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Invisible Ink

Josh, CA | (none)
Grape juice works when I try it

micheals girl, MA | (none)
i tried grape jucie it works the best

alexander, AZ | (none)
the orange juice worked the best for me because i put a little more baking soda in it. grape juice mixed with pineapple juice also does good. i tried cherry juice too.

Makayla, TX | (none)
I actually did this as my science fair project this year. The orange juice worked better than any of the other juices, Maybe because i use a little bit more the 2 spoons of baking soda. COOOOOL!!!!

Raven, NC | (none)
It worked really good! But after a month the messages started fading again.):

dd, IL | (none)
it is hard

Jondell Saxon, GA | (none)
Grape Juice

jordan, SC | (none)
this experment is awsome

Arpi, CA | (none)
I tried to make a message show up by putting apple juice but it didnt show.

zoe, NC | (none)
first i let the paper dry it ended up that maybe the acids of coloring ing the juice revealedd an esily invisible image AWSOME !!!!!!!!

libby, FL | (none)
uit was bad. but io'll try afgain

madi, OH | (none)
it made grape juice

madelyn, IN | (none)
It was okay it was fun.It was awsome1

taylor, ND | (none)
it worked but i made a mess with the apple juice so i had to clean it up with a tiny paint brush

omar, TX | (none)
it was grape juice

mikala, KY | (none)
it fizzed it said science rocks i love science i hope you do to.

nalyejah, NY | (none)
what will you eat.

michele, WA | (none)
my words barely showed until i tried again

deonte, LA | (none)
apple juice

erin, TX | (none)
the first time Itrid it it did'twork the second time it did.

Nicole, PA | (none)
Well, I watched a live TV show and they grape-juiced it. It worked!

jocelyn, CA | (none)
I wrote that my sis rocks and it turned up in seconds with the grape juice

Rose, | (none)

carolina, NJ | (none)
i wrote go scince fair ! i tried to use it with lemon juice but it didn't work as good as with grape juice! i recomended to many people if you want for a science fair project. i would keep it to me! shhhhhh

herren, RI | (none)
the grape juice worked but so did cherry juice

Leahna, TX | (none)
it worked better than the apple juice and orange juice, they just looked weird

Cedar, AK | (none)
I made a mix apple juice whith grape juice and and it showed nice and clear.

Robert, CA | (none)
grape was a perfect condiment for the project!!!

Taylor, IL | (none)
I like inviseable ink!

Temani, NC | (none)
i got the message to show up with grape juice

giggles, NY | (none)
it worked with apple not grape or orange

Lindsay, NC | (none)
I tried Orange juice and I could see it perfectly.My mom told me that lemonade would work.It did!

Cathy, UT | (none)
I can still see it!

Sean, NC | (none)
well i tryed grape juice it dident work i couldent use apple or orange becouse i did not hav it!!! non worked.

rocket, | (none)
its kind of cool

Katrina, NV | (none)
IT was wierd. Ya know why? It worked,but it was different words.It was probably thestress of moving,but it was wierd

Sara, NY | (none)
I used white croyon and it showed up

All, | (none)
Well when I did it it did not work so i tried sprite instead.

fiona, SD | (none)
i like your thing and science is great

kyle, UT | (none)
i tryed all those other juices and they dont work grape juice did it was fun to try thanks

Vincent, MD | (none)
cause you said it.

Sukhpreet, | (none)
the same thing happned as Camille.

savannah, AL | (none)
i thought it was apple because its clear.

arlind, PA | (none)
grape juice

Ladan, WA | (none)

Juliette, CA | (none)
Now, me and my friend do this all the time!!!! Except, we waste all the grape jucie!!!

jennifer, NY | (none)
i did it and it turn green

Rocio, NY | (none)
grape JUCIE

Melany, FL | (none)

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