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Emily, MO | (none)
Hi! I used to live in Seattle and so I saw Mt. Rainer every day.

CHIRS, KY | (none)

BLACK SHEEP, AK | (none)
hi yall i love mountain the view is AMAZING!!!! The snowing top makes it even better. up in alaska the mountain were so beatiful. i wish i could be there with my moopse mother. yes!! where i lived we had a moose that lived in our backyard and every year or three bvabies!! if u can choose a vaction go to ALASKA!!!!!!!!

Kevin, UT | (none)
Yo, here in Utah....we're in a valley surrounded by mountains!

grace, MT | (none)
Here in Montana, there are many mountains. I like to climb and hike on them.

grace, MT | (none)
everywhere i go i see mountains. i see them in wheat fields, forests,etc.

Chris, CA | (none)
There is snow on top of the mountains!

Ashley, MA | (none)
It is really difficult if you are trying to climb mount everest because it is 5 miles up and when you get near the top there is not a lot of ir.Also there can be bad white outs while you are climbing.When I grow up I am taking the risk to climb mount everest.

Caroline, CA | (none)
Maya, what mountain do you live by? That's so cool! I just live in the boring old valley.

stevie, CA | (none)
hey,maya in CA, im 2 yearsyounger than you if you don't mind having a friend that's 2 years younger we could chat here?. You're so lucky you live by a mountain! i'd give anything to live by one they're so majestic. The thing is if we're going to be friends i just have to let you know i can only go online during the weekends that also includes checking my mail( i have so many subjects to do). i like learning about the earth, i have a huge rock collection 134! i also like inventing. hope to hear from you soon, Stevie

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