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Bailey, IL | (none)
What is "SciGirls ?"

rillanaka, CO | (none)
i love scigirls because it shows girls can be super smart too!

deja, NY | (none)

willow, CA | (none)
hay guys your show is very cool to me. do you know how to join this cool website?

azia, NC | (none)
science is a good thing for grils. because grils rule the world and science rocks the world.

azia, NC | (none)
do we have to pay to be in scigrils if we do how much? im with danielle i could watch it all day long.

azia, NC | (none)
yeah izzy but not in mn in nc north carolina please someone tell me? i bet they probley didnt one here izzy. a mom said they did do one their they said its coming in mn feb 12 5:30p.m. ooooyeah when did this this first come out i was just sitting on the couch when i herd the them song. i was wondering what it was and it said scigrils then i strted to like it i never missed one show or did i.I LOVE SCIGRILS!!!!

azia, NC | (none)
you guys inspire me. anybody know how to join with them?

April T., TX | (none)
Whenever I think of different things to make or think of, there is always a basic idea which is creativity part intelligence.Being a smart person is hard, but just listen to people....Just like the "SciGirls."

Makayla S., MA | (none)
I LOVE Arceology sooooo much that when I went to see the Arceology Episode..... I watched it at least 3 times.

Isabel, CA | (none)
They need to come out with new ones. But it is still awesome! :)

Angela, IN | (none)

hayley, MN | (none)
i wont to be on draigonfly tv. i love to explor things.!!!!! &&&&&&&& talking lol. hahaha sandra t , you help me.

Gimpy728, AL | (none)
I'm gimpy :)

Sam46981, AL | (none)
I'd like to introduce myself to everyone. I'm a nice person whom enjoys being a help to other guys and gals. So... hey everyone! See you around!

Triston, GA | (none)
i like sci girls my siter like it to so SHE PLAYED IT

jasmine, GA | (none)
hi peple it is so cold i am going to frees down here

kylie., NC | (none)
me too it rocks yaya soo cool.

kylie., NC | (none)
its so awesome i once went back wards with a compass nothing happend! wowzer huh

Bubba, ON | (none)
And to think I was going to talk to soonmee in person about this.

SuperSciGirl, NC | (none)
So what is SciGirls? it seems really cool!

carley, MT | (none)
science is like sooooo cool omg i like totally love it!

darcey, OH | (none)
hi i am a girl and i like the erth and i like justin bieber andi like pizza hahha lol love la

rachel, OH | (none)
they should have MORE GAMES!!

will, DE | (none)
i love that show it i watch it at 11:28 at night then once it is over i go to sleep then tomorrow i love to cook

marie, IA | (none)
how do they girls think of what they want to make

Danielle, PE | (none)
I could watch sci girls ALL DAY LONG!!! I love science and I would love to be a scientist when I grow up!

jalisa wallace, NY | (none)
I love to SciGirls

E, LA | (none)
I love Scigirls!!! Does anybody know if they're going to make another one?

alexander, AZ | (none)
i love to cook and ride horses. those are only two reasons why i like to watch sci girls.

Kassandra, IN | (none)
I luv this website of dragonfly so much that I always go to' the important games.

Breanna, KS | (none)
All the thing on scigirls are super cool.

Joy, MI | (none)
I have never watched Scigirls, but I have a profile on its website.

infinity, RI | (none)
how is gravaty made?

Kiristen, MO | (none)
hi im sooo bored and i love Sci Girls any one here from Missouri?

arianne, CA | (none)
i love scigirls wow!

charity, KY | (none)
how can you be like a scigrl i watch it but i dont get it!

Elise, OH | (none)
Love the show

Allana, WI | (none)
Im 14 and still watch scigirls because A the idea is cool! :) and B its real girls helping out in their community. Hey whats not to love!?

bieberswifey, AR | (none)
i know it only comes on 1 time a week.

kate, | (none)
Is SciGirls doing new episodes?

Roonia, FL | (none)
what is a scigirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nanat, NM | (none)
I LOVE!!!!!!!!! Sci Girls its a cool show and i love it. I wish i colde be on it. And kate FL chill OK.

