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Comet rider, TX | (none)
HI, I have a big ranch chokfull of wild stallions, mares and beutiful fouls. I have 5 myself not to mention my family's, here i go. I own a filly named Joy,theres also Coco[wonderful mare] ialso own a stallion named Blacknight, I own another stallion named Eagle [he is white and black]. My favorite is Comet!!!!!!!,she is the most beutiful mare I had ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlynn59 , OH | (none)
i love horses, horses are my favorite my best friend has more than 50 horses or more?

Hines, HI | (none)
There's a terrific amount of kownledge in this article!

kk, DC | (none)
i <3 horses i have a kool horse satchue everybody loves i use to have a horse just like corol lol

fingertip pulse oximeter, AL | (none)
Hello. magnificent job. I did not expect this. This is a splendid story. Thanks! want to find more about Order , Closeout

Celine, WA | (none)
I went to a horse ranch and i rode a horse named Moka she is so spirited but awesome!

Sharon, TX | (none)
I love horses!!!!! I would want a horse more than anything! i have a horse game called Lets Ride Friends forever and i play it all day long and my 2 horses names a Camilla and Sharon.

diana b, PA | (none)
dear sadie from CA i will be your friend i am vary sorry about your horse being sold i had a thurobred his name was zacy but we had to sell him i was 4 and tacking care of if one time i was on this back with my dad holding me and my dad had dropped something and let me go and let go of zacys lead and he was walking when my day was holding him but as soon as i told him to he want to trot and when i said whoe he slowed and when my brothers did that zacy wouldn't lisune and then when i got back on he lisoned to me and only me he was mine but he kapet gitting out of his fance there is one time inpurticuler i remamber is when he got is when i was on my way home and my nanny was droping me off at home and he was standing in the middle of the road well our drive way so my nanny got out and tryed to lead him and he woudnt go so i got outt and as soon as i apoched him he came to my and lowered his head so that i could reach is hasted and i leaded him back in to his pen with out a problum and from that day on i know he was mine. and so i want to be your friend

GILLIAN PJ, IL | (none)

lizzie, MN | (none)
we have more then 50 horses.....so much work,but its worth it

Jolly Julie , WA | (none)
I love horses so much I out beat you all. So i have 15 horses And 154 blue ribbons and no place below. Plus I won a gold medal in the olymics and placed 1st in the Fei world games in Dressage . I only do EVERYTHING.

DIANA, MX | (none)

Carolynn, TX | (none)
I live with my grandma and we have over 42 horses!!!!!Each morning i go out to feed them ALL! Why do i have to feed them.And each day i have to exercise them.Some people think im really cool...but i hate having horses actually i would rather have a pet as just one kitten.


grace, TX | (none)
ilove horsse do you ?

danika, | (none)
hi love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love so much horse

j.g, GA | (none)

angela, NC | (none)
I do not have a horse but I like to haveone their are so cut they are so cute

yostina, AS | (none)
i love horses.

Samigirlz, NY | (none)
I <3 the saddle club so and now I can play on line

moriah, IN | (none)

Karina , CA | (none)
I love horses so much I have a statue of a horse 14 stuffed horse and a file full of horses also it has 15,584 images of horses plus my horses name is sham and its an Arabian

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

Parkie10, IN | (none)
my neighbors pregnent horse just gave birth to a female foal and it is sooooo cute its black with a patch of white on its forhead and its so cute its name is liberty cause it was born on the forth of july coool right?!

Parkie10, IN | (none)
my dream horse is going to be white and its name would be cloud ( i dont have a horse i want one cloud would be my very first one!!!!)

kelly, GA | (none)
hey everybody i just got a new horse he is awseome.

becca, OH | (none)
HI I JUST Wanted 2 say horses r like da bestest animals ever

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
Horselover, MI: First of all, what dose MI stand for? I'm a little rusty in state nicknames. Secondly, whats saddle club? Is it that show on Descorvory Kids? Or that cartoon? Fea, OH: Good for you! I'm a april girl too! Congrats! I'm gonna be 11 on the 9th!

lindzy, OH | (none)
can you show me what types of animals live in australia?

megan, GA | (none)
I LOVE horses! I have one named Gideon. We compete in equestrian sports. It rocks! He is a 5 year-old hanovrian stallion!

