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Endangered Animals

Tonet, RI | (none)
I made a maze and bought twon mice and ttesed which food they like the best. I won first place turns out they both liked peanutbutter other the chocholate, cheese, pickles, and something else I forget. Lol

Cheap oem software, SC | (none)
SRO1kE Of course, I understand a little about this post but will try cope with it!!...

SuperSciGirl, | (none)
Out of curiosity, I was wanting to know if the human speces is thought to ever become endangered. I sure hope not! ----SuperSciGirl

Rastaman, AL | (none)
I found here many interesting posts. I love this forum! Will stay here longer with you guys.

ToryBurchx, AL | (none)
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NeddetCag, AL | (none)
Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

sdfsdgfd, AL | (none)
You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.

Kneermams, AL | (none)
I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

dallas, AL | (none)
Incredible submitting! Finding!

kylie, AL | (none)
do skunks make good pets

Joseph, MI | (none)
Our science teacher (She's not our main teacher.) had us do a report on endangered animals. P.S. She's an Eco freak! I don't mean she cares about the environment, I mean she's crazy about it! P.S.S. Don't believe me? She wouldn't let her main students pass out valentines for Valentines day because she didn't like how much garbage the candy wrappers produced! Thank god she's not our main teacher!

Pumbentimmide, AL | (none)
Hi there :-) Nice blog. Thank you!

Ontodyunorn, AL | (none)
Hiya I am new here. I am sorry if this is not the right place for this post.

Taraindence, AL | (none)
Hey i'm fresh on here, I came accross this board I find It incredibly useful and it has helped me so much. I should be able to contribute & guide other people like it has helped me. Thanks, See Ya Around

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

Gavin, NH | (none)
Like cows, Cheetahs and Zebras spot and stripe patterns are unique like a finger print so their kin can tell them apart when they are in a group of the same.

Lyneer, WI | (none)
How can I help save endangered animals?

ashley, MA | (none)
It is really sad that all the animals are endangered.I read that the new red list has 47,677 species of animals and plants.I really like tigers and they are endangered.

Savetheanimals, | (none)
Is there any organization that anyone knows of that is against people cutting down trees for malls because they are killing animals by doing that?

tina, AL | (none)
hi there, my name is Tina. found this website and read some great discussion and feedback so decided to join i am happy to help others and offer advice where possible :)

Roseybigfeet, AL | (none)
Horses are cool! Glad there not endangered!

panda lover, ND | (none)

panda lover, ND | (none)
i think that all those cutting down the bamboo trees should relize that they are killing animals of god and the need to save pandas instead of killing them

brown, TX | (none)
the gray wolfs are endangered so help them out throw away any trash you find and walk to places that are close so you don't use that much gas

Pumagirl, WI | (none)
You wanna know a fun and easy way to help save the animals? You can take a shoebox and cut a hole in it. And then every time you get money, put it in the shoebox through the slot that you cut. And when you reach a goal of money (thirty dollars, fifty dollars, one hundred dollars) then donate it to a place that wants to help save the animals as well. In just two years I managed to get thirty dollars, enough money to pay for three-days worth of black leopard food!

miranda, IN | (none)
chinchillas are one of the most beautiful creatures i have ever seen...it is terrible that they are going extinct

brea babi, IL | (none)
what can i do to help the panda bear

haley L B, CA | (none)
I just want to help.

Rene, TX | (none)
I just dont get why pumas are endangered

CatLover, NC | (none)
I wish people would stop kiling ocelots. They're almost extinct! If you like ocelots please respond!

tigerlover!, MN | (none)
I wish siberian tigers werent endangered animals, they are my favorite animal and i do alot of research on them,i think they are so majestic and free. i hope they will be OK!!!!!

Simmy, | (none)
I feel so bad for all the endangered animals! I once tried rasing money for them. It never worked out, maybe all try again.

