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Amiira, TX | (none)
I have an idea about living on Venus.So I know Venus is so hot but you don,t have to live on the surface of Venus,you can build a floating city on Venus.Just in the air . all ou need is helium and other kinds of air or gasses.So it is actually possible to live on Venus.

Kevin, UT | (none)
If you want to start simple game programming, I do recommend scratch. It's simple and it has the really basic structure of game programming. Then when you get the hang of that, I would go and download Python 2.5 and Pygame 1.8. Python is the far-most simplest programming language I know. Pygame is just a downloadable add-on to Python. The beauty of Python is that it's built on C++ so if you want to create a custom add-on, just program it in C++. I've made a couple of games and I've learned in making these games that Python and Pygame are really good for making birds-eye view, 2d,or fake 3d (with 3d looking pictures) games. I'm going to release a game that I've been working on for a couple of months. It's isometric which gives the illusion of 3D. The only drawback on it is that I'm not an artist :D. I'm trying to find a person willing to do it. Well when you get really good at that and you want to make a real 3D or a first person game, then you can program like the big guys. With C or C++ or C#. This will take forever to program by yourself and thats probably why game developer companies have a lot of programmers. BTW if anyone has questions or wants me to do code, just ask. Thanks

Jon, NY | (none)
Two cool programs are visual basic and etoys.You should check them out

Computer Whiz, FL | (none)
Hello, folks. I happen to use my laptop every single day and know all your programming questions. Oh, and by the way: Zac, I like your reccomendation! I've made some pretty decent games on Scratch, including an airplane flight simulator. Also I've made a life simulator, a pet fish, etc. on Scratch. And counting! Oh, and to Tevin: On your own developing a game should go like this: Concept design is important. Try to sketch out what you want. Develop your own game code or use someone else's, program your game, do art and rendering over time, and voila! Send it to a publisher with a catchy name. I reccomend that you get some friends with you: they could majorly help you. And that's all, C. P.

Kevin, UT | (none)
I'm here for any questions.... C/C++, C#, python, you name it

Kevin, UT | (none)
Yo peoples, I have answers. Zac...I think python 2.5 has a tutorial on the python manual. Tevin....Python and Pygame are the easiest with working in code...Scratch is good for the visual (and its good for starting of f programming) Anymore questions?

Michel, IL | (none)
Falling sand games seem popular, and I like them.

Michel, IL | (none)
Tevin, I think we shold K.I.T. because I think making a game is a good idea.

Zac, | (none)
Does anyone know where I could find a good python tutorial? And by the way, Tevin, I recommend Scratch. It is a free programming language for beginners made by MIT.

RJ, AR | (none)

Tevin, NC | (none)
I'm thinking about programing and developing my own game. Any Ideas?

Chance, MD | (none)
Runscape is okay. It sometimes crashes your browser and runs on Java, which I consider quite sluggish.

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