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body and brain


nATALIE, GA | (none)
There was once a artist that flew over new york or washington B.C. in a helicopter. Once he landed, he drew EXACTLY EVERYTHING HE SAW FROM UP IN THE HELICOPTER perfectly! All from memory. He used over one dozen pens to draw it and it took him a week to start and finish it! You can watch the vidios on YOU TUBE. Do you know anybody that has that good of memory?

Chase, TX | (none)
Memory test! Difficulty level: Easy Question: Where is memory stored? Answers: A. A box B. In your brain C. in a Wii console Leave your answers

caitlyn, AZ | (none)
arizonas hot so i always memorize the temparature where i live.

katie, WA | (none)
my memory bugs me some times. i forget everything! is there eny way to remember things better? oh and i never remember my dreams. but i remember having them.

Cameron, MO | (none)
hey my project is on memory based on gender. got any sites i can go to?

rose, HI | (none)
I think girls have the memory.

Laura , MN | (none)
Dreams are cool! My brother never remembers his dreams.

Jazlyn, WA | (none)
DarINF AFAIC that's the best answer so far!

genesis , TX | (none)
this gaved me a great idea for my science fair!!!

Mojo, UT | (none)
kids are smarter because adults aren't in school and they have lived longer, but kids are in school and are learning what the adults forgot!!!!!

Natalie, OH | (none)
Hi People, I was wondering if you guys think you have seen something before and then its like the day before it happens and then it happens. What would this be called? It seems like its visions to me. And then there are other things that I feel something is watching me, I turn around but, nothing is there. Can you help me?

pam, WI | (none)
i need someone elses project havin to do with whos memory is better boys or girls i need to compare ur project wiht mine for my background

keana, KS | (none)
I love science club

Akshay, TX | (none)
Hi my project title for my Science fair is : Which age group has the best memory? I am still researching on my topic my science fair is due on January 24, 2011. Thanks!

TCNallstars, OH | (none)
science fair due next week need sites or opinions on who can remember more girls or guys

TCNallstars, OH | (none)
science fair due thursday and i need opinions.

shakia, PA | (none)
can we talk about the brain now

HEYitsMEE, | (none)
im doing my science fair project on this tooo..and i cant find anything for research on the internetttt! any suggestionss?

Brooke, MI | (none)
LOL im doing the same science fair proj as u!! Mines due 2morrow though:(

Sierra, FL | (none)
Hey! Andrea from California! I dont know the answer, but that is my science fair project!!! Have you got any answers??? Thanks!

Christopher, NY | (none)
I think boys and girls have an equal memory depends on the brain!!!!

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
kiki, CA: whats it about? Maybe I can help.

ashley , TX | (none)
heeeeeeyyyyyyy wats up lol .well im bored so thats why am doing this.but not i want people 2 m no my opinion.ok well my opinion is that womens have better memories than mens cause womens take there work ceresly.in thats my opinion hope you like it have a nice day.bye lol 8p smily face.

alyssa, MB | (none)
i have a science fair project due on february 10. ive been going crazy, also !!

alissa marie, CA | (none)
i have a science projact due on feb. 4 ive been going crazy!!!!!!!!

andrea, CA | (none)
help i need to know why kids have better memory than adults. Plz writ back someone.

Santino, MS | (none)
i need help selecting a sciencefair project an i cant find a good one to do it on.

kiki, CA | (none)
i have a project due in march i need HELP!

Lela, MN | (none)
I am doing a project on human memory and it is due tommoro and i need a ton of help

mahira, CA | (none)
i am doing a project about boys vs. girls of who have better memory but so far the girls are doing better than boys

Andrew, GA | (none)
I like your show. I like body .

claudia, MO | (none)
alot of people are doing the same project as me. I NEED INFO WHO HAS A BETTER MEMORY BOYS OR GIRLS

Makala, TX | (none)
Last year my friend did moldy chicken and got 2nd place in the science fair

August, MO | (none)
Some time when I get to sleepy my memory starts to make me nautious.

olly, AK | (none)
i am doing a project on does music affect yourmemory and i need help!!!!!