Horsecrazee8, TN | (none)
My dream horse is either a Hanovarian or a Tennessee Walking Horse.She is an all black mare named either Aristocrat or Cherokee Princess.She has no white and is as black as the night sky.I want her to be long legged,sweet,determined and confident.She will be trained for dressage and maybe show jumping or cross-country.

Horsecrazee8, TN | (none)
I really want a horse.I'm probly gonna get one later this year.I've ridden horses since I was 7 years old.I rode western and right now I'm learning english riding.I really want to barrel race,do dressage and maybe show jumping or cross-country

Horselover, MI | (none)
I love the saddle club books!I'm going to ride in the spring.

Coorkifleli, AL | (none)
I just want too take time too Thank everyone for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

fea, OH | (none)
i want a horses for my brithday that is in april the 28! .p.s. i am turing 10!

lisa, NF | (none)
I want a horse but my mom want let me have one

Lauren, FL | (none)
Hi, Morgan in IL! I LOVE HORSES!!! I took a lesson back in 2008. But I fell off a 17 year old horse named Pito (Hey I still remember his name!) Anyway, I fell in love with horses ever since my Daddy told me he had a horse named Tonty (Well, that how i think it's spelled) Well thats all a have to say Lauren over and out

Lauren, FL | (none)
Kaylee, KY Your Mom won't buy a horse for you is because there like $1000 of dollars and if you have a small back yard, were will it live? I hope I was able to help you.

Kaylee, KY | (none)
Well, I want a horse; but my mamaw wont let me get one. What can I do?

HorseCRAZY, VA | (none)
OMG! horses r the best animals ever!!! I love horses like Crazy (look at name) and if you're totally in love with horses, you HAVE to read the Canterwood Crest series! :D

sophia , | (none)
I have joined a 4-h group and it is really good to get to know diffrent people with horses are any of you in to horse racing? well iam and yesterday i watched the classic in breeders cup and I was routing for lookout for lucky and he WON!!

sophia , PA | (none)
I need help I cant find a riding barn near pa

madilin lopert, CA | (none)
why do horses always make ear signals to each other and my horses do that it is so odd

Morgan, IL | (none)
Hi everyone! I am Morgan, I absolutely love horse, just like all of you. Horses are such amazing animals, and have every reason in the world to be my favorite, I own a few horses. Cowboy, Snoopy, Kasi , and Lucy. Kasi is such a gentle animal. Cowboy I have had since he was tiny. Snoopy is getting old but is still my best friend. Lucy is the newest, but also super great. If anyone has any questions about horses in general, or about me and my horses, please contact me I'd love to give you information. I am so happy to know all you girls and boys love horses just like me! Love And Horses. That's all life needs.

Chelsea aka100% horse lover, | (none)
hi 2 any one will listen totaly surport any one who is saving for a horse i have 2 WONDERFULL ponys i think they r the beeeeeeessssssssst animals ever

Emily, MO | (none)
Hi, Hannah (from NC). I'm a horse freak. I own a horse (Actually share it with my much older sister) Her name is Cherokee, and is the sweetest thing in the world though not a good riding horse. I know about horses. Did you know that Appaloosas have striped hooves? Another weird fact is: horses can't throw up. Weird! I'll let you know more... post back if u want to be a horse expert! I'll tell you any more I learn! :-)

BELLA, OH | (none)

Alex, AL | (none)
I Love Horses

Freedman, ID | (none)
Dear sarah and kara, My favorite show is horseland!!watch it every time i know it is on!! love it so much it's not even funny!! Freedman123

Freedman123, ID | (none)
I loveeeeeee horses so much it is not even funny!!! They are such great animals!! I am saving up my money to get a horse. I so wish I had a horse of my own!! I just want to let you guys know how much i loovveeeeeeeeeeeee horses.(and i love ponies too)(so cute)

Reiley, ID | (none)
Dear Hannah, I Know horses are a lot of money,but instead of getting a horse what about a shetland pony? THey are much easier to take care of and cost a lot less. People are even giving away free shetland ponies somtimes!!!I'm not trying to get you to not like horses but it would be a lot easier to take care and keep a shetland pony. Plus a horse needs a lot of room but a shetland only needs a backyard!! HOpe this helps a bit !!! Reiley 10

Sinead, CA | (none)
Hello, I live in australia i love horses!

