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Moon Craters

kk, | (none)
what is the moons craters

caitlin, TN | (none)
how many craters does the moon have?

Georgia , GA | (none)
umm.. i'm doing an assignment on the moon :( and i have to find what different locations on the moon have to do with the earth's position/ movement.. plz help :/

elizabeth, IL | (none)
I love the moon. but y is it round.

Shabalabadingdong, AB | (none)
The name of a moon crater ten letters

mic loven, MI | (none)
how long does it take to get to the moon from earth

carmen, AB | (none)
moon craters are where meteors banged, crashed and broke on the moon.

alex, WA | (none)
Will a BIG meteor shatter the moon?????

olivia, MA | (none)
what is the moon's biggest crater how big is it and what is it's name?

Gaushua, MN | (none)
What is on the other side of the moon? I really, really want to know about that.

Denise, TX | (none)
I have been doing research and some scientist are saying that the travel to the moon Apollo 13 was a hoax. Is that true

mary, CA | (none)
what is the largest known crater on the moon?

alison, ON | (none)
i need aswers how many craters are on the moon

morgan, IN | (none)
what is the moon's largest crater?

Delilah, WA | (none)
How big would a average crater be? What's the average size of a crater?

Hunter, MD | (none)
The moon is cool my faveorite thing is when neil armstrong went to the moon!

Emily, ME | (none)
why do mre craters form on the moon each day

Riko, FL | (none)
Does the largest crater on Pluto have a name? If so, what is it?

emily, NJ | (none)
i love your info on this, it wsa great help for me to get a higher grade in school; this will get me extra credit. from, emily

Bridget, RI | (none)
What are the names of the THREE biggest craters on the moon?

Elizabeth, AK | (none)
Who first saw craters on the moon through a telescope and when?

madison, VA | (none)
how many craters does the moon have?

wonken, DE | (none)
What are the famous crater names of the moon?

shelby, IN | (none)
what are some famous moon craters?

hey ho, AK | (none)
how big is the moons largest crater?

Emily, NC | (none)
Did the moon cause the big bang which started our plant?

Brenda, TX | (none)
How many craters are there in the moon?

Molly, NE | (none)
What is the name of the largest crator on the moon?

megan-, ON | (none)
how many moons does the solar system have?

Francheska, MA | (none)
How long is the rays fom the stofler crater?

nmatasha, TN | (none)
what is the larges crater on earth

selly, OK | (none)
what is the name of the largest crater on the moon?

justin, OK | (none)
i need to know right now how big is the biggest crater on the moon and its name

Jacie, MA | (none)
what is the structure made up of on pluto?

isabella, TX | (none)
what is the bigest sea on the moon

Haley, HI | (none)
How big is the moons largest crater?

samantha, GA | (none)
what is the difference between a small crater and a large crater

VANESSA, CA | (none)

kyra, WI | (none)
how are craters formed on the moon

Abby, CT | (none)
How big is the moon's biggest crater

Richard, YT | (none)
From way up here in Canada the moon looks like it is made out of cheese.

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