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Ice Fishing

jalisa wallace, NY | (none)
what is diss

emily, NJ | (none)
i tried salt and pepper the one that worked were salt butt the others didn't

michael, FL | (none)
i like ice fishing and it is fun

David, CA | (none)
I tried salt, pepper, and sugar, none of them worked except salt which I barely got the ice out of the cup of water.

Lucas, MA | (none)
Three things worked and they were baking powder, baking soda, and salt. The five things that didn't work were pepper, cinnamon, flour, sugar, and corn starch. It was really fun!

jasmine, TX | (none)
how to inflate a bag with baking soda and vinger

taylor, ND | (none)
the sand worked and then i froze it and fished with it but the string broke

kristen, LA | (none)
I like it.itis fun

jason, | (none)
lol mine didnt work so i drank my water lol

Emma louise, SC | (none)
I used shuger when I went ice fishing

suman, | (none)
well it was nice to interesting out the experiment.i actuall didn't know the results until i carried the experiments on my own.thanks dragonfly.

Lauren, VA | (none)
I collected the things I needed. I tried salt and it worked. I tried pepper, cinnamon, and onion powder and none of them worked.

shannon, NJ | (none)
I tried baking soda, pepper, oregano and other substances and also sugar. Some didn't work at all and others froze and created a smooth substance over-top and then broke because the ice cubes where way too heavy.

Christine, MA | (none)
i tried salt it workedfor 3 seconds.I also tried sugar which didn't work at all. cinnamin also did not work. black pepper, white pepper and lemon prpper didn't work either.I used 3 different length's of string, thread, rope and waxed string. I found that the thread worked best on the salt, the rope was way to thick, and the waxed string was too waxy. It was really fun doing this experiment!

Jeniffer, FL | (none)

Jazmine, AR | (none)
well first I gathered the materials needed and got to work. When I started the salt worked. I then used sugar which also worked. When I did the pepper it stayed on , but not for long. I also tried flour which did not work. In the end pepper , salt and sugar went ice fishing!

abbie, MI | (none)
it was so cool my friend did it in school it was asome

Rory, WA | (none)
I tried salt, sugar, pepper, flour, polyethylene glycol, and nothing at all. The ones that worked were salt and sugar, but the others didn't.

andrew, CA | (none)
when i put the sugar on the ice i saw popping on the ice. Salt worked the best

Margarita, CA | (none)
I tried sugar, salt baking soda corn starch and brown sugar. Salt worked the best

Albert, CA | (none)
I used the following things to ice fishSUGAR- was to thickBAKING SODA- was to lightCORN STARCH- held a littleSALT- was the strongest

Taylor, MI | (none)
The Coriander seed, it didn't realy stick but it stuck a little at first. The Chili powder did not stick at all. The Salt stuck realy well. The black pepper did not stick one bit.

Alayah and sister Ahn, WI | (none)
WE first got all the materials we put the salt on and we waited 30 seconds and after that the salt froze with the ice cube then we tried sugar which did not work the string just slip off the ice cube.probably cause the sugar is not like salt.

Jennifer, IN | (none)
our results were the same we just put the pint of salt in there and it hanged in there.

mary, GA | (none)
i did very good

katie, TX | (none)
wellnone oof them workrd

Carol, CA | (none)
First, I collected the stuff I needed and that would be a cup,2 ice cubes,a string and ingredients like salt,sugar,flour and pepper ....well thats what I used since my mom wouldn't let me use anymore.....anyway I put the ice cube in the cup then told my mom to hold the string I sprinkled salt first and it worked then I cleaned the ice cube and told my mom to hold the string again then I sprinkled sugar over it and it did work then I cleaned the ice cube ......again told my mom to hold the string........again and sprinkled flour over it but it didn't work so I cleaned the ice cube one more time the told my mom to hold the string one more time and sprinkled pepper over it and again it didn't work.The experiment was cool!

kiara, FL | (none)
when can i do this n where can i do this

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