Simmy, MA | (none)
Horses are awesome! I've been riding for about 4 years know and I want a horse so bad. also my room is covered with pictures and posters of horses. I Love horses!!!!!!!

hannah, AS | (none)
i love the saddle club movies and books and in the spring i will have rideing lessons. i hope to get a horse soon!

sophia, PA | (none)
I love horses lots but i cant find a riding school any where? I need help

briana, TX | (none)
i have sixtyfive horses and they are mine not mom or dad.i train them

jaimee, MD | (none)
horses rock they are so amazing i amin love with them

ashley, NC | (none)
in love horses.i did have a horse but a person named trent sold our horse without telling us. he keeped him at his barn but now he sold all of his horses and stuff.if anybody nows where riding lessons are.

Lisa, CA | (none)
This is for Hannah.I am Lisa!And I loe horses too!

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
Hey guy, guess what! We moved my horse bud today from a barn 30 minutes away to a barn right in my back yard, that i can see from my bedroom window. Now all of my horses are at the same place! And only a minute away!!! I cant wait to ride more when it gets warmer!!

Paige, IL | (none)
hi, I've been riding horses for almost 3 years, and this Spring I am getting my first. What kinds of things do you want to know about them? It would be a good idea to start riding lessons at your nearest stable to learn a LOT more about them.

mattie, NC | (none)
i wonder why miniature ponies don't get any bigger?

Aly, IA | (none)
I LOVE HORSES!!!! I want a haflinger some day! Did you know haflingers may be only up to 14 hands but they can pull the amount of any draft horse?! I think horses are neat expeacily their history I advice anyone to do a report about a famous horse for there next school project!

Sammy, KY | (none)
I own 10 horses. Not parents, I do. If you live in Lousiville,Ky, I can let you ride one of them.

hannah, NC | (none)
i love horses. i do not know much about them but i have been trying to learn about them. i also watch the saddle club. i learn alot from them. my favorite girl is lisa. if any of you know any thing about horses, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. hannah

Edward , WA | (none)
I've never rode a horse but it sounds fun. My friend from Canada has one and sends me pics on her computer.

Jennah, FL | (none)
My Aunt Cindy gives me private riding lessons! We're working on posting and jumping poles. (I ride Gaharah her Arabian.)

Rock On Dude!!!, NH | (none)
Sarah your a fan of HORSELAND!! I Hate horse land!''''' (Not Really!!) I'm just kidding!!! I love horseLand it is so cool that they make the horses talk!!! I know that my name is boyish. B ut really I am a GIRL!!!(By the way. Girls rock and Boys Drule!!!)

HORSEY, IL | (none)

jasalie, IL | (none)

Mackenzie, NJ | (none)
Taylor how could you not like horses OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ride alot and love them you should too!!!!!!!!

Sandra , NC | (none)
I would like to know if Series 3 Saddleclub programs are ever going to be on the PBS channels.

Madison, NC | (none)
I really love horses, I wish I had one.

jenna, SK | (none)
i love horses.

TAYLOR , OH | (none)
I have 4 horses at home thier names are Goldie,lucky,Cick,and Thunder. I have a lot of stuffed horses, and toy horses.I forgot to tell you they are QuarterHorses.

kara, NT | (none)
Hi my name is kara i LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i like horses more than worms. ALL YOU HORSE LOVERS YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hay sarah I love horseland to.GO HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kara, NT | (none)
kara i am horse crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! i did horse back rideing but i do skating so i do horse back riding any more.i watch this show and i think you know the show its called saddle club. even though im horse crazy i dont have a horse. I LOVE HORSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lisa, VA | (none)
does anyone have a good idea for a science fair idea involving horses

angela, NY | (none)
i ride race horses an do hunt seat as well as jumping!!! i love horses!! i have three! i have a appy, quarter horse, and a thorobred!!

Stephanie, NJ | (none)
I love horses. And my grandma has 4 horses.

holly, BC | (none)
If a horse’s ears are slanted backwards, it indicates he is: frightend happy angry sleepy

amy, | (none)
i have a horse i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them they are so good and brillaint animals and you become really good friends quick

Caroline, CA | (none)
I saw the horse that played Seabisquit at the Calfornia state fair! It was so pretty!