Red panda girl, AS | (none)
Ilove red panda's because they are cute and cudly.At themoment i am doing a project on it.

bayleigh, WI | (none)
We have to start thinking about panda bears and koala bears becouse,the are vary endangered animals!!!!!HELP THE ANIMALS!!!!

jessica, | (none)
I love animals they are so cute

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
nfernal362, you make a good point. and by the way, its been a long time since i've been on and not many people have been on lately. thats a big BIG shame. but your right.....why save just one? :) we should save a bunch. hey does anyone here now how to get in contact with endangered wildlife agengensises? okay i now that they might not want to hear about us and even thoughim just an average 7th grader now, and somesaid they were nine, we can do something. maybe we can start our own webpage to add than thi one.....any more ideas? PLEASE WRITE/COMMENT BACK!!!!! from, Wolfgirl

GILLIAN, OH | (none)
It is sad that manetees are endangered.IT IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

karia, OR | (none)
I want to help save endangered animals by telling people who are killing animals for their fur. Is that not murder? That makes me angry. How can an animal defend its self against modern technology? I will get very very sad. Especialy for sealions, tigers, elephants, wolves, eagles and panda bears. I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s DO NOT KILL AAANNNIIIMMMAAALS

marcila, CA | (none)
what can i do to help endanchered animals

christina, ON | (none)
what can people do to help the cactus ferruginous pygmy-owl

alexis, IL | (none)
i think that saving endangered animals is a must an the hunting of them is horrable to help know how to save them we need to inform people and tell them what we are doing to the animals and the earth!

Tiger, ON | (none)
The thing about endangered animals and how they are treated has really gone to my heart . I know why most of the animals are killed even tho the are helpless, cute and ENDANGERED! They ethier do it for MONEY, OR fear . those who do such thing are hearthless souls. Just a stomuch that is hungry for money . That doesnt care who it kills , who is he taking food . They are just selfish souls . We as a power of one will stand up to them and MAKE! THE! DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirey, WI | (none)
i love all animales, but i mostly love the cat species. i would like to say to all the people that do hunt to stop. to me and many of my friends hunting is wrong. i mean we watnt ot help the earth and yet here we are killing some of the most interesting creatures on the earth. so like i said to me whis is all bad, but hay i am only one year old girl who knows nothing right?

jenna, SK | (none)
the wolf is endangered because people are killing to many of thumb and they don't use all the meat.

michelle, TX | (none)
to Wolf lover,i'm totolly whith you! my favorite animal is a wolf! I LOVE WOLVES!!

Mallory, NJ | (none)
Endagered Species are animals that are close to getting extict because man might be killing all their food or habitat so don't let them do it!

lucy, NY | (none)
hello peps ,these poor Animals are gettind killed and there habbitat is getting thrashed just to make fur coats and they cut down trees for wood books and tissues to blow our noses on!

Shirley, HI | (none)
My sister Amy loves, AND I MEAN LOVES PANDAS. She thinks their cute like she can eat them up!!!!!! But I think that would be pretty GROSS!!! Shirley

Rachel, NH | (none)
Has anyone else ever been told that you can't do something because of how young you are? My friends would rather spend money on toys and snacks then help save endangered animals. Adults and kids alike tell me I can't do anything because I'm too young, and no one is going to listen to a kid. They always tell me to give up. But don't listen to them! Would America have won the Revolutionary War if we had given up? No! Would woman have the right to vote if they hadn't endured hardship and pain and just decided to give up? Never! Everything worthwhile in life takes time and patience, which is something most people forget. Never say you can't do it! I may be only twelve, but I can do so much! I've made slideshows, spoken at meetings, passed out flyers, raised money, and put every ounce of time and strength I have to saving these beautiful creatures! Animals can't speak. We have to be their voice. If you won't help them, or you decide to spend your time and money on something worthless like TV, then these animals can be gone forever. If everyone decideds to leave the job to someone else, who's going to be there to save them?