Nakeyah, NC | (none)
I was at a science fair last year and a girl had a project about a girl can remember more than a boy

anesha , FL | (none)
i have a learing disorder. do i over come it

Kim, MN | (none)
i would like to know if there is a difference between short-term memory in boys or girls.

ANNIE, NY | (none)

celeste, FL | (none)
i am doing a project on who has better memory and i cant find anything!!!!!!!!and its due soon!!!!!! help!!!! VALID INFO CAN REALLY HELP

Bella , MX | (none)
I'm doing a project on who has the best memory in my school 'boys or girls?'

Eliana, MX | (none)
science fair project kids have a waaaaaaaayyyyy better memory than adults

erin, VI | (none)
girls can remember stuff when they were a baby.

Trevor, OR | (none)
Boys have always had been behind the girl's bet boys do some things better

haley, CA | (none)
I dont remember when I was a baby

Kayla, BC | (none)
Do you now any websites with cool memory tests?

liz, MD | (none)
i have a science fair project due soon and i could use a smart persons help!!!(PLEASE)!!!!!!!!!!

kasandra, NY | (none)
has any one tried a world book? it's at your school or local libary.did any one think of that?

ama, VA | (none)
do boys remember more than girls? most reaserch says no. girlshave better memory.others say it depens on wat type of family and education you got.but i am not sure which is the corect info

Kalli, AL | (none)
i am doing a project on memory and need to know whether men or women have the better memory and why. help please project due in 3 days!!!! peace.

dutchess, NY | (none)
what can a brain do to your body if u drink alot

Mystery, | (none)
Hi guys i'm a great science whiz! If you have somthing you need to know i'm here all the time i'm only on RollerCoasters and i know it's weird i'm on memory but.... If you need to ask me somthing ask me kay? Great Bye guys!

mo mo girl, IL | (none)
hey all you science genuses i need your help my science fair project is on boy and girls memory my research says girls but what is right boy or girls?

Michaela, TN | (none)
I am doing a project on eyewitness testimonies, and I'm seeing if women can remember a suspect better than men can remember.

Mason, CA | (none)
i am doing ym science fair project on between adults and childern witch have the better memory i need help

Jacob, GA | (none)
Im in 6th grade and my project is on gender based memory give me some sites other than science buddies.com please help

Jacob, GA | (none)
Hea go to wiki anwsers and they have some good info on gender based memory!!!

Health Teacher, MD | (none)
For those who want to know about who's memory is better, it has always seemed to me that girls have better memories then boys, but there's no real rule. It's based on what parents you got. To learn more I would check out a library book.

alexis, IL | (none)
what are the directions on Which Gender has the Best Memory?

brittney, ND | (none)
i can't find anything on memory and brain and im getting ERKED

Mary and Mackenzie, KY | (none)
Hi! We are working together on a Science fair project. The question is do males or females had better short term memory. Please help us with research!

Suz, | (none)
I need some information on the brain for a project.

Wila, MB | (none)
is it true girl memory is better than a boy

Taylor, NY | (none)
Taylor call me Tatertot, NY I have a question, who has a better memory boys or girls and kids or adults? I just found out that girls and kids do.

Kevin, CA | (none)
why do girls have better memory than boys

Kate, WA | (none)
Why can't you remember when you were one?

Jenny, OH | (none)
I need some background information on my science fair project to. I'm trying to see if male or females remember better and I can't find any research websites for this!!!

Amanda, NY | (none)
i am tring to figer out of who has better memory help!!!!!!!!

Darien, WA | (none)
I would like to know if boys have better memory than girls for a science fair project that is do in a couple weeks? There is a big comotion about boys having better memory than girls!

Mystery, MA | (none)
I want to know the same exact answer do guys or girls have better memory?

paige, NY | (none)
Hey! go to google then enter which gender has better memory

DIANA well call me DEE, NY | (none)
Well Hi peoplez i am doing my science fair project and i nedd help with finding out if males memory is better than female and how it effect your memory so just answer if you can helpppppp

Adrian, | (none)
So im doing a science fair project about iboys or girls have a better memory! ndtus out girls do,but i need to know WHYYY?! any help:[:[ -kthanks:D:D

kaehlin, WA | (none)
I have just cunducted an experiment for a science fair. My experiment was doesage affect peoples memory. Turns out that a middle aged person has a better memory than a old person or a child. The carmichale science fair judges gave me third place.

candace, MX | (none)
i just posted like 2 seconds ago and like i really like can;t find much info so like can this website please give answers to memory differences between guys and girls this project is do soon in like a week!!!!

candace, MX | (none)
k i am doing a science project on who has better memory guys or girls i need some web sites where i can get good info to backgroung my hypothesis the project is do on wednesday next week so i need some help!!

