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Difsoriette, AL | (none)
I'm extremely pleased to of joined this specific forum and I look ahead to be able to conversing along with you within here shortly.

andy, CT | (none)
are you all animals

Shiloetherabbitbreeder, TX | (none)
Hey Y'all, I breed rabbits and rabbits are THE best pets (except horses)! I have a rabbit named Midnight one named Jasmine and another named Snowball. Well, that's it for now, see Y'all!

CatrinaRognstad, AL | (none)
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JannieHansberry, AL | (none)
Glad to meet each one here. Have a wonderful day.

KaDorothy, AL | (none)
Lucky to find every person at this site

EmersonBingley, AL | (none)
Pleased to meet each one here. I am new here. Will highly appreciate all of your help. Thanks a ton

sarai, CA | (none)

Isabella, TX | (none)
I have a pet bunny......JELLYBEAN!!!.When we got her she was all black so we wanted to name her licorice but she was round so ....JELLYBEAN!!!!!!

Sula, PA | (none)
Hi ! I like rabbits do anyone like rabbits? they are so cute!

CC, TX | (none)
Lisa, I had the same problem! What I did was I got cat treats and gave her some if this dosen't work just leave him/her alone! Trust me, hey you also might see me as Ceanna!!!;)

Rosie, CA | (none)
Hi! I'm Rosie, the porcupine. There are many different types of porcupine, but the kind I am is stuffed. I have friends named Nosie and Kosie, and they're stuffed porcupines too! Oh yeah, and I'm horribly terrified by turtles. I don't know why, they just creep me out. NEE HEE!!!

isabella, UT | (none)
i love animals my favoreit is the graiff who dose like the graiff to how dose a graiff get there name?

samantha, MO | (none)
I know a lot of people do not like mice, and gerbils look like them but they are a lot different. Because gerbils are cuter than mice and smarter than them. so I say that a lot more people should have gerbils as pets.

sarah, NJ | (none)
heyyy i have a chinchilla and his name is cosmo!!! i was also wondering if any1 is lookin to sell a chinchilla

Lisa, NC | (none)
My cat loves to scratch bits me and my 3 year old sister and now I have scratches all over me what should I do?

Lauren, FL | (none)
All of you guys are lucky! All I have are some silly fish and there my Dads! Someday when I'm 16 I'll get a dog I'm sure of it!

Reiley, ID | (none)
I LOVE rats!! they are so cute and adorable! Does anyone else like rats on this page? REILEY

Simmy, MA | (none)
Hi, i know that porcupines aren't egg-zacaly pets but i like them. I adopted a porcupine named Spike! He's pretty cute!

Aubrey, OH | (none)
I have a hermitcrab.His name is buddy.He is so cute!I LOVE him so much!He is my best bud thats why I named him buddy.Do you guys like hermitcrabs?If you do tell me.

Aubrey, OH | (none)
Does anyone LOVE treefrogs?I do and they are so cute!I think they are the best animal ever!Do any of you guys like treefrogs?If you do tell me.And if you don`t tell me your favorite animal.I LOVE TREEFROGS!*****, AUBREY

Zoey, OK | (none)
I love animals! I used to have a hamster and her name was aurora, she was sooooooooo sweet!

1of4, BC | (none)
I like hamsters alot I even have one. Shirley

anonymous#2, MN | (none)
Cats from KY- why do you think that rats are gross? they are really not that bad, they ust get a bad rap because they are often protryaed as disguisting creatures. we raised two rats in school, and i liked them even more than my hampster because they are more playful. so i think that you should at least give the rats a chance.

brianna, CA | (none)
I think rabbits are cool because they are cuddley, cute, sweet too. Do you love rabbits??????????????? Because I do.

sadre, CA | (none)
ihav a eastern painted turtle but i cant tel if it iz a male ore female!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie, WA | (none)
I have 14 chinchillas there so cute!! look them up on the web you'll be glad you did. :-D

Gracie Reginald, NH | (none)
Subject: Rabbits Hi! I'm gracie, I just love rabbits!!!! And I wish to have one. well good by!!!

cristina, NY | (none)
ferrets i hate them

Caoline, CA | (none)
Pets rule!

moo may, WA | (none)
I LOVE EVERY ANIMAL TO WALK THE EARTH! i also really love and apperciate endangered animals and i do my best to make a differance and make people think the way i do about them. ANIMALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline, CA | (none)
I didn't mean for my last comment to end up sounding like that! I didn't mean for it to sound mean! Sorry!

Allie, RI | (none)
I love a lot of animals! In fact, I have 8 pets!

Sandra, MI | (none)
My parakeets have been so nice to each other. I had a boy and just recently got a female for him to have when i am at school. But lately he has been pecking her everytime i come close to them. Then two days ago he started pulling out her feathers when i walk past. Can you please help me figure out what to do? I am worried that he will get to agressive. Is it something i am doing because when i am not around they love each other. or is he jealous making me need to get seperate cages? Thanks in advance

Georgie, GA | (none)
I have 10 birds two horses 3 cats (timmy,lona and angie) 4 dogs (Lily,Angel,Hannah Montana,and frisckie) 1 ferett,1 guinea pig,8 rats,3 chinchillas,5 cows,19 chickens and 1 pig, We own a farm.We also have alot of money so we have enough money to buy food toys and litter for all them pets!!!LOL

zach, PA | (none)
rats are the best pets ever they are better than chinchillas hamsters rabbits and gunia pigs

lizardz, AZ | (none)
cats are awsome! theyare sweet and kind! and very beautiful! they listen to you very well! cats can also do anything a rat, snake,dog, or ferret can do! no should judge ANY animal because of what they've HEARD!