Adam, MA | (none)
A lot of people are moving in to Africa and most of the people have cattle. The cattle is taking the zebras land by drinking all the water and the grass where they usally eat.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So soon the zebras could become endagerd and then exstinct!!!!!!!!WE NEED TO HELP THE ZEBRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William, MA | (none)
Don't kill cheetahs,don't destroythere habbitat,and don't but things made out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED TO HELP CHEETAHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley, MA | (none)
Chinchilas are becoming criticaly endangered because people are hunting for their fur. They want the fur to make coats and it takes 500 chinchilas just to make one single coat. Also if you want to save endangered animals don't buy products that people had to kill animals to make it. I also hate that poultures try to sneak in to National Parks when the guards are busy. No matter what happens we have to save these animals.

Ashley, MA | (none)
Here's a tip for you. If you are concerned about an endangered animal just don't eat it.

ashley, MA | (none)
Most of my favorite animals are endangerd animals and i realized that some people don't see that their numbers can drop so quickly. People have to relize thet these animals need our help.

save the animals, AB | (none)
save the animals im only 9 and i love animals i want to be a vet but if all the animals go endangered there will be no snimals to cure and i started crying because wanimals are going endangered and pullotion is killing the animals also so save the animals

Katie, WA | (none)
You guys should look into chinchillas. 75,000 chinchillas were killed for fur coats (it takes 200 chinchillas to make a coat) Even though the government has made the chinchilla an Endangered animal, they are still beening killed. only 200 chinchillas are left in the wild (even though the are doing well in captivity) so if you want to help visit. www.chinchillarescue.org or www.wildchinchillas.org Please help! I'm a chinchilla owner and I hope that anyone out there is willing to help visit these websites.

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
sigh, i feel that i must keep saying this over and over again. WE R KIDS!!!! WE DONT KILL WOLVES AND PUMAS AND PANDAS OR CUT DOWN THE RAINFOREST!!!!! dont tell US not to do that kind of stuff! tell that to the people who are actually DOING it! thank u

snake krazy, LA | (none)
If you're afraid of snakes because they're poisenous, think about it this way: There are over 7000 species of snakes in the world, and only 272 of them are poisenous. Divide that by 6 continents (not including Antarctica) that's not very many on each continent. And thinking about the chances that you'll be killed if you're bitten by a snake, the chances are about 5 in 100. So I hope I've changed your outlook on snakes.

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
Hey everyone...looks like no one apperently knows how to Help animals....Wolf Lover NY you are right about the moose and deer population getting big if the wolves go extinct. that means that if they do go extinct the deer and moose will eat all the grass and herbs and roots that other animals find as a life source. the deer and moose will eventually die of hunger, thirst, illness, and weakness. the animals that eat the food that the moose and deer ate will eventually starve and die-extinct. soooooo.....wolves, tigers, bears, pandas, koalas, turtals, and all the animals that everyone has spoken of all need predetors....predetors = Balence in the food-chain and life sources. but that will most likely happen IF we don't do anything as we speak ( or type). those are some facts about the predetors, despite the fact that we all want EVERY animal to live, its not the case. and most predetors just take the weak or dieing, not the healthy and strong. LONG LIVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!

snake krazy, LA | (none)
saurapods (dinosaurs with long necks.)could whip their tails at the speed of sound? even though I'm only 10, I know a lot about animals.

snake krazy, LA | (none)
My favorite animal is the spitting cobra!!!!!!!

snake krazy, LA | (none)
I may be snake crazy but I really love all animals. Like the polar bear for example,I bet you didn't know there are only 500 of them left in the wild! Huh!!!!!!!!We've gotta save 'em! (If you want to help all animals join the siera club.)

FrogLover11, HI | (none)
i am 8 years old and all i want to say is save the endangered frogs! They are so cool and i dont want them 2 become extinct.

Brianna, OH | (none)

liana, VA | (none)
I think that these animals should be treated better HELP THEM

wolf lover, NY | (none)

Wolf lover, NY | (none)
YOU SOULD NOT KILL WOLVES!! because if you KILL a wolf and then it becames EXTINCT!and the number of deer and moose will get to BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

karamjot, AB | (none)
peole are taking up their habitat and so their dying

jake, AK | (none)
SAVE THE ANIMALS! Zoos and vets help them allot. I may be 8 but that doesnt mean i cant make a diffrence. everybody can.

