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matter and motion

Snowboarding and Skiing

Tony, MT | (none)
Hi Sydney! MN! I think that is wonderful that woman Olympic ski! I'm Glad you liked the show!

Sapphire, ON | (none)
Dear Henry, TX, Of Course there is! It's easier to identify it along the way. The front is the way you feel most comfortable. If you are a left foot snowboarder, the front will e be a little ahead of the left foot and vice versa. Hoped I helped! From Streak Girl

Sapphire, ON | (none)
I love skiing! I always wonder, why don't we end up flying on the track' when we go incredibly fast? What I mean by fast is Downhill Black Diamond Non-Terrain Runs! Thanks a bunch, Streak Girl!

DE, GU | (none)

Oh no, PA | (none)
yes, if it s a clash board than you can go one way, and to tell which way is front, you have to look at the bindings, if its clash than one binding will be slanted forward and that is the front its a twin board you can go either way, goofy or regular.

Anna, MN | (none)
I like going down hills on my ski's.

KAYLA, BC | (none)
I love downhill skiing! I can almost do black diamond and I LOVE jumping mogels!

Anna, MN | (none)
I like going down hill.

Henry, TX | (none)
Snowboarding and skiing are both very fun and cool. They also help you get exercise. People like them because they are fun and healthy

steph, OH | (none)
I have a question on snowboarding of course im a beginer is there a way to tell the front from the back what is it

sam, MX | (none)
snowbording is cool

gabriella, MN | (none)

ashley, MA | (none)
I love to snowboard.My snowboard is orange and yellow.I like to go snowboarding at the hill at my school. Its fun!

Sydney, MN | (none)
i really like the ski jumping experiment that you showed on t.v. i ski jump too, and it rocks, however, it is too bad that there is now womans olypic ski jumping..

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