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Foam Tower

Logan, CA | (none)
1 centimeter

Cameron, ON | (none)
I think if you had put the water in to food colouring what would if you put in soda pop?

Egypt, MN | (none)
You're on top of the game. Thanks for shiarng.

janet, AL | (none)
Terrific post, I will be sure to recommend to friends!

Annika, WA | (none)
My tower was 9 inches! I used my mom's hand mixer, but the results were watery. So I tried my mom's Kitchen Aid mixer, and turned it on for 40 seconds. It was so so fluffy! I shaped it for about 20 min. My tower was very successful!!!!

lindsey, SD | (none)
I had to mix it more than a ten minutes,but it fun!!

grayson, GA | (none)
i made a 20ft tower

nissrine (niss-reen), NC | (none)
When I left my tower and came back it felt light,it felt like snow!

lydia, | (none)
ihad to use a egg beeter.

Kristina, NC | (none)
My foam tower was less than 6 inches - maybe 4 inches. I got foam all over my hands. I had fun.

heather, GA | (none)
it wus cool and fun.

danielle, | (none)
my tower was about 25 inches

khalid, | (none)
you are grat.

paul, OH | (none)
i made it 7 inches. i followed the recipe.5 minutes is how i stir,d it

Allecia, WA | (none)
My friend and I had to use the mixer for about 15 minutes and then, We were able to get enought suds for ten inches! It Was wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katelyn, WA | (none)
My friend and I had to use the mixer for 15 minutes and then, We were finally able to get enough suds for 10inches!

madison, WA | (none)
I did the foam tower in a school thing called techreach. My tower was 4in tall!!! i mixed a whole bunch and i had to use a whole bunch of soap but my tower wouldn't stay standing!!!! Im going to try at my house in my backyard with bubble bath!!!!!

Sarah, WA | (none)
my tower was COMPLETE mushee-mushee

Miranda, WA | (none)
Our tower wasn't very tall.It was only 4 inches tall.

Mari, FL | (none)
Yes! I made a 4 foot tower after building up suds for 1 hour.

Jacob, NC | (none)
At first I struggled to make the tower tall. But as I kept at it and did'nt give up it worked just great.

nicholas, NC | (none)
I had to mix for a long time at high

Susan, OH | (none)
It was cool I had to mix for an hour but I got 3 feet- thanks!

shaden, AZ | (none)
i got it up to 13 inches!

Graham, NY | (none)
We tried and tried, then we finally got it to 11 inches

blake, TX | (none)
take one cup of water and poar it in a soda botel and poar soda in the botel and clos the lid titlea sono mess hapins.

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