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earth and space


shay, OR | (none)
how could scientists find out if micro organisms lived on mars long ago?

M.B., NC | (none)
To answer some of these Mars questions: Q: Why does Mars have a longer year than earth? A: Basically because it is farther from the sun. Q: How many moons does Mars have? A: 2 known moons: Phobos and Deimos Q: Where does mars get its color? A: The iron/rust in its surface causes the red color. Q:What rovers does Mars have? A: NASA has sent Spirit, Opprotunity, and Curiosity. Q: Does Mars have life? A: Some scientists believe that there could have once been , or still could be life on Mars. They are searching for microbes under the surface of Mars, because scientists call those the building blocks of life as we know it. That is one reason NASA sent Curiosity to Mars (landed Aug. 6th 2012!), to search for the microbes, by searching for water using infrared cameras. There is actually an experiment posted with the infrared cameras on the DFTV website. Q: Does mars have a sun? A: Many people have posted this question!! YES! Mars has 1 sun...our Sun!! It is in our solar (sun) system, therefore it revolves around the same sun that earth does!! The Sun is the only sun in our solar system, unlike some binary solar systems that exoplanets are part of. Q: How many satellites does mars have? A: Mars has three artificial and two natural satellites: The Odyssey (Oct. 2001) The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) (March 2006) The Mars Express (not a NASA orbiter) (Dec. 2003) Q: Have any astronauts been to Mars? A: No, astronauts nor cosmonauts nor any other space explorers have been to Mars. However, NASA is currently creating the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, which is planned to have an unmanned test flight in 2014, return humans to the moon by 2020, and fly humans (ME) to Mars by 2040. Q: Could humans live on Mars? A: Currently with the technology available today, no humans could live on mars long-term, however with hydroponics stations, and a good design of living/storage space, humans would spend longer times on Mars. Similar to the "colonies" that NASA is designing for the moon, something like that could support life on Mars.

jewels, AL | (none)
Mars really does have life on it maddi!!!!!!!!!

ternasia , ON | (none)
does mars have a sun

Mande, VA | (none)
Alright alright alright that's eaxtcly what I needed!

Rachel, AL | (none)
hi my favorite planet is eath becace we live in it that is why it is my favorite planet

Katherine, WA | (none)
Did you know that scientists think rusted iron makes Mars look red , and the weather is as cold as Antartica.

M.G., UT | (none)
Why does mars have a longer year than earth?

maddi, OH | (none)
some people think Mars has LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alyssa, NM | (none)
Daniela, your right the planet mars dose have carbon dioxide and we might die because of the gravity.

cassie, CA | (none)
to lucinda,AB Mars has 2 know moons :phobos and dimos[p.s. i think i misspllped them]

nathan, GA | (none)
mars is so cool!!

Daniela, FL | (none)
Hi Jennifer. We can not live on Mars because there is too much carbon dioxide and there are no trees clean the air only rocks,volcanos, mountains,and deserts. Mars is half the size of Earth. However it weigh 100 pounds, a day in Mars would be 24 hours and 38 minutes.Many people call Mars the "Red Planet."

Isiah, NY | (none)
I don't know why some people think that there are life on Mars.There's no life on Mars.Just only red rocks.And it takes 600+ days to make a year on Mars.

dean, PA | (none)
i want to go to mars.

julia, CA | (none)
how many satellites does mars have?

leondra kitzmiller, IN | (none)
how many satelites does mars have?

Jason Rom, NY | (none)
one of the mountains on mars is more than 70,000 feet tall and mars is the 4th planet

Daisey Moreno, IL | (none)
Daisey IL Do you think that if we put another planet on mars would it change the co2 in to oxygen or what would happen?

Jennifer, NY | (none)
We can't live on Mars becuase it is too far away for people and it doesn't have any gravity or water and by the way Mars in pictures looks cool!!!!

dmb, FL | (none)
mars is cool.

Kevin, UT | (none)
Dear Hermoine, a satellite is either a natural or man-kind thing that orbits a planet. Dear Ayay in Cali, Mars does have frozen ice caps that are dry ice (frozen CO2). Dear Kaela, (scroll down to see post) i've heard that they're trying to find out how to make oxygen, water, and other stuff we need to survive. Dear Neji in Cali, (scroll down to see post) because it has a larger orbit than Earth. Anymore questions? (lol)

Elizabeth, OH | (none)
I wonder if life was on mars a long time ago...scientist have found evidence of rivers.What happened to the rivers if there were any is all they have to figure out!!!

another person, UT | (none)
Ok poeples.....Cuke, I agree, they have proven that there are no lifeforms on Mars. Mars does not have a sun but if you meant moons....there are 2, Phobos and Deimos. And also, would aliens just look like us???

Kevin, UT | (none)
What do you think what would happen if we put a plant on Mars....would it really change the CO2 in to oxygen???