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
Hey everyone, looks like we all have the same idea.save animals right? yeah.look as much as some people care about animals and all of us here, we arn't doing anything but talking about animals. no one really has the faintest clue on how we should get started and HELP save the animals.if we are all just going to sit around and type about it when we should all be out doing stuff to protect them.as bad as i feel about the animals, we arn't doing anything but talking.we just say what animals we love and that we want them to be safe.obivsly thats what we all want, right? well if you do, we all need to come up with something and acctually do something! lke i said none of us has the faintest clue on what to DO to help save them.well if any one has any thing to say please write back as soon as you see this message on this buliten.LONG LIVE THE WOLVES!!!!!

Caiti, NC | (none)
i really care about animals and people need to stop killing them or else we will never see them again

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
Hi everyone! i have been doing LOTS of research lately. we HAVE to stop fur farms! they r horrible places! if u want more info, look up peta on google. and we also have to stop animal testing! animals r not like humans! they react differently than us! We already know cigarettes r bad for u, so why do we force dogs and monkeys to smoke??!!?? Wolves r endangered, so why can we find them on a rack at a designer store??!!?? THESE ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS! they can feel pain, just like us. They r lonely, just like us. and they r being killed. dogs, cats, deer, and eagles get caught in traps and r considered TRASH, so they r left to die! i mean, how would u feel being caught in a trap and being considered worthless??? Please help stop the cruelty of all animals. we could be one step closer to helping all of the endangered animals. Animals live in families, just like we do. animals need friends, just like we do ........ think about it.

maleah, CA | (none)
i like your show because it tell about animal when i grow up i want to be a tv show like you it fun to whatch that. good bye.

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
hey everyone! its me again! just wanted to see if my message got here and good thing is that it is, not many people have written so i'll be checking! : ) p.s.- Animal Crazy is right: going Green sounds like a great idea! Julie, nice facts, you taught me some new things! well L8R! ANIMALS RULE!!!!!!

animal, FL | (none)
i love animals i hate that there in dangered well some people need to start helping the comminity because the animals r suffering because of us BUT I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alexandra, CA | (none)
hey, my name is alexandra.i love polarbears so if you can right now send me a message back

Bella, TN | (none)

Amber, NY | (none)
I want to help the animals but I need to know how much money I need to make and, where are the endangered animals. Well I guess i'll get back to you soon. P.S. I hope I can help the animals!

Amber, NY | (none)
I want to help the animals but I need to know how much money I need to make and, where are the endangered. Well I guess i'll get back to you soon. P.S. I hope I can help the animals!

cats no.1, NY | (none)
hi everyone. we need to help the endangered animals ! there are so many animals that are being kill for their fur or something, the animals can't really save themselfs so we need to take action quickly. two animals that i don't want to get extinked are pandas and tigers. SAVE THE ANIMALS! SAVE THE ANIMALS ! SAVE THE ANIMALS ! SAVE THE ANIMALS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moo may, WA | (none)
Hi everyone, do you think that we need to help the endangered animals around the world ? Well, i do !!!!!! SAVE THE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE THE ANMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE ACTION NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moo may, WA | (none)
hi everyone i love otters .

Turtles luva!, CA | (none)
Heyy. Ya'll, i love the turtles and wanna save them, so get off your but and help...PLEASE!....for the turtles sake! :( And dont forget the panda's...they r awsome!

sky, MA | (none)
HI MY REAL NAME IS ASHLEY if yu want to help save the animals start raising money.Also do a project to get people to understand whats going on.Then probly people will start helping you save the animals.The first animals you should help are the really endangerd animals like the Caloforina condor.

mikayla, OH | (none)
no animal deserves do die so stop killing them. It is not fair. they have feelings just like us :(

charaney, BC | (none)
endangered animals i hope we can save them

kitty, CA | (none)
I love big cats. I can't believe some tigers are even extinct! If the world really did care we could save all the endangered speiceis. EVEN THE PLANTS!!! thanks for the tips on saving the endangered