Merryn, MN | (none)
I want a horse.

apple, CA | (none)
Hey guys!come and read this fact that i found while playing the matching game! Pegasus pegasus was a winged horse.Bellerophontes rode Pegasus.One day,zeus punished bellerophontes by sending a horsefly to sting pegasus.pegasus became sleepy from the sting and bellerophontes fell off him. i hope you guys will like it. :)

Ashley, MN | (none)
I read the saddle club books alot!

erika, TN | (none)
I LOVE HORSES I like to watch the saddelclub I ride horses

Sarah, SD | (none)
I'm really crazy about horses right now. I, in fact, m Going really cray right now i'm even a fan of this show if you ever heard of it called Horseland

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
hey maddie, yes bud and i do dressage and hunter hack as well we jump 2.6ft and above.

Emily, NC | (none)
Have any of guys read the saddle club books alot?

cristina, NY | (none)
i love draft horses!! they are so big and cute dude!!!!!

Riley, NC | (none)
I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For my computer I have a clicker Thats a horse!!!!!!!I rrrrrrrrrreeeeeellllllllyy want a horse!

ABBI, VA | (none)

ALicE, CA | (none)
hey! I have 300 horses at my ranch my horse is called Hazel, shes a pure black arabian horses 16.4 with pure hazel eyes. Shes the world to me and i love her Bye! and hope yall have good luck getting horses/ponies and even foals! Its a load of fun.

Elizabeth, MO | (none)
Well,all you ones' I dont' have a horse. My friend Allison she has a horse. Her name is June. She likes me and I like her I like horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shirley, NH | (none)
Hay Bethany, to find horse games go to www.saddleclub.com And thers some games there. Shirley

Shirley, NH | (none)
I love horses!!!!!!!!!! I even have one. You don't even know how many stuff up horses I have. If I could be an animal I would want to be a hamster. I love HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kacy, GA | (none)
i like hores they are s o cccccccccccuuuutttteeee

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
ya maddie i do dressage with bud i also compete in english pleasure and equation in local 4-h shows!!!! talk to ya soon

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
Hey all, guess what i am teaching bud to jump!!!!!! yesterday, we jumped 2 feet!!!!!!!!!!! it was soooo fun hope everything is going great with yal like it is for me!

julianne, MO | (none)
i wish i cloud have a horse

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
Guess what everyone.I am soooo happy because i got a NEW HORSE his name is Bud and he is the best horse in the world!!!!!!! I can't to show him in 4-H this year it will be sooo fun!!!!

eliza, | (none)
hey i love horses all my friends aren't in to horses so at school it's hard for me not to talk about them but as soon as i get on straight on the computer and looking about horses . i don't have one yet but i am hoping to get one soon

nancy drew, MI | (none)
dear, sadie i hope i'm not too late well rase some money asap.

Kassaundra, CA | (none)
Horses are really great animals. i have beeen around them since the day i was born and have never stopped loving them for one day. I had one when i was six and my dad sold him, but in 2006 i got a red roan paint mare named Foxy. She is pregnant now with her second foal. she will have it at the beginning of April 2008.

Mia, TX | (none)
I love horses so much that I would like to buy one with my own allowance!!!!!!!!!! I can make a horse sound and the hoofbeats! I have been riding since I was 2 years old. I AM A NUMBER ONE FAN OF HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor, WI | (none)
I have 120 horses!

maddie, FL | (none)
i got a horse named penny for my birthday it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!i love this horse called hessel on my farm and hes buetiful!!!!!!!!

maddie, FL | (none)
SO do any of you girls ride dressage

maddie, FL | (none)
hey saddie do like horses a lot cause i see your name alot

maddie, FL | (none)
i have 160 at my place. i own freisians, gypsys,appaloosa'a

brooke, WI | (none)
horses are kind of stupid

Taylor, NF | (none)
I do not liike horses any more breama i like worms

Kendall, CA | (none)
Horses are the best animals in the world! I got one for Christmas in 2007! His name is M.J. and he is a beautiful Bay Arabian. Horses are wonderful creatures and should be loved forever! Horses will always be my life! I couldn't life without these amazing animals! I have been riding since I was 4 and I love it! HORSES ARE THE BEST! If anyone wants to know something about horses post it here and I will answer. Life without horses....... I don't think so!!!!!!!

