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shay, OR | (none)
Fish don't actually sleep, but they do rest.

Delaney Parker , NY | (none)
I like fish. Once I caught a fish. It was big. I had a betta fish. She was pretty .Her name was Rainbow. She was blue.

Robyn, CO | (none)
I have a fish. I was wondering how you can tell if it is a girl or a boy. Also i would like to know if they ever stop moving to sleep during the night. Please answer! Thnanks

Emmy, ME | (none)
Touchdown! That's a relaly cool way of putting it!

hunter, FL | (none)
where is blues clues

DIANA, MX | (none)

cassie, CA | (none)

alex, MI | (none)
my gold fish only lasted 4 only 2 days

Benjamin, MI | (none)
okey some of you are wondering how to tell the if they are boy or girl. well I know how with goldfish guppies and bettas.well I'm only going to do goldfish now the boys have white bumps on there gills and the fins close to the gills.and the girls have no bumps but they have a bump near the tail.

melanie, WI | (none)
i think my fish is a female becouse females hashorter tails than males the females are reely heavy becouse there eggs .males have stripes and dots and all that stuff.

Ava, VA | (none)
I started loving fish when I got my part in my school play because I was a fish! I wish I could have a pet fish but my parents say don't live very long.

WANDA CURRY, IL | (none)

jessica, NC | (none)
how to find the diffrence from a boy fish from a girl fish

sugar is nice, VA | (none)
i have know clue if my fish r boys or girls they love on each other so i think there both

logan, MX | (none)
my faioret fish is a shark

Jamie, IN | (none)
What is the Betta Fish also called?

jaelin, LA | (none)
I have a tropical fish and i have two of each and one of out each set is bigger than the other does that mean the bigger one is a boy

jaelin, LA | (none)
I have a tropical fish and i have two of each and one of out each set is bigger than the other does that mean the bigger one is a boy

arlo, AB | (none)
there are fish that don't exist like the loch ness monster it was a submarine p.s. you might see it in loch ness

Lauren, FL | (none)
Guys, Can someone tell me... What the heck is a betta!

emma, CA | (none)
i emma used to have 5 fish but i gave them to my friend now there so big and there gold fish and they dont grow that big there bigger than a name tag on a person at a store i miss them but now i have a rat and dog

jack, BC | (none)
how do train your goldfish beacuce tryed lots and lots so please help

August, MO | (none)
I have a cat called doulsa wich means sweet or candy in spanish and some times when she wants to be left alone and I try to pet her she bits my hand.

katie, TN | (none)
what r some fish can i put my betta fish in? =)

Brittany, AZ | (none)
i got a fis from the fair and i want to know if its a girl or a boy

Diane, PR | (none)
Michael-Luca NY,Fish have invisible eyelids they are like contact lenses.Shelby TN,fish can't do tricks you just watch them grow and play with them like I do,put your hand into the water and my fishie rests in my hand also you put your hand pened and my fish passes through my fingers.

Diane, | (none)
Sharky has sooo many colors, blue,green,yellow,and a little red.I'm also planning to buy more fishies.I had three but 2 of them died.:(.Girls have short fins and males have long ones.Also I play with Sharky I just put my hand in the water and she just rests in my hand but don't do it too hard or you'll scare your pet.And put my hand but opened and she passases through my fingers.But you have to have a big bowl to do that.

louise, | (none)
how do u know a fish is a girl or boy? plz can anyone tell me!!

noah, ON | (none)
how do you tell if its a boy or gril

abhinav, TX | (none)
rob,OH,male bettas are aggressive,so no.Michelle,PA,females don't have long flowing fins,and males have flowing fins.

Abhinav, TX | (none)
what games can i play with mario,my male betta?

mackenzie, NY | (none)
how long do betta fish live for and what do they eat? I really want one as a pet.

andria, MN | (none)
wh yare dolphins so nice and how do you get them in training so fast or does it take longer to train them

ali, FL | (none)
how do u tell if goldfish is a boy or girl

Veda, VA | (none)
I got a fish and i dont know if its a boy or girl

Michael-Luca, NY | (none)
Do fish have eye lids?

apple, CA | (none)
when a fish sleeps, it opens it eyes.

apple, CA | (none)
to tell weather the fish is male or female is easy....the female's stomach is bigger than the male's.i got this idea from my aunt. i hope it will be useful to some of you here..............PLEASE ADOPT AN ANIMAL IN YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER!!THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND ATTENTION!!

Mandy, FL | (none)
How long do gold fish live for?

Jocelyn, OR | (none)
if a betta is swimming above water is that okay???

Jocelyn, OR | (none)
You're betta fish is just fine. when i fisrt got swimmer he didn't eat for a bout a week, but after that he was just fine.

John F, MI | (none)
Jenna, MB... Your Betta fish will be okay. :) Don't worry too much. Bettas like a water temperature of about 78 degrees fahrnheit and really clean water. If you fish is in a bowl, you must change at least half of the water every other day with fresh chlorine free water that is the same temperature as the water in your bowl. Sometimes when you get a new Betta, they kind of stress out. They usually won't eat for a day or two as they get used to their new home. When you feed them, watch them for at least five minutes. Any food that they did not eat must be removed from the bowl/aquarium. As for lifespan, a well cared for Betta should live a happy life of over two years!

Megan, MI | (none)
I hate fish. they're all slimy and gross. and they scare the heck out of me.

Mackenzie, KS | (none)
Ive been trying to breed my betta fish but my male just ignores my female!! please HELP me!!

Shelby, TN | (none)
what kind of tricks could my male betta do?