Pumagirl, WI | (none)
I know a lot about pumas and I can tell you that it's a miracle there are 2 pumas in my state because they've been extinct there so long! If any Wisconsin adults are reading this, please do not shoot these pumas! If you shoot them, the Western and Southern pumas will be the only pumas and there aren't a lot of them! And if you shoot them a lot, they'll be like their subspecies, extinct! Their subsecies was just an experiment called a pumapard! If they end up like an EXPERIMENT that means you really did the wrong thing!

Melinda and Wilson, OH | (none)
We had mysterious animals eating at our plants we grew last summer.We put cages there to catch them.The animal person put a skunk and a possum to sleep.The two cats,five raccoons, three possums, and the squirrel were freed by us.I never thought this would happen!How cool is that?

Natalie, CA | (none)
Isn't it sad how if animals are held captive, they are safe but not free. If they are in the wild, they are free, but not safe. There is the danger of poachers and preditors and their habitats being destroyed. STOP ANIMAL POACHING! STOP TAKING ANIMALS HABITATS AWAY! DON'T WASTE PAPER FOR IT MAY HAVE BEEN AN ANIMALS HOME! JUST REMEMBER THAT. I am only 11, but I really want to help these poor animals. How can people be so cruel?

bekah, NY | (none)
I'm doing a report on endangered animals

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
Hey everybody its me again and i'm really happy that lots of people want to get involved and help wild animals, all kinds. Carolyn i'm happy your in fith grade good job! good thinking about theemailing thing i actually have one! Anilmalcrazy your doing a good thing spreading the word around and the only thing i have to say is keep it going! use your pirde and dont let anyone tell you who you are or what you can or can't do!the same words to you Valentina good luck with the boys, some just care too much about there hair- trust me.LOL! Melannie and Rain fire Shadow clan i absolutly love you enthuithiasime and effort ( thanx for metioning me though!). i also that i can find a site that will help me send word to a place where adults do not see kids as to not understanding and not knowing! just because were young doesn't mean we can't have a shot at this! i hope that somehow someway some great way, we can express our selves and change the world so easily.this very message board is willing to change alot of peoples thinking and ways if they just read it.if some one, someone that matters and will care to l;isten long enough and without interupting, i'm sure we help the world and all of our beloved animals! as for me this is one site that i will always return to no matter how long!!!!!! LONG LIVE WOLVES!!!!!!!!! well as for me, i'm gouing to look up some more sites about animals and ways to save them- all animals . but as of right now, some way- we HAVE to save animals or else- who will? LONG LIVE ANIMALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s.- thats really cool Animalcrazy!!

Ellie, CA | (none)
I dont know who is reading this but i want to help save animals!!!!

charlie, | (none)
how can we stop endangered animals and plats

Julie, CA | (none)

naana, | (none)
those poor animals!!!! wat could we do to help and protect them?

naana, | (none)
those poor animals!!!! wat could we do to help and protect them?

jacobie, PA | (none)
stop killing them how you like it if they had wepons?

TAYLER, FL | (none)

Maia, | (none)
Red Pandas are adorable I LOVE them!! I can't believe there endangered.

Maia, NH | (none)
Hi everybody I'm Maia me and my mom research Yellow Spotted Land Salamanders every spring. There really cute it's sad their endangered. But it makes me feel better to know that my mom and I are working to save them.

joshua, CA | (none)
we should put a stop, to killing endangered animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheyenne, TX | (none)
Why do people have to poch endangered or not endangered animals? What did they ever do to us? I don't know what an 11 year old can do, seriously! All animals deserve to live their own life without being captured and killed, to be sold. If I ever meet a pocher i'm going to try and throw him in jail.