Cl, MO | (none)
You Can race your horse.

horselady, MO | (none)
I love horses I have one do you I know that they kik and buck I know alot but I need to know a little bite more yes hailey

15h TINA, MO | (none)
i like hores

Harry, IA | (none)
Me and my dog go riding with my nans horses all the time. (I LOVE it!!)

Keoni, AS | (none)
i have 4 horses! oka newman max and my fav brandy!!! brandy is a solid appolossa mare and is the color copper chestnut!! i love her, but cant ride her much any more because she has arthritis, but she is getting better and i have been riding her around our riding ring!!!!!! Im soooooooooooooo pleased!!!

casandra, KS | (none)
can I have a hores for free.

Emily, NC | (none)
Horses are yery smart animals! My friend Hailey has some and i got to ride one.

emily, NC | (none)
i wish i had a horse HORSES TOTALLY ROCK

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
Hi every one !!!!!!!!!!I am soooo happy me and tessa are finally going to send a video of Pippin(My horse), Lacey(Tessa's horse), me and tess into dragon flytv.I hope every one else is doing alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany, NC | (none)
I love horses. My grandparents have some and i ride them all the time.:) I seem to not beable to find any cool horse games. If you find any please post it on here.Thank YOU!

Lisa, OR | (none)

melissa, CA | (none)
I LOVE HORSES! they are the best animals in the world! I have one horse and he is awsome! We do three day. He name is James! He the best American Warmblood AKA half percheron half quater horse.

Robyn, CA | (none)
I went on a trail ride with my teacher and it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebekah, TX | (none)
i love horses! i live in a city so i can not have one!but i like to draw them. my mom says i am really good at it.but i do not think so.

Hailey, NC | (none)
Did you know that horses have to be kept with things to eat like grass,and hay.

isabella, NH | (none)
i love horses so much.

Olivia, IN | (none)

chloe, VT | (none)
I love horses . I went to jump horses when I grown up. I WANT A HORSE SO BADDLY!!!!!!!!! I know a lot about horses. on are farm we have a baby foal named zip. She is so cuit. she is a filly

Emily, MO | (none)
Im sorry to say but i need to confess about something. I don't know anything about horses and well I just wanted to appologize to anyone that I had talked to and told that I knew about horses. Please forgive me and DON'T take my advice I just guessed because like I said I really dont know. So, sorry people. = )

elizabeth, PA | (none)
Hey all i am soooooo happy last week i got 1st place in Pleasure at Blazing Saddles Horse Show GOOD LUCK TO ANY ONE SHOWING and if u have any ideas on how me and my BFF Tessa can get on DFTV PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sadie, CA | (none)

ivy, AL | (none)
i love horses if i got won i would be so happy.i have1dog 1rabit and 1cat.

Victoria, CT | (none)
I'm horse crazzy what is a wild horse on TV

kozy, MO | (none)
Anyone want a minitchure pony this spring cause a got one we have to sell named Blue Moon.It is a boy.

Ashley, MN | (none)
hi my name is Ashley i get a horse of my very own it is a Palamino mare her name is Goldie and she is going to be my very own horse.

Tay, NF | (none)
Hi,its me um i need some horses names URGENT!!!!I need all of them to be barn(normal) names,and one stallion,but make it normal,tooo Thank PS,ALI,AK,why do you think horses drule,they rock!!!!I love horses

stevie, CA | (none)
hey any people that live on a farm, (not trying to be mean) i have a warning and this comes from experience. make sure that what ever holds the extra horse food kep it loked realy good my mom had a horse once that ate so much it died. so be careful! hope this is some help, stevie

Emily, NC | (none)
I LOVE horses.I am going to take riding lessons. I love the show Saddle Club.My favorite girl is Lisa.My favorite horse is Lisa's horse Prancer.I know a lot about horses.

tessa, PA | (none)
my best friend elizabeth and i love horses and we are trying desperatly to get on tv

tessa, PA | (none)
i love horses so much right now i only have 1 but i am getting another one her name is lacey she is very cute shes an arabian but for some reason she hates other horses.

