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matter and motion

Nano Small Talk

Grace, CT | (none)
To anwer the question is nano technology safe or unsafe I agree that it could be both for example when you're talking about using nano technology for explosions or bombs the reaction and impact could be even greater and worse which would not be a good thing but if you're talking about using nano technology for something like making tennis rackets it could be a good thing and really help improve your game because the tennis racket can hit the ball even farther and has even greater power.

nano penney, NC | (none)
one billion penneys whould strech past the moon

Laura, MN | (none)
1 nanometer= 1/1000000000 of a meter.

Logan, CA | (none)
A Plank Particle is 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000016 meters big!

Logan, CA | (none)
An atom is 10,000,000th of a millimeter across and weigh 100,000,000,000,000th of a 1,000,000,000,000th of a gram!

roro(nickname), SC | (none)
I hear they'er working on nano robots that distroy cancer. I hope they wrok 0n some to distroy tomers...

cassie, CA | (none)
paper is 10,000 nanometers wide

Nanogramo, CA | (none)
Nanos are small robots.

Kelsey , CA | (none)
"NaNoWire: a nanoscale rod made of semiconducting material, used in miniature transistors and some laser applications." To any one who was wondering...that's the definition.

Jacob, NC | (none)
I made a magnet with to metal balls and two big magnets that are repealing for the positive and negative charges.

louis, MD | (none)
little things

Lori, CA | (none)
what is nanowire? I am lori I am 6 ye ar oid

Elizabeth, CA | (none)
ive heard of nanowire. my teacher has some

SAM, OH | (none)

williams, TX | (none)
wow! Could you beleve that?!?! By the way,has any of you heard of a nanowire?(please reply

Ruth, WI | (none)
the universityof chicago says there are protons, antiprotons, electrons, quarks, and many other particles in space, i guess all in atoms. A proton is one-tenth of a nanometer or 10 to the -9 meter. 9 zeroes to the left of the decimal point- pretty small.

Terah, IL | (none)
I have created 2 courses on nanobots and it's really cool!

Tammy, VA | (none)
Where can I get one of the self-assembly kits for ice cream toppings?

Ethan, MS | (none)
Nanobots is fun.I really like the way you can make your own bot and course.:+>

Haley, CA | (none)
Ummmmmm......what do weebits have to do with nano?

Alex, TX | (none)
No one knows if quarks exist, and we will probably never know, Ethan. I like the idea, though. Nothing really makes up an electron, except maybe strings, and we still don't know if they exist. This is confusing, if you ask me.

FLAKITA, CA | (none)

Ethan, ON | (none)
Maybe a quark?

priya, MI | (none)
there are things that make up electrons, too.:)

griffith, GA | (none)
Is a nano an iPod?

KAYLA, BC | (none)
The smallest thing I can think of? MMMMMM.....

kayla, BC | (none)
nano is really cool! I had no idea that nano was in all the latest technology! I watch your show every Sunday!

Alec, OH | (none)
it is hard to do the game

mae, AK | (none)
your realy smart

mae, AS | (none)
your wrong

Ian, MI | (none)
I think an electron in an atom is the smallest thing.

Samuel, CA | (none)
if i needed to think of the smallest thing in the world it would be the smallest thing in the world, an atom.

Ian, MI | (none)
Cool zippy matrix1 is awsome!

Trevon, MA | (none)
I like to go to the Springfield Science Museum to see some nanobots in April.

Ishita, | (none)
If nano things would advance in the future would we be able to make a elvator that goes in space and make a matrial that could fix the hole in the atmosphere of our earth?

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