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Hope, | (none)
Hello. I want to have a pet lizard. But it's tricky to feed them bugs. Any ideas how to handle the bugs? I'm desperate!!

Ashlynn59, OH | (none)
i think reptiles are awesome because when i was a little kid i used to have a 3 yr old python and it was a good snake but i had to give it to one of my dad's friend's still miss it very much? after my snake snapped at me i didn't want another one now i have 3 dogs 2 boston terriers and a boxer all females.

matt, UT | (none)
I have some reptiles Ihave a carpet python 2 geckoes a toad a bearded dragon anda horned lizard I am saving my money for a rainbo boa.

to*rr*ie, OH | (none)
snakes are cool.don't be afraid of snakes because there mostly afraid of you.snakes molt but if you pick it up it won't look like a snake.if you imagine you having a snake you'll be surprised.

Dean, PA | (none)
Is a gecko a reptile?

amber, | (none)
how to take care of a hamster

zane, IL | (none)
my favorite animal is dinosaur.

Andrew, AB | (none)
I think reptiles are super cool and I might get a lizard as a pet. One way to tell if a bearded dragon is a boy or a girl is that males are smaller and tend to have a copper colored beard. one time I got to pet a live garter snakes

Jesy , FL | (none)
I don't like snakes much...But i think their really COOL!!!!!!!!!!

ben, UT | (none)
I love reptiles like tortoises but my favorite are snakes do you have a lot of pets like pythons, boas , monttors, chomelons , tortises corn snakes ,green tree pythons, rosy boa, and

forest, CO | (none)
Ilove snakes and all reptiles

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
Alex, MA: Feet. Snakes don't have feet... O_O.

goo, MX | (none)
i love reptiles

Jessica, MX | (none)
i love trees and i'm going to save one by not letting someone cut one down....PLEASE SAVE OUR TREES.THANK YOU

Alex, MA | (none)
what do snakes have that lizards do not

Abby, FL | (none)
I know how to tell if a beared dragon is a boy or a girl!!!!

jacop, MI | (none)
my favorite animal is a thorny devil

ally, VA | (none)
Does any one know how 2 tell if a bearded dragon is male or female? Ijust got one and Idont know what to name it because I dont know if it is a girl or boy. if you have any opinions please tell me

gaby, VA | (none)
i love reptiles!!! I saw a lot of snakes in my mom's backyard. we got to feel it. it was about 2 feet long.

Karah, OH | (none)
hey everyone! i found a garter snake that is about as long as an index finger and wondering how to tell if it waz male or female. plz reply, -karah

apple, CA | (none)

Chelsey, TN | (none)
Do any of you kids have a leapard gecko?

julian, MD | (none)
i love snakes. my favorite snake is the albino boa constrictor.

Melannie, WI | (none)
Did anyone know that even though they aren't common, some people have pet SNAKES?!? I know I want one, and even though I can't have cats where I live, I can still have snakes where I live! I want a red rat snake, they're easy to make nice pets! So I think that I should get them earlier than cats since I can! But I love cats more anyway.

rain , CO | (none)

stevie, CA | (none)
my favorite snake is a rosy boa they're like miniature versions of boas. they're only 3 to 4 feet long.

Michelle, AZ | (none)
Hello every one Just wanted to share with eveybody a real cool new Nature show called reptile chronicles, Thye have a awsome web site, and cool promo of amazing animals on you tube, check it out it is awsome

Ashley, MA | (none)
I know that the that the Gila monster gets its heat mainly at night. It is heila monster in american language.There is 2 lizards that are poisonous out of all the species of lizards and the Gila monster is one of them.

lillian, AB | (none)
hey i think this site is awesome rock on !!

beast, TX | (none)
the basolisk is a lizard not a snake look it up

destinee, GA | (none)
i have a baby turtle and has pneumonia and he is taking med. and recently he has brown line between each spot on his shell and it has gotten really soft is that shell rot and should i put him to sleep he is only the size of a quarter

amie, NY | (none)
jennie MI komodo dragons dont really eat inscets the diet usually consists of deer,wild boar, young buffalo, some even eat horses they can also be classified as canibul coz older komodo dragons eat youger komodo dragons! and i think its great that u luv snake coz their soo awsome where abouts do u liv in america??? i live in australia queensland where dream world is n seaworld wetn wild if u have eva herd of them

Guest101_nr, OR | (none)
Hey I wanted to now if I could house to seperate species of uromastyx particulary a Mali Uromastyx U. maliensis with an Ornat Uromastyx U. ornata? Please reply

stevie, CA | (none)
my uncle is a rosy boa breeder , when i first met him he was so suprised that me, a girl liked snakes and knew so much about them. LOL! the last time i saw him which was about a month ago, when he was driving to visit he found a rosy boa lying on the road and brought it with him! the snake , a wild snake was so calm we got to put him around our wrists, he was so calm! then when he left he found ANOTHER snake and took that one too . it turns out one was a girl the other was a boy! he says he's going to breed them and give me one of their babies! i just wrote this for two reasons, 1 . if you want a snake that's calm a rosy's the way to go,and 2,i want people to not be afraid of snakes. hope you have a s-s-s-s-uper day, stevie

andre, CA | (none)
i totally lov snakes they are the coolest reptile eveer i mean why wouldnt anybody not want a snake they just sliver around but they are so cool i have one its name is rupered

Capri, IL | (none)
Awesome I love snakes too! A boy in my class thinks he's a snake! LOL!!!!! Snakes rule man!!

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