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Lynn, TX | (none)
I think there should be an experiment on TV to see what different types of music affect your heart rate. :)

Tre'yana, VA | (none)
how come science doesn't go welll with me i need an idea for the SCIENCE EXPOOOOOOOOOOO

angela, ME | (none)
In Maine they have difrent microscopes there much more smaller!!!!!!!

N/A, NC | (none)
Do all of you know the three main types of stress, boundaries and faults. if not look below. First you should know that I will put them into clubs. First there ia a CCR club. If the stress is compressinon, then the boundary has to be convergent and the fault has to be a reverse fault. Second is the TDN club. If the stress is tension then the boundary is divergent and the fault is a normal fault. The last one is STSS. If the stress is shearing then the boundary is transform and the fault is a strike-slip fault. So there's the CCR, the TDN, and the STSS club. Hope you got something out of this!

Dean, PA | (none)
I think for there to be a episode about Microscopes.

ArronHole, AL | (none)
Hello everyone First of all sorry that I write in this topic but I have some technical problem with the use of this forum. When I'm trying to enter in the appropriate topic, I received a 404 error It's about the only topic in which I was able to enter. Do you have the same problems? What's going on?

Logan, CA | (none)
I'm still 8.266 years old and I want to know why, after a few days I left my cookies out for and green crystals started growing on the white frosting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (x Infitity)

Logan, CA | (none)
I want to know more about VY Canis Majoris (the biggest star ever found).

Logan, CA | (none)
I want to know more about infa-red light, ultra-violet light, x-ray rays, gamma rays, visible light, and so much more types of energy in the universe & what antimatter & plasma are!

Logan, CA | (none)
Do a show on a giant flood!

Ohad , MA | (none)
To Jillian: The first human was probably created the way Charles Darwin thought it happened: one of our ancestors evolved and eventually turned into a human.

najerah, PA | (none)
you should do a show about dogs & cats attraction towards each other!! i <3 Cats

Naruto, NY | (none)
The games are fun.

Sapphire, ON | (none)
Anything works anywhere! That's what I always say! I would love to learn about fireworks! The more exciting the better Thanks a bunch! From Streak Girl!

aubree, CA | (none)
It would be so cool if you did a show where kids could peform there talents. sing ,dance ,tell jokes,show there greatest science projects etc. I would be the first to enter along with many other kids!!!!!

Almedin, AL | (none)
I like games

Jillian, CT | (none)
When was the first human made? By who, there were no humans to cause birth!

Marina, TX | (none)
do a show about comedy !!!! it will bring so much viewers !!!!!!! (make it hilarious!!!)

Tristan, CT | (none)
a show on home remedies????

anna, MN | (none)
please make a show about pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U-238, IL | (none)
Please make a show about Nuclear energy because I love Nuclear Physics .

Reah, GA | (none)
i have an idea about the science fair it is , what type of wraping keeps food preserved the longest

Haley, CA | (none)

Abby, NC | (none)
you could do an expieriment where you put a mento in diet coke and make a gyser.

VanadiumSteel, TX | (none)
How about building a small dynamo? I want to do it, and that would be an interesting "Do it" short.

Carrie, FL | (none)
Science project ideas anyone????

kesha, BC | (none)
I am 5 years old and i want to be on the show american idol becase i can show you my dace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace, NY | (none)
Hi! I`m back and I have a question for you why oh why do scientists think the sun will expand so much the we will be inside the sun?

nia, MD | (none)
i need some ideas about mytv show name

Carly, MA | (none)
this is really cool. if you like stress balls or lost your old one here is a simple way to make one yourself. you will need a balloon, flour or sea salt, and a funnel. its easy fill the balloon with the flour or salt using the funnel. then tie it off. you have your homemade stress ball. these are great things to give to your friends. P.S. before you tie it off make shure there is no air in the ballon cause if there is it will pop.