Emilie, NC | (none)
Scigirls is awesome!!!! I LUV watching the shows! my fave is the lipgloss one. i luv you DTV!!!!!!

Danielle, PA | (none)
I love to sing and ride horses. The first Sic Girls i saw was one with horses.

shaylla, OH | (none)
I love scigirls.I w atch it as much as i can.Im onley 10 years old but someday I am going to start a science club.I think neze is awsome.P.S This show is awsome!!!

madison, MA | (none)
i love to cook so that i s why i watch sic girl

sasha, TN | (none)
hey does your show still come on

zaynab, PA | (none)
If you don't have be on tv then where it is?

BieberFan1994, IL | (none)
I've only seen SciGirls once but it dosen't come on my television station.

hannah, MI | (none)
what is this about?

LB, NY | (none)
we can help recycle and not litter. also we can not cout down trees. by the way I love your show I wish I can come on your show 1 day how can you not be scerd of thos snaping trdols .

ASPEN, IN | (none)

kate, FL | (none)
please help me find a science project .PLEASE !HELP ME!

Kylee, NV | (none)
To Andrea from New Jersey: What's ur username? I want 2 b ur friend on scigirls. im 10 too! I love science and art and im homeskooled.

jelani, MD | (none)
why not do rock and roooooooooooooooool

sonya, NC | (none)
in school i like science a lot reading aand math are ok and i also like my science teacher :D

Daniela, FL | (none)
I like watching SciGirls. There was fashion, adventures, science,and learn about other girls.

meg, WA | (none)
sup sci girlz! i found some kool stuff for science fair!!! go to www.sciencebuddies.com and search for temper chocolates and its really fun !xoxo

Abby, MS | (none)
Hi SciGirls,I think you're pretty good at science and you're kinda cute too,I love science too so I guess I'm kinda a SciGirl too,huh,maybe,kinda,yes,Yes I am I totally know it.Booyah

jennifer, | (none)
what is this all about

haley, RI | (none)
i wish i was the cartoon girl on sci girl she is so cute

sierra hallmark aka bubbles, TX | (none)
this is so confusing... im trying to research volcanos for school and it just won't give me any information what do i do scigirls it so random help me plzzzzzzzz:(

Ashley, TX | (none)
sci girls i wish i was one of you.......HMMMMM? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYEA! thanks to you i am in love with scince oooo and my question is if battery needs somthing else to power up? and me and my family wants to be your number 1 fans of the scigirls oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Miracle , AR | (none)
I wish I was on sci girls its the best show ever!!!!

maartje, AL | (none)
Kungfu Panda 2

pautschgirl, IA | (none)
this is totally confusing.... aren't we suppose to be conversing.... toally RANDOM!

stphanie ramirez, FL | (none)
i love your shows they are the best shows i ever saw sicgirls.i love the things you do

kayla, MD | (none)
dear diana engyou are so cool.

plase, IN | (none)
like scince

chaz, NC | (none)
does a battery need something else to power up

halle, CT | (none)
hi i am now here and what do you do here

starfire, MX | (none)
Hi guys it's me again I wonder do you think I can make up my own battling game? I would like it if battling games were on your website . Please read this with the other message I sent you. Thanks a million!!

starfire, MX | (none)
Hi guys me llamo starfire that means my name is starfire. I was wondering, do you have any battle games. If you do send me a message. I will be very greatful. PS. i'm from mississippi.

isabella, UT | (none)
see my profile you can just type in izzythewhizy then click on it then it will show my profile then clike friend our commet then i will see your profile

Parker, IN | (none)
I love scigirls

jailtn, MN | (none)
i love scigirls

angie, NJ | (none)
uh hey my name is andrea but they call me angie for short i love science and art and i love this show .i guess you can say im pretty weird but my freinds think im funny and outgoing.im only ten but i wish i could be on the show next season. well thats pretty much it oh yeah I LOVE SCI GIRLS! and i like horses

izzythewhizy, UT | (none)
i got some much points tell me how much you get from ruff ruffman (heres my points) 2168 you like your best score look up izzythewhizy in scigirl then cliek on it to see my profiel and if you like you can look up my progecs and favorite on my proifle and hope you get alot of points

izzythewhizy, UT | (none)
hi.i am great i bet you guys want to now that my bro is a new meber of scigirl

