, FL | (none)
why doesn't Venus have a moon?????

anusha, CA | (none)
i want know about solar system

ben, MO | (none)
Why is the sun bigger than Jupiter?

Utopia, BC | (none)
Does Venus have any moons?

Ashley, CA | (none)
How many rings does Mercury have?

molly, NY | (none)
what does the earth and pluto have in common?

hafsa, NY | (none)
how many days does it takes for all the plants to orbit around the sun?

zach, ND | (none)
does mars have any moons?if so how many?

bob, CA | (none)
Can people live on jupiters moons????????

brian, NH | (none)
why can't we live on other planets

Ryan, NY | (none)
Ilove space it makes me wonder alot

micheal, NJ | (none)
how many rings does saturn have

Erin, AB | (none)
Hi ppl tell me how many rings does mercury have???

breshonna, CA | (none)
does venus have rings

tyler, PA | (none)
Does Mercury have any nicknames or myths?

dakotadog, KS | (none)
how many earths can go in the sun?

Ashley, NY | (none)
How fast do planet Neptune's rings go???

kristiana, NY | (none)
why isn't the grass blue?

briana, | (none)
dose plouto have gravity??????????

Gayle, | (none)
How do day and night happen? How many days dose it take for the Earth to go around the sun? How many hrs dose it take for the earth to go around the axis? What is Gravity? Why dose the moon change shape? What are the names of all the planets?

Mac, AB | (none)
how many earths fit into neptune?

kenny, MA | (none)
What is Saturns nickname?

Chloe G., IL | (none)
We can Not live on any other planet. If we did we would have to on mars. It is too cold on venus. We would freeze to death. By the Way, I am not talking about -2 degrees that we get here in chicago. Im talking about -1096 degrees.

Annie, RI | (none)
how many people live on neptune?

Johanna, FL | (none)
how fast does a rocket and space ship travel?

INES, KY | (none)
how many moons can you fit in a earth?

Jaron, | (none)
why isn't the sun a planet ?

Missy, AL | (none)
How many rings does Neptune have? If so how many?

eleanor, | (none)
how long dose it take for the earth to go round the sun?

brittany, | (none)
how many times does mars go aroud the sun

jos, NH | (none)
how many rings does venus

Zachary, GA | (none)
Halleys comet comes back every 76 years or so.

isaiah, MN | (none)
how long does it take to get to jupiter and back to earth

bianca, | (none)
can humans live on venus?

Sihga, IN | (none)
Is it true that every star has its own solar system

ninja, TX | (none)
how long does it take to be 1 day on planet saturn?

Ashlee, | (none)
how many times does mars fit into earth?

katie, | (none)
how many rings does the new planet have ?

Jackie , CT | (none)
Is pluto a god's name?

Mike, CA | (none)
kayla- Pluto is not a planet anymore because they found a planet further than pluto and called it a drawf planet and that drawf planet is bigger than pluto so they call pluto a drawf planet.

Mike, CA | (none)
nicole- mercury has no moons. ashley- venus has no moons.

Mike, CA | (none)
to alex- earth has 1 moon PS- u should know that!

veesha, MS | (none)
how many moons does venus have and what are there names

stacey, CA | (none)
does mercury or venus have moons?

stevie, CA | (none)
dear alex of nc, in answer to your question, we have one moon.

Steedley, GA | (none)
How many Earth's will fit inside of Jupiter?

savanna, IL | (none)
Dose venus have moons?

mikey, ME | (none)
to:Aryana%u201A CA.Pluto isnt a planet because it was thought to be one Neptunes moons..and it is way too small to be one.

Mary, MS | (none)
What does Venus look like inside?

Hiddecel, ON | (none)
How long does it take to travel to space from earth?

Laura, | (none)
what is the different between earth that saturn doesn't have? and what does saturn have that earth doesn't?

ben, VA | (none)
poem:the sun is a star.mercury is gray.venus is hot.earth is our planet.the moon looks like it has a face.mars is red. jupiter is giagantic.saturn is pretty.uranus spins on its side.neptune is the hottest of the farthest 3 planets.pluto is very tiny.

TONY, CA | (none)

angel, WA | (none)
what is saturns nickname?

Allie, VA | (none)
How does Jupiter fit into our Solar system? (inner or outer planet, how many planets from the sun)

sienna, PA | (none)
how many moons fit inside the Earth?

nicole, GA | (none)
how many moons does mercury have?

kayla, NJ | (none)
Why is Pluto not a planet any more

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