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earth and space


sean, VA | (none)
rocks are cool

sean, | (none)
granite is a very cool rock and also has crystals in it.

abby, TX | (none)
Rocks are magnificent!LOL

nina, OH | (none)
Hello how slow dose the earth move and why dose it move thanks very much!

chelsea, KY | (none)
I found a rock that was shiny but it is to shiny to give away.

Emma, TN | (none)
My class at school is studying rocks and minerals.Most people in my class say they'd rather go out for play time.WHY WOULD THEY SAY THAT!? I LOVE STUDYING ROCKS AND MINERALS!

rachel, MD | (none)
hay guys

bobby, GA | (none)
i found a realy weird rock, it is slightley magnetic it has colors that remind me of water and oil mixed on the driveway- one side looks like it was melted on the oppiste side it looks like it has warts! i have taken it to several different rock shops and mueseoms nobody knows what it is.

Anne, KY | (none)
In Science our 3rd grade class, were learning about rocks and minerals in our science lessons. they are: igneous, metamorfic,and sedimentary rocks.

ABC talk (i'm a kid), MN | (none)
I collect agates! They are rock that are somtimes carved in to a birth stone. they are a speical kind of rock that can be any color!

lolly, ME | (none)
hey what is the smallest rock called

y i, AB | (none)
ok-and please do you fossils okay go ....

johnny test, AB | (none)
it will take a 1000 years for a rock from space will hit earth

maria, TX | (none)
rock what rocks about rocks? everything

Madison, WV | (none)
One time I was at a park and I found a blue and white granite marble rock!

stevie, CA | (none)
just to prove my point about being a serious rock collecter, i have more than 300 rocks.(that includes fossils and minnerals.)

sydney, MI | (none)
in reply to Wafaa, OH: Igneous rocks are rocks made out of lava, or other volcanic activity. practically all rocks found in Hawaii would be igneous for example because of the volcanoes there. I hope this helped!

Lynda, TX | (none)
Stevie, I found a orange rock . It has something marble like every little bit in it and a few little holes scattered and on one side it looks like orange red like glass looking place. and some blisters on it and looks like it s been cut in places. who can I take it too . I've had it for years. I pick up rocks every time I find a special rock. we moved to Florida. in 1994 and I love rocks. I have some I'd love to show.to see what they are. especially this one. I'm move my rocks with me. Back home in the middle of Texas. I had a yard full and could only bring the special one.

cameron , MO | (none)
Is IGNEOUS spelt right? please write back please PLEASE Okay your friend, cameron

Mike, CA | (none)
to kaylynn-Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks.

stevie, CA | (none)
you can identify a rock by hardness or streak. the softest rock in the world is talc which is used to make talcum powder. and the hardest is a diamond which is used for jewelry, well i think you knew that! a kid geologist, stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
hey if any one wants to learn a few cool facts weekly, ask me something here please call me stevie. i'll write to you a.s.a.p. hope your having a scientific day, stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
hey you rock lovers out there ,i need some help. does anyone happen to know the professional name for obsidian? please write back, stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
if ayone has any questions about identifyingrocks you can count on me! i'm really serious about rock collecting. if you give me a discription i'll do my best to help, but no gaurentees! please refer to me as Stevie if you have a question. i'll getback to you as soon as possible. from your friend geoligist, Stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
i got this neat rock called a ammonite, and it's over 300 million years old i was just wondering if any one had any info to share with me?

stevie, CA | (none)
hey does any one want to know a cool store to collect rocks? it's called crystal fantasy the people there are so nice!

stevie, CA | (none)
dear denny , inanswer to your Q, some rocks you can clean with a certaintype of buff but idon't know which kind. hope that helps, stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
dear leighann, A.Z., in answer to your question, no. not all rocks sparkle. all rocks have different descriptions. but granite does sparkle, granite looks gray with white, and silverish sparkles maybe that's what you have? from, stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
actually josh, geoligists just compare them.but i'm not telling you any more that's only one way.

Taylor, PA | (none)
My class took a field trip to a water cave. we saw so many awesome rock formations and different kinds of rock.

Jordyn, OH | (none)
Guess what! I found a crystal in ny yard! It`s a good size !!!

sam, CO | (none)
sand is tiny rock

Tixxy, PR | (none)
Hey guys, I was working in the yard with my family one day when I found a REALLY weird rock. I looked in my rock and fossil books and look a lot like a space rock, it looks like it's wet and a bunch of weird holes. I don't know where to submit it. DragonFly T.V. please help me!!! Ur number 1 fan, Tixxy

Sydney, MN | (none)
in reply to Steph's question, you do not normally find fossils in metamorphic rocks, becasue metamorphic rocs do just that-change, as their name suggests.typically they are changed by extreme heat and or pressure, so anything that might have been there would be gone!

Jonathan, CA | (none)
I was given a fossil by some rich old lady. It's certainly a fish, but don't know any information about it I've been trying to figure out how old it is, it's species, and what it's worth. Can anyone help me figure this out?

jennifer, LA | (none)
i want to be a paleontologist when i grow up. where do i find a good book to read about dinos and fossils?

dennisse, PR | (none)
Why do you think fossils can not be found in an igneous rock?

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