Keith, ON | (none)
Hi Dragonfly TV, I want to know, if the sun is a never-ending explosion, how does it never touch us? When I was 6, I LOVED your show! But now I'm 8. Anyway, how DOES the sun never touch us? I rely on your show to teach me.

travis, GA | (none)
i think you should make an episode about cells and orginizams.

ac352, CT | (none)

vittorio, CT | (none)
I want a show about how to build a robot

Ashley, HI | (none)

Roxy, AZ | (none)
How can i tell if my blue budgie is a boy or a girl. thanks:)

Sam, KS | (none)
I really like fireworks and think that one of the shows should be about fireworks. Thier is alot of chemistry in fireworks and I am also woundering about what makes the sound produced by fireworks.

save the animals, AB | (none)
save the animals! dont let all of the other animals end up like the dinosaurs and the wooly mamath

Joe, CO | (none)
I think their should be a show on the chemistry of fireworks!

Joe, CO | (none)
I think their should be a show on the chemistry of fireworks!

Asley, TX | (none)
To Dayshia of FL: All you have to do is grab a note book or folder (i like folders better because they r ezr) And get some leaves, paper, card board and stuff you've experamented with and then paste it to some cardboard and put the card board to a note book or folder and there you go! Also you can use leaves and stuff to make your name for your folder! Its SOOOOO much fun! I hope this helped!

cardiz, LA | (none)
hi this is cardiz i want to know how you check your messages

jessica, SC | (none)
put more games on . some hard ones. i am in 3rd grade. i need hard work. please, thanks, by jessica

moo may, WA | (none)
please can people from the uk ( england) take part in the things on dragon fly tv because i have a very very good friend who lives there and she told me that she would love to take part!

moo may, WA | (none)
Please , please can you do a show on endangered animals to make people that if we don 't do something now it will be to late ,and some wounderful, amazing animals will be gone forever!

William, GA | (none)
hey any ideas??

Kieran, TX | (none)
can you give me some info about if color effects a mouse's memory

Steve, OR, | (none)
We need to have a science project for the science fair. An at home project. Looking for ideas for a 5 year old. Thanks! S

Carly, GA | (none)
It'll be nice to see an advice column on all topics DFTV.

phillip, IL | (none)
i use my brain to think and to do science you have to think.

Leilani, CO | (none)
Can you do a show about flying mammals? They are soooooooooooo awesome.

Lauren, ON | (none)
I was wondering if I could be on the DFTV show, I was also wondering if there is an age limit, and if there is how old do you have to be ??? Thanks alot, Lauren ;]

Lauren, ON | (none)
DFTV, I love polar bears, but i think that it is sad that all of the polar bears are dieing because of our polution, I would like it if you should do a show about Global Warming.

sarah, NY | (none)
Can you do a show about Killer Whales.I love them and I want other kids to know that they do not harm people and are cool and fun to learn about

kurk, CO | (none)
Sam and Joe are right we need a show on fireworks!!! That would be coool!!! P.S. DFTV ROCKS!!!

esther, IN | (none)
i think you shoud have a shoe were pepel figer out stuff about froot and nootrishin and if you do pleas have mi name on tv and thank you if you do.by for now

Tamarah, PA | (none)
i have a good invention take a DoubleA battery hook it up to somwhat 3 to 5 wires hook the wires up to a radio and haer ALIEN like voice like we will invade jupiter at 300 galactic years

Ellen, NY | (none)
There are no endings, because nothing ever ends. - Schmendrik (the last unicorn movie) hi everyone. i will stop by on occasions to leave you a qoute. if you describe it well enough, I will mention you as the winner on these boards. I have 2 today so write the qoute over and define it for me. i'll post the next soon. they are really fun once you get into it. my teacher said they help you in language arts class. good luck guys!

Dylan, CO | (none)
your show is cool and keep it cool

Jasmine, NC | (none)
think u for helping me

Lizz, IL | (none)
I have a ton of idea for inviction, but I don't know how to start.

noah, UT | (none)
dear df tv,for last weeks do it, instead of useing food coloring,i used grape juice with salt and pepper and it turned blue.

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