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Outdoor Life

abdullah, CA | (none)
what is the strongest land animal

Hope, TX | (none)
I am a big fan of lizards and geckos. I often find some hiding under the tree in my front yard. I often go look to see if there are any. There is one lizard I see every time. He is scaly and gray. I am friends with him now. My question is, do you know any facts about lizards? I'm writing a book about them.

jasmine, IL | (none)
i love the out doors but i wish would never liter the reason why because it kills our animals and our trees i hope they would stop cutting them down so here are my reason's

alicia, KY | (none)
i love to solve mysterys outdoor kinds.i tried to solve the bigest mounten.i got help from celest.i got the mreshering tape.we had to climb it.it was 1,234540958 tall!

Mystery, | (none)
My friend has a hole in her closet which is big but not big enough to fit in it, so we put her cat in there she came back with snow and slush on her, And it was a very hot day.

grace, MT | (none)
i love to go hiking, camping, and dog sledding.

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