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Penny Drop

Brianna, TX | (none)
It was so much fun.My resalts were;The flat one was 14.The folded one was 19.And the accordion one was....20 penes.

krock, IN | (none)
how many drops of water will a sheild penny hold

Asa and Iris, TX | (none)
We used vineger water and we mixed vineger with water. Resalts 16 water 15 14 vw 13 12 vineger 11 10 9 8 7 7 5 4 3 2 1 We think that the water stuck to the vieger and thats why the vw is not as low as the vinager butnot as high as the water.

noah, IN | (none)
the closer the books where the stronger the paper was

EJA & MRA, CT | (none)
We tried penny drop...and built on the idea. We added a layer of paper towels every time we did it. Then we compared how the paper towels looked. No matter how many layers there were, every layer got wet.

penny drop, | (none)
i need a project for the science fair help me

nikki , MO | (none)
i got about 20 drops on my penny.P.S.keep making do its.

Kendall, CT | (none)
I tested water, milk, a yougurt smoothie and lemonaid. On a quarter, I got 29 drops of smoothie, with water I got 27, with milk I got 23, and 17 with lemonaid. On a nickel, milk was 10 drops, water was 19, lemonaid was 13, milk was 16.On a penny water had 13 drops, lemonaid had 16, smoothie had 19 and milk had 12.

Inam ur Rehman, AB | (none)
The water drop didn't fall over because the water formed a miniscus ( I did not spell it correctly)

raf, | (none)
my dad flipeed the peeny

maddie, AZ | (none)
i love pbs kids bany bany is cool

ASIA, FL | (none)

enrique, TX | (none)
i went you to more cool stuff

Tara, MO | (none)
I tried water, juice, and soy milk. I got 5 drops of water, 4 drops of juice, and 3 drops of soy milk.

teonickia, TN | (none)
it was the nickel!!!!!

Shaili, NC | (none)
I got 41 drops on the Nickel! even if it took 2 day to do it.

destinie, TX | (none)
i got a lot of good sci stuff i like this the most

celena, WA | (none)
The results I got were that if you use water, it stays the best because of the adhesion and cohesion of a penny

Laura, UT | (none)
I tried all three of them and a penny sure could hold a lot of water but the nickle held the most

Shayndn, WI | (none)
I got 14 drops. It was actually pretty cool!

RJ, MO | (none)
This penny wasn't very good at holding water. It only held 17 drops. But the nickel was better. This nickel was better than any other nickel.

sarah, MN | (none)
i was useing water and go 50 drops with the nickle 42 with dime 43 with penny and for a quater i got90

bronwyn, AL | (none)
I got everything from my kitchen like vinegar,milk and LOTS more but a nickel held the most water , water is cool!!!!

Susan, OH | (none)
I got 52 Drops on a nickel

cj, MO | (none)
I tried everthing I got 12 drops with water 18 drops with soda and win I mickst them together I got 13 drops!

Sean, NY | (none)
I tried water and canola oil. The coins always held more water than oil. The bigger the coin, the more water drops it held. The silver dollar held 85 drops of water!

micheal, TX | (none)
it did not work

danny, NC | (none)
i say the dime takes the most water .

matthew shaw, NJ | (none)
i put 39 drops on it

Kute, | (none)
it was hard but as you all maybe guess that the water could stay on the penny longer then others. So there you got it! if you could think of any other way then great fine! It...this was a great experement! =) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!

colter, BC | (none)
because the nickles are bigger

Jillian, OR | (none)
I tried tea tree oil and water. when I did the tea tree oil on the dime I found out tee tree oil is not very adhesive.

Hezekiah, MN | (none)
I got 8 drops on a dime

zach, IA | (none)
it can sink in water?

alison, TX | (none)
my resulst wer rigth because the nickle is the biger and holds more.

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