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annabel, OR | (none)
i like but! best uf all is the red wood it is so amazing it can servive fires and can have holes so big a care can go throuth it and can be super tall and thai lived wen the dinosous lived cool huh well bie

Cuke Grower X1, FL | (none)
I'm back! It's been a while, as you "fans" have seen by my posts, but I'm getting set up again... well, I got a Venus Flytrap and named it Cerebrus, for its many "heads". (Cerebrus is a three-headed dog!) Cerebrus is in California, living with my Dad. He hasn't gotten any bugs lately... but I'll just have to hope he'll get some. I dunno whether I should keep the name Cuke Grower, and become Venus Flytrap Grower, but it's a bit of a debate. I'll get to the Q&A. Dear Samantha of Massachussets: The website that's great is here! You see, I've grown beans before and know something impressive: Did you know that bean plants (like most) are dicotleydons? That means they have two seed leaves, or the first baby leaves that appear on the plant. The plants should be planted in late summer or early fall. They grow kinda fast, within 40-55 days, so harvest them in early spring. Is that good? And to Crystal, of New Jersey: Depends on the flower. Research on whatever flower it is. A desert flower, like cacti might need to be watered only a couple drops a week! A new-world (The Americas) flower could use a whole watering can a week, but not a day... and a tropical flower, like an Amazon flower might be watered an entire watering can per day. So, in conclusion, it all depends. Hope this helps, -Cuke Grower X1

crystal, NJ | (none)
how much do you ? water a flower

petal6, IL | (none)
I heard about these things called hybrid plants. They are mixes of plants. So you could make a mix of roses and lilies.

adriana, TX | (none)
hi dragonfly tv i loveyour web site

adriana, TX | (none)
hi dragonfly tv i loveyour web site

sarah r., | (none)
Bees takes plants pollune to other plants and also; when bees sting they die because their stinger goes out.okay okay.

Dedrah, MI | (none)
Plants need light water and care in order to live and I like plants.

Samantha, MA | (none)
I'm doing my project on bean plants but but i need to find information on some websites but I'm having a bit of trouble

Cuke Grower X1, FL | (none)
Along with the death of all our plants; I now have no plants. Sad, huh?

Jenny , LA | (none)
Hey! I am in 6th and I need help looking for a project. It has to be about plants. Can you help me find a project?

aaron, VA | (none)
can a plant grow better in a growing light or reagular?

josh, TX | (none)
do you know any thhing about plants

Cuke grower, FL | (none)
My cucumber plant is growing quick. I just grew lettuce, tomatoes,and spinach. The lettuce is being eaten and the tomatoes haven't bloomed.

Cuke grower X1, FL | (none)
dear hannah of PA, venus flytraps can be sold at petsmart and petco. i went there once, and i found a venus flytrap.

Cuke grower X1, FL | (none)
hey you! can you grow a cucumber plant? mine has 1,0000 tiny cucumbers. i also can grow herbs. if anybody doesnt know what cilantro is post it here now. and to you... nicky of MN, what is Melaleuca? is it cheese?

diana, NV | (none)
does anybody knows how to produce plants by their intelligance?

andrea, FL | (none)
sarah PA what plants did you use for your experiment? if u can tell me i will apreciate it thanx andrea FL!!:)

Andrea, FL | (none)
sarah PA thanx soo much for the idea!!!i was looking like crazy and thats such an awesome idea!!!what plants did you use for the expiriment and were the plants inside or outside?

Sony, CA | (none)
So who has a vegetable garden and is growing eggplant this summer?

Nicky, MN | (none)
I did a science experiment on what cleaners do to bean plants. The regular cleaners I used were Palmolive, 409, and I can't remember the others. The Melaleuca cleaners I used were Sol-U-Mel, Lemon Brite, and Tough and Tender. If anyone has questions on what Melaleuca is, post it here!

Accineetymn, AL | (none)
Hello. Let's get acquainted! My name is Jessika.

Caroline, CA | (none)
Does anyone know how to plant hydroponic plants? If you just put them in plain water, they'll float around and drown. Does anyone know a better way to plant them?

Hannah, PA | (none)
Where could you possibly buy a Venus Fly Trap? I really want one, but don't know where to get one at.

Sarah, PA | (none)
I decided that for my sciencefair experiment,I would see how drinks such as water,lemonade, gingerale,and milk affected the growth of plants.The results were shocking!The lemonade grew 1 foot while the water barely grew at all! I think others should try it.

chantale, CA | (none)
I love youre show

Leah, MI | (none)
What's the effect of sugar water on plants ?

stevie, CA | (none)
to something or other, you can take coffee i've heard it's suppoesd to help.

Karina, CA | (none)
I my favorite plants are sunflowers because they are pretty

catherine, OH | (none)
we learned about plants in 2nd grade. plants need water, sun,space,and soil.

Fernanda, TX | (none)
I love roses!!They are so pretty!!

Am!e, CA | (none)
When do i know when to transfer my venis flytrap

stevie, CA | (none)
Did you know that the Indians used the cattail fluff to put in the baby's diaper? Now that's what i call resourceful!

Emily, ON | (none)
My favourite kinds of plants are herbs. Rosemary, Thyme, Anise, dill ect, ect, ect. They smell so wonderful, and make savoury additions to lot's of dishes. They have also been used for many medicinal purposes. They are easy to grow inside on your window ledge, or in your backyard. I also love trees, amny kinds of flowers, and tea leaves.

Deania, FL | (none)
How many of you are planting tomatoes in the summer instead of buying them?

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