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Floating Marble

Cupcakes-R-good, GA | (none)
EEK! I have to do a project for the science fair, and a topic is due tomorrow, and i have NO ideas!! Do any of u ppl have an idea for me?

marckye, TX | (none)
i have not try it out yet but that is my science so fun=)

baley, | (none)
i dont know what happened it didnt move

jc, | (none)
it because the heave item flots to the top

kendra, MI | (none)
i think that doing these experamints are really cool.by doing them,you can learn alot of things that you disn't know before.it's just like a thiller movie.you don't know what's around the coner.it keeps you wondering and thinking, what's going to happen next?that's why alot of kids do expermints. so if your sitting on the couch doing nothing,check out pbs kids.com!then do a experamint.but don't get the house dirty!

Cheryl, NY | (none)
I been thinking that we sould think about 20% and 63% like a cork floating on water. How are you?

brandon, MD | (none)

Vincent, MD | (none)
Because when you shake the jar verticaly the salt pushes the marble up and launches the marble when the salt falls back down, and the marble floats to the top when you shake the jar agian the marble gets a little bit covered because the salt bounces up and the marble has nothing under it so gravity pulls the marble down, and before the marble goes to the bottom the salt comes back and, holds the marble. and if you shake the jar verticaly agian and agian the marble sinks to the bottom.

Peggy, CA | (none)
I am pleased to tell that it floated to the top! I love your experiments!!!!!!!!

Adrian, KS | (none)
I got the die and the chocolate chip to float too.

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