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matter and motion


dedrah kowalski, MI | (none)
Hi i have a skateboard too and im only 10.

Destiny, OH | (none)
Skateboarding is like a stratagy game. Its easy to learn but difficult to master. To prove it, my brother is an exelent skateboarder, but he still crashes. sometimes its because he goes too fast. Other times, im not too sure. But like i said, skateboarding is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Sierra, CO | (none)
I love skate boarding it is my fav sport i am a woman and i am 12 and i have a toy machine!!!!!

jet, HI | (none)
allieing is hard at first but just like anything else it takes practice so keep trying and i bet everyone of you will one day get it.

jet, HI | (none)
when you allie all you have to do is when you jump you jump pop your back leg down and slide your foot forward

dante, NJ | (none)
look im 15 to all u people dat need to learn how to ollie better all u gotta do is make belive its like jumpin but youre gonna hav to pop wif ur tail foot first slide up to level out. remeber you hav to pop first!

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
Of corse YOU can! All 13 year old boy teens know how to do cool skateboard tricks!... Sorry Sean, I've always wanted to skate board, but I'm banded, my ma thinks I'll breake something. But thats part of learning, right?

tyler , CT | (none)
i just got a skateboard and i just cant get the board to go in the air with me when i jump i tried to have my friends show me but they didnt know either how do i get the board in the air somebody help me with this

mraga, MA | (none)
how vdo u use an rip it stick

robbie, NC | (none)
how do that i want be 2 laern skateboard u tell me

Juhi, MO | (none)
always wanted to, never did. looks cool

sean, IL | (none)
im 13 i can tre flip, bonas 180, heel flip kick flip, varial kickflip front side flip, backside flip, shov it, all grinds, hard flip, fakie porderican big spin,

james, NY | (none)
im like pro at skateing w3rd

chris, NJ | (none)
i just kant land my kickflip any hints

Ryan, CA | (none)
I've been trying to learn how to skate since I turned 13 I just turned 14 but I still can't ollie I've been trying to get help but I'd just never seems to work out I could really use some tips on what I can do to get better

jessica, IL | (none)
for some reason i cant get any air on the bord comming of the ground is realy hard for me im doing all the right stuff it just doesnt work ive been tryin for month what can i do

cris, FL | (none)
im going to be 12 i skate duh the best sport made ever i can heelflip,tre flip,var flip,kickflip,ollie180,fsshuv it,pop shuv it,and kick and heelflip180,and last but not landing it is the hardflip180

Andres, MX | (none)
i am 15 and i've been trying to ollie for more than six months and i still can't get it right. when i try it, either my board goes flying or i land with my back foot off my board. please give me tips.

jaben, MT | (none)
i am 13 i can tre flip a 12 stair i do every grind i can ollie 7 boards stacked up i am sponsered by local skateshops and i can do lots of stuff i am gooooooooood i can do almost any trick u give me if u need tips ask me so ill chek later

Jeff, CA | (none)
Im 12 now, i can ollie, 180, kickflip, heelflip, shuvit, cand do pretty much all the grinds and ive almost learnt the impossible!

carlos, CA | (none)
i been skating for 1 year and a mouth,and i can kickflip,heelflip, fakie flip and heel also trey bomb and fakie i can do many tricks i think like about 60 tricks in all plus grinds peace (team caution)

john, MN | (none)
when i kick flip my board does not go all the way around the grip does not come up.Also my feet don't land on the board.

john, MN | (none)
Dudes if your going to but a board you should go to a good skate shop.The boards are more $ but it is worth it.I got a baker deck for 50 dollers.

Jason, SC | (none)
This is to bryan from CA. Dude if you can tre flip at all your good.

Jason, SC | (none)
I can flip really well but I only get my back foot on it and my front foot goes to the side. I just can't get my front foot back in time.

Sciejettent, AL | (none)
I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

omar , AL | (none)
To ollie high you got to bend your back knee more than your front one. Then lean forward slightly. Now jump and remember to lift your knees high

Ivan, LA | (none)
When i try a kickflip i do the flip but my front foot keeps touching the ground can somebody help me

jack, | (none)
moving ollie tip; start slow then build up speed gradually just go for it and stick 2 it it took me about 4 days to do a moving ollie

bob, TX | (none)
okkk all u ppls who hav problems doing olies the trick is that u need to hav good timing and make sure that u slam on the back hard enuf and at the same time u need to drag yer frunt foort ppls!! its not as hard as it seems

Phil, MD | (none)
iv been landing my lazer flips like there nothing btut i got sick for a bout a week and now i havent laded on....any help?

Bones, OR | (none)
Skater person is right, it takes a long time to master even the simplest of tricks. I have been skating for about 7 years now and I have spent lots of hours getting the kickflip, pop shov-it, heelflip, ect. down to the point of perfection. Keep practicing!

mc, BC | (none)
tthis is to respond to everyone talking about the ollie's, It took me a couiple of months maybe 3 to get a really good ollie, the key to success is practise. Also about getting higher try crouching when slamming the board and try slamming the tail harder.

Bones, OR | (none)
Tips on dropping in to a ramp or bowl: First find a small ramp around 3 to 6 feet high. Place the tail of the board on the coping of the ramp. Put your back foot on the tail to hold it down. 2: Put your front foot on the bolts and in the same motion slam the board down onto the ramp with your front foot. Slamming it down with your front foot is the key to dropping in. Once you have mastered this, move on to 8 foot and 10 foot vert ramps. Those things are amazingly fun! All that really stops most people is fear. Dont be scared, just do it!