Olivia, LA | (none)
I'm doing a research paper for english on whether boys or girls have better short term memory. All I know is that there isn't much of a difference between boys and girls short term memory. It all depends on the subject.

Katie, OH | (none)
I'm doing a project on Memory (does age affect memory)

amy, UT | (none)
i have a science project due but i dont know what to do for the science fair WHAT SHOULD I DO FOR MY SCIENCE PROJECT????

Catlin, NM | (none)
I really need help finding a good idea for science fair!Any ideas?

Matt, NJ | (none)
Hi, I need to write an article for my school newspaper on memory. I would like to do something on the difference between boys and girls memories

kevin, CA | (none)
i need help on Do girls and boys remember certain kinds of images better than others? its for my science fair project so please help me

gabby, KY | (none)
who really does have better memory i have science fair project do in a week and havent done any of it

andrea, UT | (none)
I'm doing a science fair project on who has better memory‚boys or girls‚ young or old? I'm am also working with a partner and its kinda hard to find info.So‚ if anyone will help out‚ i will appreciate it

sarah, PA | (none)
i have a sience air topic and i cant find any internet recourses!!!!!!!!! my science fair topic is : Who has better memory , female or male???????

danae, WV | (none)
GIrls have better memory its been proven time and time agin

Meagan, TX | (none)
I'm doing an expirement to see if different types of music affects your memory, the types of music are classical rock and country plus silence. its due pretty soon so, any help?

brilen, AB | (none)
we r doing a project on this to! haha what a coinkadink!! lol! what's the answer though? do boys or girls have better memory? thanx for the help bud! ttyl!

Jeremiah, TX | (none)
I need help finding how time effect memory for project.

Kymari, VA | (none)
Science fair and memory is so hard but it is way fuun! Thanks PBS kids GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olive, AS | (none)
Do girls have a better memory when their in 5th or 7th-8th grade

Amber, WI | (none)
Does Gender Really Affect Childrens Memory?????

Amber, WI | (none)
I think that girls have better memory than guys. Because they don't pay enough attention. Not because their memory.

Vrena, FL | (none)
I can't find anything on memory please help me!!!!!!!!!

Shauntel, FL | (none)
Im doing a science fair project on who has better memory,boys or girls, young or old? Im am also working with a partner and its kinda hard to find info.So, if anyone will help out, i will appreciate it. OK thx bye :)

Chelsie, TX | (none)
Girls definitly have a better memory than girls. They also have a better memory then grown men and women.

sarah, MD | (none)
boys have a better memory is what i think

Nicole, OH | (none)
No one knows for sure weather boys or girls have better memory.

Jessica H., KS | (none)
Is there a difference in short-term memory between boys and girls?

rt12343, IL | (none)
i can find nothing on memory help me please

victoria, FL | (none)
science fair research on memory is sssoooo hard, but thanks for the help

monca, IL | (none)
i think girl have better memory than boys?

erin, KY | (none)
Does gender affect childrens' memory?

clara, FL | (none)
how has the best memory girls or boys

steveie, CA | (none)
how come we can remember every close call when some times we cant even remember what we had for breakfast yesterday? i'm fine with just a guess too! thanks, stevie

Kayla, ID | (none)
Did you know that goldfish conly have a three second memory span?!

Michael, | (none)
hi were doing science fair and in my test girls had better memory out of 11-12 year olds but my techer said i need to find out why this happened like whats in the brain to prove this ??? and whats a hypothosis ?

Kylie, IL | (none)
I have a really good memory, and i remember really funny things from wen i was like, 3. its wierd but cool!

libs, IL | (none)
how deos your brain now how to walk and move your hands while trying to write

Riley, DC | (none)
psh whatever i,like, have the worst memory ever.(and i know Riley is a boys AND girls name but just sayin, im a girl)

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