Cuke Grower X1, FL | (none)
Dear Cole of Wisconsin, NO. The answer is NO. Don't keep your hopes up, the entire planet of Mars has been tracked down by probes and there is no sign of life, until humans colonize it. Sorry! This one goes to Iyana A. of Wisconsin also. Mars has no suns at ALL. There's only one sun in the Solar System. That's THE Sun itself! To Logan of Florida: Mars has no suns!!! Just revolves around THE Sun. Since you both have almost the same postings, Prince of New Jersey and Chalie of New York: Nice ideas, but according to science there are no aliens on Mars in the first place. But, Chalie, there is no proof that aliens wouldn't spy on Earthlings... who knows? They could, Chalie, they could...

Chalie, NY | (none)
Aliens land on Mars to spy on people that live on Earth.

prince, NJ | (none)
aliens don,t wear clothes

hermoine, | (none)
what planet has a satellites

logan, FL | (none)
Does Mars have a sun?

Iyana A., WI | (none)

Kytherine, LA | (none)
mars dosn't have rings. duh. and neither does earth. jeez.

cole, WI | (none)
Do you think that there could be alien life on Mars?

Casandra, MN | (none)
does mercury have rings,water,life, etc.

Abbi, CO | (none)
Uranas is sooooo crazy 'cause it is tillted...Why is it tillted?!

jessica, PQ | (none)
ou ou .. how many moons are on mars

Ching, AL | (none)
How many craters does marss have?

ayay, CA | (none)
does mercury have storms volcanoes water etc if no why?

llie, | (none)
why is mars smaller then earth?????

Katy, TX | (none)
Does Mars have moons and if so how many?

Janelle, FL | (none)
How many rings does mars have?

lol, MD | (none)
I love the earth so much it is the must lovely planet that i love the best not mars not

Heather, MI | (none)
how many satellites does Mars have?

sophia, CA | (none)
hi this may have to do something that needs to get mars a toy

sedney, NJ | (none)
how many rings does mars have?

Lauren , FL | (none)
How many rings does mars have???????? Answer back VERY soon!!!

Anna, SC | (none)
How many rings does the planet mars have?

kimmy, ME | (none)
how did Mar's get it's color?

lacey, CA | (none)
does anybody know how mars gets day and night

taylor, | (none)
does mars have rings

chris, AZ | (none)
mars is one of the smallest planets but not the smallest, mars has a few moons. only a certain amount of years you can actually see mars from earth.:)

jackie, AL | (none)
who has went to mars?

latoya, MI | (none)
what is mars all about

Neji, CA | (none)
Why does Mars have a longer year than Earth?

aliza , PR | (none)
how many satelite in the planet mars. . .

Dan, PA | (none)
Mars is not the only planet with craters. Mercury is full of them. Even Earth has craters. One of the most famous ones is in Arizona and is about 1 mile across. The reason the Jovian planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus) do not have craters is because they are primerally made up of gas and liquid. Try making a crater in water. Also Venus does not have visible craters because the atmosphere is so dense it burns up most objects. Also the highly active surface seems to errode craters away after they form.

LUIS, MX | (none)
How many Earths fit in Mars?

hayley, MX | (none)
i like jupiter because it's big and i like mars because aliens are on it. i also like the cheese i mean the moon.

emily, | (none)
this planet is large, gaseous planet. it is a long way from the sun and it was the first planet to be discovered using a telescope!!! please help and ill help u..i know soo much about the planets and i scored 98 % in our space test!!! its just this question i cant figure out !!! thank!!!

will, SC | (none)
what is mars

Lucinda, AB | (none)
how mmany moons does mars have?

courtney, HI | (none)
Does Mars Have Any Moons?

bob, MI | (none)
how many moons does mars have

mike, MI | (none)
how many rings does mars have

tatiana, FL | (none)
do you know about space?

lulu, | (none)
how long does mars take to spin on its axis?

Chloe G., IL | (none)
Earth rotates on it's axis. Does planet mars rotate on a certain axis also?

Priya, NY | (none)
Why does Mars have more craters than Venus, Earth, and Jupiter?

se, TX | (none)
does mars have 16 satellites and 3 rings i need to now right away

amy, NY | (none)
how long would it take to get to mars in hours

nicole, CO | (none)
how big is mars

mikaela, MO | (none)
How many rings are on mars?

andrea, ON | (none)
how amny craters,moons and rings does mars have?

Saphire, MD | (none)
Mercury has 0 moons and so does Venus, mars has 2 moons, Jupiter has 16 moons.

Victoria, CT | (none)
I love Mars it is a beautiful in books Mars is also none as the red planet........is mars a hot place check it out bye

lizzy, AB | (none)
dose mercury have any moons?

paloma, | (none)
how many moons does mars have?

Chalie, HI | (none)
Nobody ever went on mars.

Kaela, MI | (none)
If mars had gravity and air that humans breath would people move from earth to that planet?

Jordan, VT | (none)
Are there any Rings on the planet Mars?

lucas, MH | (none)
is there water on mars and did they send a dog to mars

juanita, AL | (none)
how many moons does mars have

luis, CA | (none)
is there life up there?

danny, NV | (none)
How many moons do mars have?

Zooooomba, CA | (none)
Does Venus have rings

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