Jamil, FL | (none)
sup yo search 4 me in Sci Girls: Jamil01

izzythewhizy, UT | (none)
guys whos gotta secret box say I

Jamil :), FL | (none)
sup yo

r, | (none)
Fencing by Paula and Alysa is the best depiction ever. Thank you.

isabella, UT | (none)
i love you my favorit website you bring me happyniss to your own website CAN YOU BELIVE THAT YOUR VERY OWN WEBSITE LOVED BY A FAVORIET GIRL I LOVE HOW YOUR TAKING ABOUT SCIGIRLS forgive me of shouting i was shouting at the same time as i was typeing this note to dragonfly tv cuz my first time & already likeing it

isabella, UT | (none)
i am sorry but i never herd of your show but thank you i now am weird

isabella, UT | (none)
i was asking if you pritecapait in the scigirl and what do you do for it

ava, TN | (none)
i wanna be on sicgirls

adrianna, | (none)
i wish i could be on scigirls they look like theyre having fun and im a science freak (but im still cute) ;)

emily, KS | (none)
do you think i culd be on the show?

atika, MI | (none)
hi scigirls im so exited to see you by

Yza98, GU | (none)
hey guys serch for SciBoyJake!search 4 me 2 Yza98

lily, AB | (none)
Hey scigirls I am your biggest fan ever and I never miss any of your shows.But my brother missed every show of yours.

prayingprinncess, CA | (none)
scigirs is so cool i am not a member but i want to be my dad says i have to stick with webkinz but i really want to be a member of this hey at least i can still play this

amerie, NY | (none)
remamber me im the girl amerie that sinn inso what is your name

Parkie, IN | (none)
i just made a avatar yesterday on sciirl and i love it check it out!

amerie, NH | (none)
who are you

dema, IN | (none)

Parkie10, IN | (none)
love scigirls yeah!!!!!

Parkie 10, IN | (none)
I love scigirls sooo cool Hey Maggie from Indiana do you like horses i do if any one likes horses post a comment on it please thanks

roxxi, OH | (none)
I love the episode when they put a horse on a treadmill

rooroo41, ID | (none)
hey girls !

isabella, UT | (none)
well what scigirl are you takeing about? the one were you get a profile? a just another kind that has the same name i heard that the kind you get a profile you learn scinenc

Maggie, IN | (none)
Hey, is scigirls cool or not! Thanks!

jasmine, MO | (none)
when does the scigirls come on

JORDAN, PA | (none)

camla, CA | (none)
i love your show!!!!!!!

danielle, MI | (none)
Yes i love your show and i will love to be on your show. And will be a honor if you put me on. THnak You.

Estera, ON | (none)
Hi, Natalie from MN. Yes, you do get to make your own character! Isn't it awesome?

Estera, ON | (none)
Hi, Sierra, shermin25 from UT, and all other girls who wanna know how to be a SciGirl. OK, first you click login on the top bar then click register and create your account! I'm on SciGirls too and my user is ribbit9. Hope this helps!

Sammy, MN | (none)
I haven't seen the show yet... Is it any good? I go to school with one of the actual scigirls. it was HUGE at school when everyone heard she was going to be on the show.

princess, TX | (none)
what is science all about in your case and what is science to you and how do it make you feel.

ELENIS[: , PR | (none)
girls go ahead do science is AWESOME and u learn alot I LOVE SCIENCE it makes u smart [: SCIENCE ROCKS trust me is AWESOME.[: ME SCIENCE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Nene, | (none)
What is scigirls? what do they do? can i join?

Jacqueline Stoneburner, MN | (none)
My science call was wondering if it would be possible if Pangea could be created again? or to be more specific, Since we are all seperate continents could they be back in one piece?

nylisha, MA | (none)
you guys are the best t.v. show i have ever seened!!

