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Rolling Jar Race

samantha, NY | (none)
beans jar went slower then the coconut jar and th beans jar went faster then the other

corey, FL | (none)
ryan can you help me whith fractions for my sixth grade homework becuase i don't know how to do fractions and i won't an A+ and by the way i picked you becuase i think your smart and what grade are you in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deajenae, ID | (none)
i relly what to win this

jasmine, NC | (none)
hi can u help me with my science fair because i do want to win

rachel, NJ | (none)
the water filled jar rolled faster because it was heavyer the other jar was filled with air and sorronded with air so it did not move as much

Victoria, | (none)
Well i tried it with water and air filled and i egg with air filled and rock with air fillend and nothing with nothing and then air with no cap and air with cap. The fastest one was with the cap off =]

dre, OK | (none)
water was faster

Alexis, NJ | (none)
My results are 50%.

Jacob, NC | (none)
Water filed went faster

Gemima, | (none)
The water filled jar won.

calvin, WA | (none)
the water filled jar went down the tabletop first

calvin, WA | (none)
the one with water rolled faster

tori, | (none)
water filled jar was faster

brittany , OH | (none)
the water filled jar moves faster because the water is going on each side to help weigh it down to move

Ryan, NY | (none)
The water filled jar rolled faster and continued to roll further. Sometimes the water filled jar would roll backwards almost to starting position.

Ahni, WI | (none)
the Coconut milk jar went faster, then the beans went farther than any other

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