Jenna, MB | (none)
My new Betta fish won't eat and i am worried because my dad said that they don't have a long time to live they have a short period of live. I just got her yesterday and i feed her once and she hasn't eaten the food i gave from yesterday and i don't know what to do. Maybe the water is to cold or to warm but i have no idea what to do. We only have like big fish in the livingroom but this fish is in my room but can someone help me i am really worried please thank you......

boch, PA | (none)
I just got a goldfish yesderday how do i see if it is a girl or boy PLEASE TELL ME

Adam, AZ | (none)
What do gold fish look like when they sleep

nia, FL | (none)
i buaght to gold fish i named them faith and hope but i dont know if they were girls boys or girl and boy?how can i tell?

Bethany, OR | (none)
Boy goldfish are fin girl goldfish are rond.

Bethany, OR | (none)
Fish do sleep.they shut half of there brean down.

Bethany, OR | (none)
If your fish won,t eat that means that they are strest.Woudunt they eat for 1 day or more then 1 day.

Bethany, OR | (none)
Buy medicine from the pet shop then put a drop of the medicine in the fish tank.The medicine is called AQUARIUM TREATMENT it,s for swimbladder infections.

Kathryn, MB | (none)
I wanted to know about Fish cause their all sorts of fish in this world.

Siena, IL | (none)
Joan, MI- It means your fish is about to die. Marty, KY- Two BOY fish can't be in the same tank. Unless they roll like that. Which they don't. Ashley, NY- The pretty ones you buy in the stores are male. The ugly, small ones are female. Madison, NV- See above. Silvia, CA- Fish don't sleep, they rest. Sharks do the same things, if they are the type that don't need to swim all the time. Rob, OH- Yes, but not aggressive fish, or tropical fish with large fins. Janae, OH- Your male betta is showing signs of aggression. They puff their fins out to intimidate their opponents (other male bettas). Matt, AB- There are many books and websites all about caring for yor type of fish. Emmily, CA- Currently, my sister and I are in the process of teacher her two male bettas tricks. There are many tricks you can teach your fish. Currently, we are in the first stage (object to food recognition), where we have a piece of string, and dip it into the water. When the betta bites the string, we give it a small pellet of food. Our overall goal is to hook up the string to a bell, so that when the fish rings the bell, it gets food. It takes a lot of time and patience to train a fish. go slowly and read some websites with your parent. Well, I hope I've helped some of you. You can fins a lot of info on the web or your library. Pretty cool I know all this, although we got our bettas yesterday, no? ~Siena

stephanie, WV | (none)
TO people who need to know girls betas from boy betas.A boy is the one with the fancy look.And the female is the one that looks like a regular fish,but colorful.

sunnyaery, CO | (none)
how do you tell if your baita fish is dead?

zach, PA | (none)
if u leave a male beta fish in a tank with a female beta fish the male will try to kill female the so don't try to breed them

Marty, KY | (none)
how do bata fish mate if they cant be in the same tank?

joan, MI | (none)
i have a goldfish who keeps laying on his side and won't eat any of the food i give him? What should i do?

Robyn, CA | (none)
Some time in November my sister is going to have a birthday and we are going to feed the fish. Oh,and also my two fish whtch are___________ I am not sure what kind they are but one was biting at the little one and it bit so much the small one Has already DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now how much you can belive it. AND WAIT DON'T GO AWAY.HER THIS.They are the same type of FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks ROBYNNNN

madison, NV | (none)
how do i tell if my betafish are girls or boys?my betas wont eat ther food y y y please HELP me!!!!!!

ashley, NY | (none)
how could you tell if your beta fish likes each other and if its a boy or girl

Michelle, PA | (none)
How do i know if my beta is a male or female?

Rob, OH | (none)
Can I put bata fish in with other fish?

silvia, CA | (none)
i had heard that fish dont sleep because they dont have eyeleads. i just wanted to know if they sleep or not and sharks are fish so do they sleep to or what.

meria, MX | (none)
fish are cool do you think there cool because there so pretty and nice because they stay in tanks because they need water because they can't breeth the end. ochh im ok

Melanie, CA | (none)
Do Beta`s turn color?

max, TX | (none)
Does anyone know how I can get one of those tanks that has a fish and a plant... the fish feeds off the plant and the plant gets its nutrients from the fish (I think). I think they call it a symbiotic tank?? THANKS

sabrina, AR | (none)
my fishes tells broke what shood i do? do fish sleep becuase my fish is not. how did i now if my fish is a girl or boy

Leslie, AL | (none)
My fish are chasing each other around the tank [[ i have about 5 in a 55 gallon tank ]] someone told me they might be mating...how would i know..i dont remember which is the females?

Annie, TX | (none)
Fish swim calmly so you can cool down. Fish come in all shapes and sizes. When your fish is white and turning red get medicine for you to put in the water or ask a local vet what else to do. If it came red it is ok.

breanne, FL | (none)
you feed fish, fish food and you can find it at your local pet store!!!

Emily, ON | (none)
Fish are beautiful creatures. They glide through the water so smothly, with their silvery or mulyi-coloured scakes fkashing. They dart and twist and turn so suddenly, they look just like they've disappeared. It seems a shame to keep them cooped up in a smal tank. People say 'Oh, it's ok. Fish can only remember for about 5 seconds, so they won't remember being trapped.' Not true. Fish DO remember things.

gabby, CA | (none)
why does my guppy keep smelling my other guppy belly?????

Kiera, ID | (none)
to tell if your fish is a boy or a girl, u usually look at the color or the fins.for example:male beta have large fins, females have short.

rebecca, MO | (none)
crazy crabs rule

Capri, IL | (none)
I had a fish who lived for 3 years!!!

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