Brianna, FL | (none)
scigirls is awesome! my BFF has a profile and i can send her comments and stuff! i also meet others who like what i like. thanx for making that aweosme website!

Aileen, MA | (none)
guys guess what I'm a member of SciGirls all you have to is wait a week from now then go back right away and submit a project or make a friend and your a scigirl yay what? but i'm very lonely because my parents and 14 year old big brother always yell at me for no reason

grasy, | (none)
i think you should make more games pleeeeeaaase!

Takeisha, AZ | (none)
I love science it's my favorite thing now!

aleandra, FL | (none)
How do u become a member?

grace, NY | (none)
i love sci girls =D

grace, NY | (none)
it looks sooo cool :D

Aileen, MA | (none)
how can i submit a project if a box keeps coming up when i click it that says not just yet! check back tomorrow i need to make sure your username is ok before you can use this feature and everytime i check back the next day it still says that!

Sarah, PA | (none)
r u going to do 1 in pa , or butler

Sarah, PA | (none)
Hi, im new here sooo ya i loovvee science!!! and how is from pa , or butler

Brianna, NC | (none)
You are so cool SciGirls.

Grace, MN | (none)
is scigirls a camp???

Grace, MN | (none)
is scigirls a good show i want to watch it really bad hey this is a cool chat room

grace, NY | (none)
are you going to do it in ny

Sierra, | (none)
How do u become a member?

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
I have an idea. Lets make this a persanal girl talk chat room! Who's with me?

ScratchDixie, MA | (none)
I can't wait for Sci-Girls to come out! :)

Julia, MN | (none)
Is SciGirls in Minnesota?

Grace , CT | (none)
Hello. They're not even close to my area. How can I get to (bathroom break) their website? I already tried pbsing (googling) the website. Any ideas to get there? When u find out, contact me @ gracerogers30@yahoo.com. Also e-mail me the link. I'll be pleased if i get it over vacation!!!!!

katy, PA | (none)
hey i realy want to be a scigirl and help the world but some people are not interested how can i make people interested ?

lalala331, MS | (none)

MsAinLA, CA | (none)
I see the show in TV Guide, but don't see what channel it's on? Anyone else in Los Angeles know where to find this?

Shelby, WI | (none)
Sci girls I need your help! I'm going to get a dog soon and I never had one before. I need to know a good dog that dosn't shed,is good with kids,not to noisy,and isn't to big. I really need your help. P.S do any of you have a dog?

lauren, GA | (none)
is'ent it cool that scigirls is a going to be a show!!!!!!maby i can see if they are in my area!!!!;)

Anna, FL | (none)
I dont know what to do ?????? Help me!!!!!!!!!!

lalala331, MN | (none)

elsa, MN | (none)
what is sci girls all about

sophia, MN | (none)
what i sci girls all about

shermin25, UT | (none)
how do you become a scigirl i hae been waiting for ever! write back THANKS

Terah, IL | (none)
To Janell: scigirls is going to be a show, i guess, about science and solving problems.

grace, PA | (none)
hi i cant wait

Natalie, MN | (none)
Do you get to create your own character on the website???????????

Olivia, OH | (none)
I love animals!Dont you too?

grace, NY | (none)
Janell,TN it to say what you want to say like if you like it or not

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
Hey girls form 2010! News for you! SciGirls is going to have its own websit on Pbskidsgo! Here's the link: http://pbskids.org/scigirls/index.html Remeber my user name, I'll be chating to you all!

lac, MN | (none)

sp43, GA | (none)
who thinks that sci girls turning into a show is cool i mean come on is'ent that awsome?!?!?!?

scigirls mom, MN | (none)
Someone asked why they didn't make a SciGirls in MN. Well, the SciGirls premiere was filmed in MN, and the cast of girls are all Minnesotans! The premiere is Friday, February 12th, 5:30 p.m. (cst) TPT2. For the rest of the country, check your local public tv listings!

graci, AK | (none)
me either!!!!! hope it will be really cool!!!

patsy, WI | (none)
How to be a scigirl?

