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Robot Buzz

christian, TX | (none)
Me and my dad have built a small robot crane and it is still in my room . I love robots . becuse there are just so awesome fighting robots are my favorite .

SimGal101@Yahoo.org, HI | (none)
if you like robots read my poem about robot: tinkle tinkle robots i love you singing robots are so cool rockit little robot chic who don't like pools rule meistero chicken without robot tools!

josh, MI | (none)
i woud make a robot that woud clen up the whole world.

Chris, MI | (none)
I have built robots before seriously i am good at robotics

haley, CA | (none)
I am going to be an inventor when I grow up. I have dreams about being an inventor. I wonder what my store should be named. Hmmmmm...........

el-tordo, SD | (none)
how do you make toy robots and vehicles?

dean, PA | (none)
i don't know emma.

dean, PA | (none)
i luv robots

devon, NC | (none)
I vo

Jackson, GA | (none)
We need battle droids from Star Wars

emma, KY | (none)
i want to make a robot, but i do not know how.

destiny, MI | (none)
to: someone54 take a rap of velcrove and have it turn by a handle that is conectted to a wire that moves by electricity.

Christian Faruis, OH | (none)
I tried to build a hover craft, but i broke my face trying! I need help! thankS! bye!

someone54, MN | (none)
is there any way to make a robot that just has to be able to move without costing a lot?? please tell me if there is!!

Sammy, TX | (none)
Why do people think Robots are for chores! They are for helping out other people. Maybe with kids with Autism, or a disorder. Or, just to make it fun, kids who are bored! Like they could play soccer, or video games.

Sammy, TX | (none)
I was thinking, making a robot should NOT be used for chores or things like that! It should be used to help people, like people with Autism. Or, for kids, just to have some regular fun with! I am thinking about asking my parents if they can put me in a class that teaches you how to make robots.

moses, TX | (none)
i have an idea for a robot

brianna, HI | (none)
r there any new robots out there

jason, CO | (none)
how can I get a copy of Rocket Power where they are mountainboarding?

Dkobe, WA | (none)
Hi, I'm 5 years old. I want to say that actually on robots; the more power up, the more stronger it gets.

Aiden, IL | (none)
What is the best type of motor to use for a robot arm?

WILLIAM, MO | (none)
Thank you for the tip on Kbot. I will check it out I am searching for information on building a robot. That is how I got here.

mard4, TX | (none)
i have already made a robot

cutiepi, OK | (none)
I am a robot NUT! i looked on the internet and saw a robot HEAD that has been completed. It copies u. That's freaky! :0

stevie, CA | (none)
hello anyone want to listen to this cool idea???!!!! okay u take a 1ft robot plug it in for 30 min. you get one of those mini sand rakes,and it cleans the whole house for you no chores! That would be an awesome invention to make! your kid inventor, stevie

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