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Lava Lamp

Adaie, CA | (none)
I used salt and no food coloring it look weird and every time I put more salt it was weird.

ciara, MA | (none)
I got mine to explode!!!!!

lava girl, CA | (none)
a real lava lamp uses wax in water and then the bottom is heated. that's why the bottom of a lava lamp is hot.

namiss , MA | (none)

Grace, CT | (none)
I tried this experiment but I still have a question, when I mixed the salt and the water it became a constisency with bubbles but when I tried to bring the bubbles out of the water with a spoon I had a hard time separating one from the mixture it was like it was attached to the water, oil, and salt, also the food coloring I put in. Why couldn't I easily get the bubbles out of the concoction? I am going to try and look it up, but if anyone has an idea, I would be interested to hear it. Thanks! :-)

janetBrooklynWh, AL | (none)
Terrific post, I will be sure to come back and visit!

Stineekayandy, AL | (none)
Hello. I would share somthing here soon.

NonPegoprer, AL | (none)
That all people with think rationally when presented with the facts.

faith, | (none)
My lava lamp spilled like a volcano. when I put baking and vinegar in it.

Lilyanna, MO | (none)
Never mind my other message. I figured it out. Thanks! Bye!

Lilyanna, MO | (none)
I tried it! But, I don't think it worked. Is there a way I can look up how to make a lava lamp again? Thanks! Bye!

Sydney Li, MO | (none)
I tried using sugar instead of salt the result it didnt last long it went up went down then was over. I also tied using giltter and shaking it that was pretty but you had to shake.

Megan, IL | (none)
I liked what happend because i mixed blue, red, green, and yellow and it turned a shade of green! I LOVE your guyes ideas.

Rosie, MI | (none)
It was cool to do the experiment. We did it 2 times. The second time we used less food coloring and I could see it better. After we shook the vase the salt mixed in and didn't do the cool floating part anymore.

nicole, OR | (none)
i tried it but it only lasted for a few seconds

brandi, texas | (none)
i also used more than one color like sam i used green for my water and bluecandle wax for my oil then i used a third color by dieing my salt over night whit yellow after a few days every thing sak and was mostly teal!!

DEAN, | (none)

Jack and Ella, | (none)
when we poured the sugar into the lava lamp at first it got stuck. Then it sank through taking lots of oil with it.Then the sugar dissolved releasing the oil back to the top.When we poured the flour into it it did not disolve causing the oil to stay stuck on the flour.

ben, TX | (none)
i did it with salt first and then i did it with pepper.The pepper did not sink because it was to light.And the salt sunk because it was heavy.

haley, ID | (none)
i did not use color but the sugar used made the blobs white this is haley and i say hi to sam

aliah, NC | (none)
the sugar worked because when i put in the salt it only made a little bit of bubbles but when i added sugar i waited till the sugar dissolved in the food coloring and it formed more bubbles.

Jacob, WA | (none)
I found that if you use a spoon to stir it into a tornado and then pour sugar in it, it will spit out globs of sugar.

Emma, MI | (none)
It worked pretty good but it was slow!

brittni, ND | (none)
it stunk

gabby, GA | (none)
can you do it

Barbra, IA | (none)
This is so cool! Using salt works the best i am glad i saw this! I love you DFTV!!!

randy, | (none)
salt worked best

Alexander, TX | (none)
We made the lava lamp with oil, colored water and salt. We saw the lava form. Then we experimented with adding baking soda and vinegar. The mixture bubbled on the top for awhile.

Emma, MI | (none)
I first tried it with salt it worked really good. Then I tried the sugar that worked pretty good to but not as fast

abby, AL | (none)
i shook it and somehow some of the salt wasfloating on top of the oil

Trinity, NJ | (none)
With sugar and pepper it did't work.Sugar and salt it worked very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristina, NJ | (none)
i used salt and the salt hit the bottom of the jar and lots of big bubbles rose to the top. this was cool! thanks for the idea!

Gregory, MI | (none)
when I pored the salt in it wint down and then and then desolved in the bubble.

Byanca & Chrystian, WA | (none)
When we first made it the oil was bubbling.Then we decided to shake it, and it created 3 layers. Top was oil, middle was water, and the bottom was salt.

Jeniffer, FL | (none)
i think this is a cool thing but i need something else

abbie, MI | (none)
it was sooooo cool

Chris, WI | (none)
When I added color, I couldn't see the bubbles anymore. But, it only lasted for a few seconds and the oil all went to the top.

Arshdeep, CA | (none)
This project was really fun to watch. My partner and I even choose this experiment as our science project.

Danyell, NY | (none)
In my lava lamp the most bubbles came off the highest peaks.

Tatiana, OH | (none)
The salt made it sink and sugar makes it rise.

morgan, MB | (none)
suger and salt both work, but sand didn't work.

Dexter, MO | (none)
First I did red and yellow food coloring with salt and etc.Then I used sugar and etc.It did the same thing!Then I used pepper and etc.And the pepper just sat on top.

daniel, KS | (none)
it worked gust like the sault but not as fast.

caleb, | (none)

simi, CT | (none)
this was an amazing experiment! Best one ever!!!!

Lynea, NC | (none)
I used blue food coloring and when I put the salt in it went up and down.

simi, CT | (none)
this is so cool

alexandra, WY | (none)
i found out that sugar actual made the oil blobs sink and rise the best.Salt was the second best. Then sea salt

ADILENE, AZ | (none)

Neona, MO | (none)
The type of salt I used dissolved very slowly, which caused the oil to float to the top for a long time.

Campbell, MO | (none)
I used salt at first, but only sprinkled it on - nothing happened. Then I realized I had to pour in a spoonful at once and that worked great! Then I tried sugar. The sugar absorbed the oil right away and made a blob going down, but not as good of a blob going back up.

megan, PA | (none)
when you put a light under the glass you will be amased.

Vincent, MD | (none)
the second most blobs of oil the most blobs of oil were pick by flour there were nine oil blobs.

tasha, OH | (none)
100% salt

sona, | (none)
i did it.but it doesnt came up.it was like water

sara, BC | (none)
well if you add salt instead of sugar more bubbles appear and if you don't add food colour it shows more

cailey olivia, NH | (none)
when i made the lava lamp it made you feel mellow and slightly exuhasted when you watched it, i added colorful beads to make it more appealing!

billy, NJ | (none)
i was amazed when i sam oil blobs,but it looked to plain so i added cheery juice

Joseph, GA | (none)
I found out how to do this on a diffrent website but same stuff so when I put salt in it did not work good so I put chili powder on the top but it would not sink so I was looking for the pepper to put in to see what it would do then I saw some sugar and put it in instead

Tiffany, TX | (none)
I used salt and it worked real well for me .Also go LIFE SCHOOL LIONS YOU ARE THE BEST ALSO YOUR #1!!!!!!

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