SkaterPerson, NY | (none)
For all the kids out there who cant skate and arent good here are tips: Buying A Skateboard: First off Never Never Never never ever never buy a board from Toys r us or target or k mart or wal mart or any toy store. You may think thats the only place to get one but its not, its the worst. Go to a real skateshop. I Highly Recommend Zumiez. Ollie: To ollie pop the back of the board down and slide your front foot up whilst jump. You start with your front foot in the middle of the board and your back foot on the tail.And it takes months of practice Pop Shov it: To pop shove it set up in ollie stance only with your front foot sligtly angled. Scoop the back of your board with your back foot with your front foot off the board the whole time. Wait for the board to rotate and catch it. Kickflip: To Kickflip set up in ollie stance with your front foot pulled a little bit farther back. Ollie as best you can and just as your boards backwheels come off the ground at about 1incha , flick your front foot of the side of the front of the board. Wait for the board to spin and as soon as you see black slam your feet down. Extra: Things like tic tacs and caspers arent real tricks, they stink. Recomended begginer brands are Blackout and ATM. A Good begginer trick id the fakie shov it, You ride backwards and do a pop shove it. fOR Some reason its easier than a normal shove it.

connie, FL | (none)
mabby in 3days i,m mabby going skating. it was hard in headstart i think i can do it now.it is going to be amber,s birthday.

brayden, NY | (none)
i dont get how you get in the air from a ollie

jake, MI | (none)
when i do a kickflip on my plan b sheckler board i'm a regualer skater my back foot goes on but not my front and i'm left handed but i use my right foot and that can't help how do i get my front foot on

leela, NJ | (none)
(i don't want to sound stupid) i just got a skateboard, and i can make it go, but not straight. i always end up on the grass. plz help!!!

sk8girl, | (none)
I can do a pretty cool stationary ollie but when I try to do a moving one,I only land it with my front foot.I think i'm putting my foot down in the air but I don't know how 2 fix this.If anyone knows of anything then plz tell me. Plz help

Brendan, OR | (none)
Hey, I'm 9 and I'm just learning how to skate. Like I've been skating for a week and I'm just starting to be able to get someware. Any tips for a newby? I'm kind of scared to drop in to.

joey, TX | (none)
when i try a kickflip i get a full spin,but my board goes like 2 feet away also i need a skateboard real cheap for like from $10-$28

joey, TX | (none)
when i try a heelflip, the board doesnt flip it just comes up. i have tried for like 2 weeks!!! help me asap

carter, PA | (none)
a few days ago me and my friend matt were at a parking lot skating there was another skater who taught us how to ollie.That day i could ollie about 3in. but also that day he could ollie onto a 4 or 5 in. step. i can't get much air.i like to have my front foot an inch or 2 below the front bolts he puts his front foot in the middle of the board. we both ride reg. not goofy.i slide my foot and everything but i cant get higher than 3 in.. Right now i have a consistent 3 or 2 in. ollie and youtube videos are not helping i am desperate!!! whoever is geting this message, please help!

jonny, TX | (none)
when i try to do a kickflip the board goes out but does not flip. what do i do?????

shawn, WA | (none)
for everybody who needs to learn to kickflip- what u do is u have ur back foot on your tail, and ur front foot a little past half way down your board and on the edge. you pop ur tail and ollie half way, and then 'flick' ur front foot off of the corner of your board. watch your board flip and stay level, and land even... if u stay level.

bryan, CA | (none)
i can 360 flip down a two stair but when ever i go down any thing higher i get scared and bail.....help

luke, WA | (none)
I dont know how to ollie

zack, MO | (none)
how do i kick flip i can spin the board but i cant keep it under me

Matt, MI | (none)
whenever i do an ollie i always fall, and i still have bruises

Dill, CA | (none)
Every time i ollie i land on my heels! WHY!!!!

Nate, NC | (none)
i can flip my board i just can't stay over the board while it is fliping please help.

Ace, NY | (none)
I can ollie, and i can kick flip, But I cant do it in motion. Help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAY, | (none)

Ptrix, CA | (none)
because of so many ankle injuries, it is difficult for me to kickflips so instead, i jsut practice heelflips. Im having a big problem though... i can flip the board and land it with my right foot ( i ride regular) but my left foot always seems to land to the side of the board.

llewellyn, | (none)
the board wont flip enough when i kickflip.

Shelby, WY | (none)
Where's a good place to get sk8boards? I got mine at Walmart on sale for $10.00. Obviously, it's not a good sk8board. It also says Maple Skateboards on the bottom so I'm wondering if those ones are good or sucky. Also, I can't sk8board in the house, and we live in the country so all we have is like an 8 food sidewalk going str8, so I have to sk8board in my room, and my room has thick carpet all over. So when I jump i get like, 2 inches. Will I get bigger air if I try on my sidewalk? THANKS! (I also need a good sk8board cheap, 'cause I'm broke basicly. So price range 15-25 dollars!)

Trey, TN | (none)
I dont know how to ollie

ELLIE, GA | (none)
help i cant flip the board when i kick flip HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME

ellie, GA | (none)
i have been skating for 4 months and can drop in on a half pipe and have tried roktifakies but the board just keeps on sliding out beneath me

Sam, AZ | (none)
This is for Justin. Before you ca kickflip you have to learn how to ollie first. Just read the froums to figure that out. Then, I'd suggest googling 'how do I do a kickflip' You'll get tunds of answers

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