Caitlin, CO | (none)
I have 2 ponies. I jump 2'6 and 2'9. I barrel race, show sheep and pigs, and I have a heifer that is supposed to be pregnat. If you want to know about horses ask me.

Emily, | (none)
I love horses.I watch Saddle Club.I like Lisa and her horse Prancer.I take riding lessons.

jessica, KY | (none)
I adsolutly love horses! One day I want to own a halflinger.I love saddle clud!

Emily, MO | (none)
Hey Miley MA, I love horses too. But if you want a horse, like I do, you will have to save a lot of money because a really good riding horse, plus a pretty one, can cost somewhere around two thousand dollars! Of course, it also depends upons the breed of the horse or pony. You will also have to work really hard to show your parents that you are responsible enough to own a horse. You will have to clean your room, help take care of any animals you already have, if any, and help around the house. Just lettin you know.

Emily, MO | (none)
Hey Soxy, whose mare is in foal. Well, I know a lot about horses, and I know that if she is only a few months pregnant, than you can ride her. But when she had been in foal for about eight months, then you should stop riding her. Also, you might want to check with the vet, if you haven't already, to see if she really is pregnant. Sometimes, when you get a mare bred, she may look like she's pregnant, but really is not. So if she's only a few months pregnant, go ahead and ride her. Answer me if you want.

sadie, CA | (none)
can u gies se your messages is any body going to reply to me

Horses For Life, AL | (none)
Dear Soxy, Sorry but no, you can't ride your horse while she's in foal. This will be much too stressful on her physically (her body). I'm sorry to tell you this but I presume that you don't want to hurt your horse so this will be usefull information for you. Good luck with your horse. Horses For Life, AL

tessa & elizabeth, PA | (none)
dear dftv,my name it tessa and i would love to get on your show.elizabeth and i were gonna do somethingwith horses and horse treats.we are going to do a test to see if ourhorses have a favorite type of treat like humans have a favorite type of candy.which most likely they do but who knows.also we were wondering if our mobie makes will dragonfly tv come and film us?i love this show so please put me and my best friend on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........

sadie, CA | (none)
caitlin i feed my horse alfalfa

sadie, CA | (none)
i have a horse that is a zorse his name is luky

sadie, CA | (none)
does anybody want to be my friend

sadie, CA | (none)
it depends on what you teach your paint but my paint is good at barel racing at clover style

sadie, CA | (none)
dose anybody want to be my friend if so right i am 11 :) taylor i no lots of horse names

sadie, CA | (none)
dear horses for life I have a few qwestions well i have a 4year old and her name is bananabelle we have 18 horses but wen it comes to her I have 0 confidence please help me any body

sadie, CA | (none)
ok talor he is a name well it is my horses name is bananabelle my na me is sadie wantto be friends if so rigght i have 18 horses i have lots of names for horeses!!!!!!!!

qweeny, NE | (none)
i have 2 ponys 1 horse. im in 4h . my gma and my gpa and my ant eva ,trinty ,jimy.own a ranch.EVA is a horse trainer,she is a barrel racer so is trinty and me.gma and gpa.have racing horses. LOVE YA.

sadie, CA | (none)
I have 12 hores and I LOVE TO GO IN RODEOS it is sooooooo fun!!!! i am 10 years old

tessa & elizabeth, PA | (none)
we wanted to know if horses for life has any advice for us for getting on dftv? THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!

elyse, OH | (none)
my mom wont let me have a horse i have been begging for a horse for years!!!I would be glad if someone gave me a horse and barn a trailer!!!!

miley, MA | (none)
I love horses they are so fun to ride!!!!!!!! i am trying to save up for a horse .

Horseluver, NC | (none)
Hi,I Just wanted to say I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They Are MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I LOVE the fantasy Horse. A Twisted Ivory Horn....The UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Favorite!

soxy, | (none)
My mare is in foal can I ride her while she is in foal.

TIFFANY, MN | (none)
I looooooove horses i use one that is my cousins and i get one in a month!!! YEAH MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
Dear Horses for life,I wanted to know How to get on DFTV??????????!!!!!!!!! My BFF Tessa ad i sent them(DFTV) a letter and they have not written back YET!!!!!!!!!!!! i am VERY SAD maybe you can help!!!!!!!!