Barbara, OH | (none)
i am so going to be on scigirl

t7h10ea, NY | (none)
I can not wait for scigirls!!!!!

graci, AK | (none)
heyyy people of the world!!!:D how yall doin??

Janell, TN | (none)
well i`m new so i don`t know what any of this is can someone tell me?:-)

Bethany, AZ | (none)
I don't understand

lauren, GA | (none)
hey yal!just wanted to ask those of you who know, WHERE IN THE THE WORLD(other than all those hotshot places)CAN I SIGHN UP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

cara, AK | (none)
what is all this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Leslie, CA | (none)
How can I build a clubhouse without the money?!

barbara, | (none)
Do you have your own website?

sp43, GA | (none)
hey yal'!just wondering WHAT DO YOU DO!can i sign up or what?also none of you are from GA!whats up with that!there are thousands of people in my county for goodness sakes!any way sorry to lash out like that its just come on!any way if any of you can answer my Q please do so!;)

lauren, GA | (none)
one question,is this like a club thing or what?or is it just a place where we can talk to eachother?

tessa, AL | (none)
u got a goos show love it so much #1 fan am waching it right now ........................

Sophia, TX | (none)
I found this cool science project seeing if applejuice or water broils faster is that kind of stupid what do you guys think?

Jessie, VA | (none)
I LOVE science. I want to be an enginere when I grow up.

hannia, MN | (none)
dears tpt people I love you

Momo, VA | (none)
Science is fun.! I LOVE IT.!!

Aleah, AB | (none)
I combined water, paper and soap. When I shook the container, bubbles formed and the water turned a grey color.

maya, SC | (none)
I would love to show you this experiment my class did we went on a trip to a college.We got different types of chemicals.

Pearl, AK | (none)
Dear SciGirls, I have some questions #1 do you get a page that you can decorate ? #2 is it on THIS WEB SITE!?!?

natalia, MO | (none)
i LOVE science!!!!!!!!!!!!

olivia , AR | (none)
hey what is up.what are yall.what do you do?is it a club?can you see scigirl in ar?can you tell me more about scigirls? bye, olivia

HayleyBird, AK | (none)
I don't know what SciGirls is. I just moved here to AK from SC. BIG change in weather!!! :)

Grace, NY | (none)
I love love love science and I am a terrific scientist.

aleena, NC | (none)
How do i be a scigirls????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

maddie, MN | (none)
for the video that you send in for Sci girls, what do you talk about?

Barbara, OH | (none)
I have a guestion HOW DO YOU SIGN-UP.

Michealjacksonfan, AR | (none)
I would like to know more about "SciGirls", how do i sign up? is there one near Little Rock?

Teralyn, CA | (none)
What's SciGirls? Is it like a camp or a club? Do they have any in the Bay Area of California? I'm 13. Is there anyway to join or something??

devonna, OH | (none)
I just want to say one thing about the scigirls that thing is that I think that what they are doing is very cool and they are very cool and I hope that they keep doing what they do best and that is being the scigirls

Dimitri, NM | (none)
when is sci girls coming to town

Anna, KS | (none)
I'm wondering if SciGirls is a camp, or a place to learn. Is there any SciGirl places near Kansas City?

Aafrax, FL | (none)
I have never sighned up for this but it sounds cool. how do you get started

sarah, WA | (none)
hey i have just joined this girl science group, dont really know that much about this site but i would like some help figuring out some thing and getting to know some people! and no im not a science geek haha dont be affraid to talk to me :)

Vanya, PA | (none)
Is there a website with interactives online expeirements and clubs and stuff for SciGirls?

MADISON, FL | (none)

Myesha, IL | (none)
Whats the deal with science girls?

someone54, MN | (none)
how do you know where the camps are? is there a place on this website? when are the camps?

lilly, | (none)
briana are u hispanic well i was born in la california

Abbi, OK | (none)
Can you start scigirls in Dallas?

Jalishia, LA | (none)
How can I sign up for SciGirls,because you're so cool!

Pumagirl, WI | (none)
I do not need to go to SciGirls because I'm great at science.

abby, CA | (none)
do u like sci.

tyler, TX | (none)
i love science it roxz !!! i scigirls comes to Texas that would be great !!!!

