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uk, GA | (none)
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jerry, | (none)
my name is jerry

brittany, AL | (none)
hi my name is breanna

Anna, MN | (none)
I love makeing Apple Cider at my local Nature Center.

Jeremy, FL | (none)
Dear Friend I want go to the Brevard Zoo at Weekends.

Annika, SD | (none)
I love going geocacheing with our gps (global positioning system). You go around with locations entered into it and find caches. Sometimes the cache is just a piece of paper that you sing your name on or sometimes there is a small prise.

abby, | (none)
I love nature. I love going to west virginia and looking at the moutains

abby, OH | (none)
I went to West Virginia, it had lots of mountains, way different from were I live!

Becky, MO | (none)
I just visited Florida and got to see dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. That was a lot different than the bass and beaver we find in our rivers.

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