Horses For Life, AL | (none)
Does anyone have any questions? Im open for anything and Ill try my best to answer to the best of my knowledge. Thanks guys!

jordan, AL | (none)
I went to this ausome week horse camp and it was so cool i got to ride and saddle and e verything toooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooool Iwant a horse much more then a cellphone LOL Bye

lanie, FL | (none)
i love horses i almost go riding three times a day they are so loving and kind!

Elizabeth, PA | (none)
Hi im Elizabeth and i love HORSE RACING my BEST FRIEND Tessa and i LOVE to ride together,but like Tessa said our horses our ENEMIES!!!!!!!!Yes we are trying to get on DFTV we have great ideas but don't know how to get on the show if you have any ideas PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horses For Life, AL | (none)
Dear Bea, NH, I saw your message about that horse having rain rot. I know it is hard to deal with because I've had to deal with it before, but I have always used a product from www.equinesafety zone.com just go to the website click on store, then click on see all items, then click on resolve A-19 Rain Rot-Rain Scald and it will say, RESOLVE Rain Rot - Rain Scald specifically targets Dermatophilus congolensis on chronically moist, damaged skin. Additionally, it's broad spectrum component will attack any opportunistic infection. Mild to moderate infections may be treated with topical therapy alone. Spray the affected area only for 5 to 7 days. It works in continuously wet conditions.I hope this helps you at least a little.

Horses For Life, AL | (none)
Dear everyone, If anyone has any questions or comments on horses oranything having to do with horses I just want to let you know that I'm available and unlike MANY others I'm not telling people to write me questions because I'm trying to show off, I'm telling people this so I can help them if they have any problems with their horses. I know alot about horses and am an experienced rider and I have many horses (almost 30 to be exact) and I have been around horses since I was born. I also have always had horses in my own backyard so write me a letter and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Sorry my letter was so long.

miss know everything!!, | (none)
Eidda, WY I read your message about horses being the SECOND best animals!?!?!?!?!?!?So what animal do YOU think is the best? I was just wondering because obviously horses are the BEST over all but I understand if you have other opinions though I definately KNOW horses are the #1 animal for me but if you like cats or dogs or whatever else you like I guess youre just not the horse type oh well please wright back thanks!

Rachel, WI | (none)
i love horses i ride a clydesdale it is amazing... i love him sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

breea, SD | (none)
It is going to be a year before i get a horse and i am sooooooo excited. whenever i want to see horses i have had to walk half a mile. i didn't really mind it but sometimes i got tired doing it at 7:00 in the morning (i help with feeding so i have to get up early.) anyway i have soooooo many favorites and i don't know what kind of horse to choose. they are all beautiful but i want a gentle one because i have a little sister who is kinda scared of horses. HELP!!!!! what kind of horse should i get???

breea, SD | (none)
Sara from NY, i know sometimes we fall in love with something we can't have like for instance an expencive horse. i always think of it this way: don't fall in love with something that you've never met because some horses have a bad attitude. My neighbor has a georgous horse that is broken so that people can ride him but he usually won't let anyone. Sometimes the most georgous things don't have a very good attitude.

HORSE CRAZY, PA | (none)
Hey everyone, have you ever wondered what your horse's favorite treat is? Well, my friend and I are doing an AWESOME experiment with our horses Lacey and Pippin to find out which treat is MOST LIKED by both horses.We hope to make it on DFTV so wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

rachael, FL | (none)
i wish i had a pony. i love them so much!

katie, NE | (none)
hi I katie and I love horses I dont have one yet but we have to move before I get one I likebuck-skins the best

maggie, MA | (none)
i have ridden english for 4 years. I don't have a horses and i want one when i get older becuase i don't have the time, money and i haven't ridden for a long time. I love this orae named lightning! He is a resucue orse and is SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet. I nick-named is sugarcube!!!!!

Capri, IL | (none)
My dream horse is named Brietta and she is a chestnut with white stockings and a white stripe down her nose and the color sorral mane. I LOVE HORSES!

sierra, PA | (none)
horses r awsome

haleybop86, HI | (none)
My uncle bought a horse named Virginia a while ago, and he bought a tamer horse so I can ride. The best part is... Virginia is expecting a baby next month!!!! I'm so excited!

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