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Soda Geyser

soda geyser expert, CA | (none)
you can use non-flavored mentos too.

mohamed and salman, AZ | (none)
was really awsome

joseph, HI | (none)
it shoots good lava

mohamed, AZ | (none)
this was so cool my geyser want 8 inches

Sydney, AR | (none)
I put two different types of gum in mine. It splashed in my face and I wasn't even squatting down!

jaime, | (none)
wow i aqedetly put 2 boxis of mentos and it looked out 9 incis

ryan, NY | (none)

chandler, AL | (none)

Patrick, MI | (none)
I put two rolls of mentos and it went to about 30 feet

Bailey, AZ | (none)
It was just awesome!!:D

jordan, NY | (none)

holley, AZ | (none)
Hi my name is holley i love sienc.

Thomas, MD | (none)
A Geyser came up.

jake, NV | (none)
i got a big one

BOB, NE | (none)

john, TX | (none)
i put a whole role of mentos and soda pop candies and it went ten ft in the air.

joanna, | (none)
it was amasing

Zoe, MO | (none)
Wow! My geyser got a good 65 inches!

deedee, TX | (none)
that was relly cool but how does the mentos affect the soda

shashwot, | (none)

nathan, NC | (none)
it cep gowing

tammi, CA | (none)
I put whole roll ofmentos into 6literbottle of a soda and it is cool

ryan, | (none)
the soda had exsploded every were

Jasmin, MI | (none)
After I made my results I did it myself and it worked great!

hoang, | (none)

David, FL | (none)

arthur, TX | (none)
it explod good

Jonathan, TX | (none)
mine went about a foot in the air.

Aldo, BC | (none)
I tryed it out and got a great geyser!

emily, NC | (none)
i did not think it rise 10 inchis

mallory, MN | (none)
thats cool

Lisa, AB | (none)

Lynn, ID | (none)
I got 2 2-liter bottles of soda and mixed them and it went 10 inches!

brad, VA | (none)
you are good

iva, MN | (none)
I put 2 rolls in a 2 liter bottle it was a awesome geyser

janvi, FL | (none)
mine looked very simmiler like the pictur does bye bye have a googd day......

dyshirah, NJ | (none)
thats a little cool

Breia, TN | (none)
Water Boil oil Do it Be soda

Abraham, NY | (none)
I put 14 Mentos in a 2-liter bottle and it went 9 feet!My teacher gave me an A+!

riveria, AL | (none)
that is so short mine was thirteen feet tall

caleb, IN | (none)
I used a 3-liter in on my table and it went every were

stephanie, FL | (none)

brittany, NC | (none)
it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina, MA | (none)
I put 6 Mentos and the root beer flew at least 2 feet

Tharusha, ON | (none)
It went crazy outside more tham 6 inches !

peter, IA | (none)
i love science experiments,and this is my favorite!

elizabeth, TX | (none)
one time i did that before with my brother out side

Nora, NJ | (none)
My results was 20.in tall!!!! becaus I used 4 botles of soda in a big bautle then I put 4 rolls of Mentos in.It was ausum!!!P.S. I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!

binky, TX | (none)
it was coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!

JORDAN, OH | (none)
I put sticks in holes so it was bigger.

Michael, DE | (none)
the higher it goes the amazing goes the more angel it is

Michael, DE | (none)
the higher it goes the amazing goes the more angel it is

angela, TX | (none)
i like it

sydnie, | (none)
good work

dario, CA | (none)
i put a lot of mint and wow it was 12 inch gyser.

Krrish, TX | (none)
I put 2 Mentos into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and got a 6-foot-high geyser!!

Trevor, TN | (none)
I put in 1 SOUR peice of SMARTIES...It if you made it MORE fizzy and I bet if you put about 20... I bet it will EXPLODE!!TRY IT......GO ON!

ayden, | (none)
i put in mentos and it went way high

Brayden, UT | (none)
It went more than 6 inches all right.It went about 4 yards high!

jacara, IN | (none)
my results were very diffrent it went olny a copule cms.

jr, | (none)

waldo, | (none)
omg!(oh my gosh) this expiriment actully worked and it got me and my partner first place in the science fair it was like WOW!

Alex, NC | (none)
my geyser went 10 inshes

corajane, IL | (none)
my results was 12 inches

kelyn, FL | (none)
people are smart with the geyser

Nolee, NC | (none)
hey it looked really fun when I was trying it but when it was fizzed up it looked boring.

Connor, CA | (none)
i put 5 Roles in at same time and put the cap on and the bottle exploded

tamarious, | (none)
i think the mentos had so much sugur and the soda rise

marco, IL | (none)
it went 2 in a half feet in the air

zack, CA | (none)
my geyser went more than 6 inches high! i put a whole roll of sugur and candie and got a great geyser.

eniyt, | (none)

nick, PA | (none)
it went high as ma and I am 4 feet 5

marf, GA | (none)
mine was 100 feet high.

yeshahyah, CA | (none)
it was fun

mario, | (none)
we have one at school to

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