Jessica, MA | (none)
Science rocks! I have a really funny teacher! Science is extra fun now! How do i find sci girls?

MEGHAN, MI | (none)

allie rodgers, SD | (none)
how does science help not make tactors brake down?

Shelbi, FL | (none)
I was a camper in Scigirls II last summer with WFSU and it was the most fun I've ever had! I've made so many lasting friendships and I learned a ton. If you're thinking about joining, do it!

kelsie, TX | (none)
how do you study science.

8h Natalie, MO | (none)
science is my favorite thing in school.I would really want to be in scigirls.

Kayla, CA | (none)
I can't find a science project!!!!!

Autumn, GA | (none)
What is SciGirls? I don't know when dragonflytv comes on in my area, so I am new to this stuff...

Ashley, TX | (none)
I loved it when I went to the camp in Phoenix. I had a swell time.

Ariana, TX | (none)
I am interested in SciGirls. I love nature and I hope that SciGirls activities can come to Texas so I can participate as well!!!

andrew, WA | (none)
DESCRIBE how water may move from a plant to a clooud and back to a plant.

Barbara, OH | (none)
W hen they say scigirl is for youth does that mean scigirl is only for girls in middle school ? because I am in 3rd grade .

Claudia, | (none)
What kind of things do you do in Scigirls? I LOVE building with legos and things and are they like after school or when? thanks!

aura, AZ | (none)
I was wondering what scigirls has to offer.I mean what do they do to promote themselves.And is it offered in az or nm.

Vanya, VA | (none)
I want to be in SiGirls. DUDE!! I DO!!

CatGirl, ON | (none)
I wish I could do SciGirls....I wish they would have one in my area.

Rachel, WA | (none)
I would like to became a scigirl

beth, KS | (none)
is scigirls offered in Kansas?

Grace, GA | (none)
I was wondering...is scigirls in georgia??

sarah, NC | (none)
Hey Everyone, It's sarah, from SciGirls! I just wanted to see how many of you saw the show we did on wetlands. If you did get a chance to see it, what did you think? SciGirls ROCK!

Izzy, MN | (none)
This sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I wonder why they don't make one in MN.....

Emma, WI | (none)
Does anyone who has seen this message heard of junk box wars? you have to use sciences to complete a simple task people, not boxes with junk on them battling each other.

Natasha, CT | (none)
where is the SciGirls program?

hannah, NC | (none)
Dear scigirls, I do like your shows on dragonflytv at sciworks some of the shows i like to watch but i dont watch them alot because i work there three days a week to help them with things they need for me to do while im there to help. what do you do on your own free time do you go to the beach or do you go to the scigirls and do stuff there to help some one that needs help with stuff or do things on your own on your spare time talking to friends that you work with? do you do things with people? just to say thanks to you for all you do.

alexis, CA | (none)
you have wonderful experiments like the hot lava one I really enjoyed that one. I liked that one the best. YOU HAVE A REALLY GREAT GREAT GREAT SHOW!

hannah , NC | (none)
dear scigrils, i am like you but I don't do what you do there in the science center--i work there 2 hours. i like your shows that you do there at the scigirls. i whould like to join but i have to ask my mom frist before i gone. thanks alot for youe time and effort to let use see your work good job guys thanks moriah

celine and alanna, WA | (none)
We think scigirls is relly cool and we hope you keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Helen, MD | (none)
This SciGirls looks really fun, but my state does not have SciGirl camps and clubs. I want to join too. I REALLY LOVE SCIENCE!

Lauren, MI | (none)
Hey I was wondering, is Scigirls offered in michigan?

Ma, WA | (none)
I see someone said SciGirls is the worst word. It is not a word it is the name of a group of girls sharing what they know and learning in a cooperative manner. Someone said that they were good at science and didnt need SciGirls. Maybe? but Maybe you need the girls and they need your help. Join and share your knowledge. Food for thought. Oh yeah if you are a Sci Girl you know you need food...for thought. ;-)

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