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matter and motion

Snow and Ice

Jailyn, NV | (none)
Thanks for sharing. What a plesuare to read!

ha ha little man, | (none)
they're different in multipul ways

Sarah , PA | (none)
Have you ever saw a snow burg before? write back

samath, GA | (none)
i ageed with anna,taylor,anddean robbins!they are all right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****************************************************%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

dean robbins, PA | (none)
Snow and ice are the same .

Madelyn, OK | (none)
Which snow shelter keeps you warm? A quinzie or an igloo?

g5t, PQ | (none)
ice breg

DEAUNDRA, FL | (none)

Anna, CO | (none)
Asthma is worse when it's cold because the air is so thin and when it's hot and humid, the air is thicker so it's easier to breathe.

Taylor, IA | (none)
When its cold we cant go outside because we may get frostbite

Kayla, BC | (none)
How thick is the average iceberg in Antartica?

gisela, MX | (none)
i love mexico

Sophie, MO | (none)
Sometimes when it is cold here we are not allowed to go outside for recess. The teacher told us that kids with asthma have trouble breathing when it is cold. Why is it hard for them to breathe in the cold?

max, | (none)
Ice is bad so go on the

jakayla, TX | (none)
i am bloing a balloon

Elizabeth, IL | (none)
Once I dropped snow on our wood stove to see what would happen and it evaporated.

sam, CA | (none)
how to make the fake kind of snow without using the stuff called instant snow

Sydney, MN | (none)
in reply to corrie's question, are you refering to the snow tha t is at ski hills? if so, that is not nessicarily FAKE snow, it is just snow that is manmade. water and some chemicals is sprayed into the air with some special machines almost like hoses. hope this is what you ment!!

tamahria, MS | (none)
Thank you for the Missege.

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