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matter and motion

Model Rockets

Allana, WI | (none)
We did rockets in school, they went up rely high when they fell the parachutes we built in made them slow down an if we were able to catch them we got a soda, that was cool.

zb, OH | (none)
that is so cool

marion, FL | (none)
hey how high do u think it can launch

tayler, TX | (none)
how do you make one?

magnus, NS | (none)
how do you make one?

maria, OH | (none)
they don't go that very high becaus it's filled with water.

devontae, OH | (none)
how high water rockets go

joe, OH | (none)
what materials can I use to make a rocket .like I need something creative for my prodject someone made one out of noodles

Henry, TX | (none)
Model Rockets are cool and fun. They are great to do on days when you have people playing with you. Model Rockets also help your thinking, because they have parts to figure out so you can think a lot. Model Rockets can help you have fun with lots of things,expecilly races.

Rain, IL | (none)
I need to build a boat for science, but it has to move by itself. How could I make a propeller or paddle? The boat has to travel 30 centimeters under a time limit. Can you help me? :)

-unknown-, KS | (none)
a tip- its much easier to use toilet paper tubes as fins than cardboard or wood fins because if you position the cardboard or wood wrong it could tip over much easier

ashdale, ON | (none)
for our science prokject we had to build a movig object that had to do with energy and motion so I parterned up with my friend and we decided to build a water rocket and it got roofed and we got an A+ ( yeah!!!!)

Conner, | (none)
I need to build a rocket, but i dont know how. I want it small enough to hold in my hand.

Abhishek, IN | (none)
What I made for my science model as well as project and how.

asnova, CA | (none)
last week i watch a television program,the program title is super sonic speed,this program to show rocket challenges in america. when i watch,they build a rocket with many material such as black powder,potassium,and so on,but when to on this rocket they used a electric to on it,and i want ask u all how to make it.

Chaz Perry, CA | (none)
I need to build an eleven foot tall, high powered rocket in 20 days.........AND I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica, CO | (none)
How do you make a model rocket from scratch!?

matt, VA | (none)
how do you make a jetpack

chuckey, PA | (none)
If you like fireworks rockets and their not legal in your state you could write letters and send emails to your local law makers in your State Capital

aubrey, TX | (none)
how do u make a homemade model rocket

brian, MN | (none)
if you want to make a rocket, go to the hobby store and buy a kit or buy parts to make your own rocket! :)

RYAN, CA | (none)
HOWdo i build a high powered rocket with houshold materials

TGCHACKO, MD | (none)
How do you create a rocket that launches high?

Emma, AZ | (none)
I'm on aproject building a rocket for the fun of the summer , i have all the supplies i want to use but i want to know if i should use the baking soda materials?

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