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Lego Robots

hoque, MI | (none)
i have a class at school for building with legos it is called s.t.e.m. it stands for science technology enginering mathmatics we build robots in their using the lego kits we also have a team we enter the con test every year and have alot of trophies it is really fun

Jon, NY | (none)
I love thoes too! The NXT kits are expensive though. Looks easy, and not hard to program (it uses pictures). Join a FIRST lego robotics league (if you are in the age range) or if you dont have one, set one up, officially or not. The competitions are really cool.

minsoo, BC | (none)
hi building lego robots are my favorite thing to do so aidan bost a video

Kent, VA | (none)
you totally could because you can put it on other things like a bike and call it lego bike

Mark, CA | (none)
I am really into robotics! Robots & robot inventer! Lego robots are almost even x5,000 better. I lego are also pretty cool to.

aidan, IA | (none)
i don't know how to build a lego robot, but I know how to build airplanes

Smiley, SC | (none)
katiegg, I think you could build a ra-d-o! Also... you could Like put real speakers in it. you would have to run an eletric line through. ya know what i mean? You could build around it. Also I like the transformers idea! I'll let you know if it works out.

Hunter, MI | (none)
i built a candy machine. i put my dad's jelly beans in it. every one loved it!

Bob, AZ | (none)
You can join a lego robotics competition team through FIRST LEGO League. http://www.firstlegoleague.org/

julia, | (none)
legos are awesome! you can build anything with them(almost).

katie gg, MA | (none)
i just finished my lego house i wuz thinking of bildin sumtin more tecE i ges do u tink i cood bild a rA-D-O out of LEGOs if any 1 has an anser plz post it

alex, TX | (none)
you know thier is a lego robot made of legos and you can program it to do diffrent task the program is called lego mind storms and they cost around $130 becausethier is a box that sores the memory and that controles the motors

katie gg, MA | (none)
i wz thnkn bout bildn a LEGO™ RC plane an den mA B find out how 2 mAk it a transformer type thingy

little crow, UT | (none)
I have many different recipes for plastic and I am going to make myself a robotic roach from completely custom made parts rather than lego. What can I say? I am a proud geek!

ARLO!, AB | (none)

Ethan, MS | (none)
Lego robots are easier to build than the robots with the wires and metal parts.

Trent, MS | (none)
Do you know Spyro

VanadiumSteel, | (none)
LEGO robots, I think, have little cables in the pieces and you have to put them together right. I wonder how you get the peices.

Bobcat, TX | (none)
Hey who needs REAL robots when you have star wars battlefront.

tobi22, NY | (none)
we want to build robots with real material like metal and iron i am sick and tired of using lego or having an adult help us! P.S. Conan, TX you know too much

tristan, IN | (none)
HI GES WAHT I gust got done wath some of my lego Indiana jones toy.

Sammy, TX | (none)
Hey, I am trying to make a Lego Robot now. Thanks Vincent for the parts!

lin, | (none)
please help me i need this for our assignment on robotics... what are the parts of a lego robot?? pls... thank you

Husain, IL | (none)
I have been taking lego robotic classes for 2-3 years and have a set. I can make any robot I want and program it to do stuff.

Jake, MN | (none)
Sorry, it's like I'm a genius. Mindstorms. I know that's a Lego brand. ( Apparently, I am a Lego genius too.) It's ' I am an identicle twin.' Not 'a'. I am 10.

qaxz13, OR | (none)
what did you do with your lego Indiana Jones toys?

Michael, OR | (none)
I have a lego NXT team and its awesome. We almost got to the state championship!

Emma Sweet, OR | (none)
HI,I realy like watching DRAGONFLY TV! I am a identicle twin.MY sister and I are both ten and we have a little sister. I am working on a lego car with six wheels!ON Saturday, our grandparents came.There is a track meet today! YOUR NUMBER 1# FAN,Emma Sweet

quadasia, NJ | (none)
how to bulid a 3d house made of card board

dylan., AZ | (none)
how do you make a robot out of metal

alex, NY | (none)
I have a paper robo-t. It has a bucket.

lynn, MA | (none)
is it easy to build lego robots?

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