Caroline, CA | (none)
Wow,Brittany from New York! You have a ton of pets! Are you a rat breeder or something? I wish I could have that many pets!

Caroline, CA | (none)
I have two rats. Their names are Bullwinkle and Sweetie. They are so cute! They are both a little over a year old.I built them a huge playplace made out of boxes and they love it! I totally agree with anyone who loves pet rats that they are the best small pet available!

Caroline, CA | (none)
Why criticize a pet you know next to nothing about? If you've never had a ferret, a mouse, a rat,or a cat you should not prejudge them. It's like racism. I do not care if you can't change your opinion, but I am just stating the facts.

Remy, AZ | (none)
I have two pet ground squirrels, I got them when they were babies from the wild. They're so kayoot!

Caroline, GA | (none)
Just to let y'all know...hermit crabs can't become pregnat in captivity and if your crab is buried, it is probably just molting!

zkjfuilrs, AK | (none)
I lov rats because they don't bite if they're domesticated. most hamsters would bite even if their raised with people exept for dwarfs.GO RATS

Cody, CT | (none)
In my opinion, chinchilla's are one of the best pets you can ever own, the one I have is about 5 months old, its a male and I named it Willow! He is smart, active, inquisitive, fun, good natured, and frankly quite adorable! The best part is they can live up to 10 - 20 years on average so Ill have him for a long time!

Brittany, NY | (none)
Rats are the best, I love my rats so much. They are just wonderful all around. We have: 4 dogs, 6 cats, 2 ferrets, 18 rats, 2 guinea pigs, 1 snake, and 2 birds. I recently lost one of my favorite rats, it's like losing a beloved family member. She was so much more than a rat, she was more human than most people I've met.

Many-animals, | (none)
I like Hedgehogs and Chinchillas theyre the best! i love animals. i also have a leopard gecko and a mouse!

100-animals, | (none)
Jon, NF I love rats! theyre really cool! i have a muose right know, its named Daniel, but he's pretty old!

Kate, PQ | (none)
Personally, I hate hamsters :[ They bite too much. And if you wake them up in the daytime, they're grumpy and mean-spirited. Rats are much better pets; they're naturally social animals, so they actually bond with you (unlike hamsters, who fight eachother to the death and are naturally solitary...)

caroline, CA | (none)
rats r super cute!!!

Caroline, CA | (none)
i like ferrets but they are illegal in california... But rats are also great pets and i have 2.they are the cleanest and smartest caged pet but they only live 3 years.

Lisa, NY | (none)
Seriously guys, I agree with Jon. Some of you really do need to do some more research on rats. Domestic (pet) rats, in many ways, are no different from dogs or any other animal that has been domesticated. Comparing a pet rat to a wild rat is like comparing a dog to a wolf. There is no comparison. If properly cared for rats are VERY clean animals, and extremely gentle. They almost never bite unless they are provoked.

Jon, NF | (none)
why don't you guys do some more reaserch on rats. rats are actually much smarter then chinchilla's any kind of breeded rat does not have rabbies. all that chinchillas can do is remember stuff for a long time. dog are good pets except that they are really expensive. there's nothing wrong with cats i don't see what ur problem is. and the guy that wants to know if his hermit crab is pregnant look for eggs in ur tank.

Mat, ON | (none)
My hermit crab has buried itself and the othr crab is guarding where it has been buried how can i tell if it is molting dead or pregnant

Ham, CO | (none)
what does a girl hermit crab look like if she's pregnat?

zach,, PA | (none)
rats are better than hamsters , ferrets and guinea pigs. I do like rabbits and chinchillas

Amanda, OH | (none)
I have pet firebelly toads,but one has1 vary long toe on one foot,and thats the only toe she has! The other frog has no toes at all!!! what is hapaning?

Amanda, OH | (none)
Most people say oh gross! when they hear I have a pet rat, But rats make grate pets.

Hayley, MN | (none)
I love animals... i have a bunch of them... i have a dog, a cat, 5 guinea pigs, a hamster, 7 goldfish, a turtle, and a couple pike and northerns...

arlene, | (none)
Land hermit crabs can't breed in captivity. They breed in the ocean

drake, ID | (none)
parakeets are the best thing u could get

Becca, NC | (none)
shelby(ky) CATS are SOOOOOO MUCH more BETTER than DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chelsea, IA | (none)
how can i tell when my hermit crabs are pregnant?

Katie, TX | (none)
Can anyone tell me if they know when a hermit crab is pregnant?

stacey, CA | (none)
I want to know what the gender of my 2 hermit crabs are. I really want to get another one to see if they have babys. Also, how many hermit crabs fit in a 2 gallon fish tank with no water exept for drinking water.(they are land hermit crabs)

fggf, MA | (none)
i have 3 cats 3 birds nd a fish..ps RATS RULE!

sajk, MA | (none)
i love rats they are adorable!

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