Jake, MH | (none)
i'm in the 10th grade and doing a a vrey determend,detail persuasive essay on why hunting is wrong and should be bannd.I'm doing this for my advaced class on literatuer so if you could please get back to me I only have three weeks to finish thank you. Sincerly, Jake P. Rodney

onominous, UT | (none)
I want to know if by disecting frogs, its hurting their species.

ihssan, IL | (none)
i love animals!!!!!!!!!!

tayyaba, NC | (none)
what animals have been extinct because of human beings killing the same species.

not-telling-name, NY | (none)
Hi people I'm in 5th grade and we really gotta help these animals! all I have to say is pick up litter (even though its majorly gross) so animals won't eat it. Don't litter. research an animal in ur state thats endangered and learn about it's habitat. make a spot in ur back yard appropriate for the animal. it mite come to ur back yard. also it mite breed so b careful and don't touch the babies.

alex, AK | (none)
this is soooo long!!!!!

Olivia, NH | (none)
I like so love pumas/ mountain lions! Aren't they so awesome? Too bad they're endangered. I wish some of us kids could help somehow.

Olivia, NH | (none)
Hey, isn't it awful that pandas are going extinct? I mean seriously, we keep cutting down bamboo trees (which is their only source of food) and they don't reproduce very fast so it's like so not fair! Poor pandas...

Yumi, MI | (none)
If you want to help the animals, do what I'm doing. Anytime you can, make a s. Do a project. Get people to understand what's going on. Then, once you have enough support, start a fund. If the government realizes just how much we care, we really can make a difference. I mean, seriously, who could sit there and kill a cute little Red Panda?! I'm only 17, but I WILL make a difference!

billy, NY | (none)
Hey guys Saw a real cool nature show called reptile chronicles, check out there web site it is awsome, and real cool. check it out reptiles rule

Shania, NF | (none)
Hi my name is shania i am doing a projct on the newfoundland pony and i am trying to figure out how can we stop the newfoundland pony from becoming extinct????Can someone please help me out on this one????

criss, FL | (none)
how can we help?

Valentina, FL | (none)
Me and my friends are sooooo into saving the enviroment we started a club.We want alot of people but boys insist on doing nothing.It drives me mad!I'm watching a program about a sick guy who eats poor little frogs!Why must the world be so cruel?

Chloe, MD | (none)
What are some endangered animals?

Ciara, FL | (none)
Endangered animals shouldn't exsits people shouldnt be killing animals for coats and stuff there are lots of stuff out there that dont need to be made out of animals :)

sally, MI | (none)
how are animals getting extinct

Mackenzee, PA | (none)
I am sick of people killing marine animals!!!!! If kids ever want to be marine biologists,like me,need some marine animals to work with.Do something about it or I will tell everyone I know that loves animals to sue this website and the people who make animals endangered.

Ariel, GA | (none)
if anyone finds a way to help these poor animals, please send something back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
hi again!!!!!! its me Wolfgirl! and tes i still love wolves!!!!!!!! hey did any one find a way to help animals? if you did please help! got to go!

Niki, AL | (none)
I almost cry when I see trees cut down. Most of all the bamboo trees. I love pandas. they look so cuddlely and cute that I want to go to china!

Asia, CA | (none)
what do you know about chinchillas?

Melannie, WI | (none)
I love endangered animals so much that some of my favorite animals are endangered. My favorite animal is a puma and it's one of the most endangered creatures :-(`. They don't use pumas in coats because the fur is a dull tawny color after they're 3 months old. But the pioneers ate the meat and ranchers shoot them when they find livestock to eat. I don't blame those poor, poor creatures. I blame the ranchers; they move into puma territory and say the pumas were trespassing in theirs. Please tell me what you think of poor little pumas and if you have the same feeling for them, we can be friends. P.S. I hope puma lovers are out there somewhere. We need room in our hearts for these beasts. Everyone's convinced about saving the chimps instead! !:o

ozzie, | (none)
we're the ones who are doing this to the animals! i'm from oz, Australia and we are trying to do our part in helping the environment. Even little things around the house can help. Change to energy efficient lightbulbs and throw your trash in the bin. reduce, reuse, recycle. plant a tree on national tree day and have fun cleanups in the park with prizes for the one with the most recycled items. These are just ideas, think of more! remember we can all do our part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jesse, MO | (none)
i love animals

ryan, NY | (none)
i luv sharks

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
hi every one!! i haven't been on in a long time i'm sorry!but hey maybe this Message board is a way to help animals instead of talking about them...

Wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
Carolyn is right... we all need to protect animals...i mean they were here before us humans!!!! we need to take care of them!!! they are the last wild things that we have in this time!!!!! the questions are Carolyn how are a bunch of kids soopused to do such a huge ( and i mean HUGE) thing...i mean i know what to do but i don't know how to do it! i'm only 12 years old!!!! may be i'll look up on how to save them...but i cant do it on my own... i'm gonna need alot and i mean alot! of help!!!! if some one can find a way can you PLEASE tell me???!!?!??!!?!?! i'm gonna need help!!

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
Hi every1! I think that every1 should go green!

Briley, AL | (none)

Rashyia, KY | (none)
please stop hurting these endangered species! do you even know what it feels like to not have our animals around!

Animal Crazy, CA | (none)
HI!!! :-D here r some facts on animals MOST people dont know!!! -Panthers r really black leopards, if you look REALLY close you can see black spots -LIGERS r a cross between a MALE lion and a FEMALE tiger -TIGONS r a cross between a FEMALE lion and a MALE tiger well...if this helped anyone thats good! if you learned something new thats great!! :-D use it to your advantage, tell people about like family and friends. oh, and anyone who whats to help animals, make stuff and sell it, or have a fundraiser and then donate at least half of the money you make to an organization that helps an animal YOU love!!

stevie, CA | (none)
is a shark considered endagered or is it just certain types of sharks? thanks for the info, stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
to Gina of PA, don't worry, scientists are working right now on how to brng back excinct animals. YAY!

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
hi every1! i just wanted to say(i know this might be a little harsh!) I HATE people who hate CUTE INNOCENT ANIMALS!!! if any animal is bothering you just think to yourself...hey, we're the ones who moved into THEIR territory, so its NOT their fault if their hungry and hurt our pets. trust me, i have lost many cats to coyotes and i still LOVE them! and all animals! do you really want your kids and grandkids to sufer from OUR mistakes?!? look online to find out ways YOUR family can help stop global warming and yes it is caused by humans! and the reason it effects us if polar bears go extinct is... if they die out the fish population will go up, next it will increase the amount of predadors that eat them, now some of those predadors are not eaten by anything else and they will end up killing off all of the animals they eat and then they will die out, SO it effects us!! p.s.Carolyn NJ, how old r u?!?

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
I think that everyone here is right! We cant live without ALL of these animals...even racoons. I think if anyone is concerned about disecting frogs or squids or whatever you should talk to your teacher about doing it online! If you want to help save a rainforest one way is to not eat fastfood. i know it sounds silly, but when fastfood places need more cows for their hamburgers they cut down trees in rainforests, have their cows eat all of the grass in that area, and then they open up a new fastfood place... :-( I for one think it is very sad!!

Gina, TX | (none)
Panda bears are buetiful creatures and deserve a chance at life. Everyone can help if we can find a way to save forests in china and parts of asia then the panda bear will paecfully. like it did over 100 years ago.

arfa, WA | (none)
Hi, everyone! My messages is that I really like to watch eek world cartoons because its fun and I'm learning new vocbulary words.

connor, OH | (none)
I found a prayingmantis i didnt know anything about it like if it could be poiseness or can be endangerd.

lalita, CA | (none)
i want to find a cheap class that has to do with taking care of animals.

iris, CA | (none)
hello how are you

Gina, PA | (none)
Please help indangered animals they need your help you are their last hope before becoming extinct you can make a difference.

CAROLYN, NJ | (none)
SAVE THE ANIMALS! ok evry1 my name carolynand i loveeeeee wombats!evry1 hate wombats cuz they goin on 2 their property and burrowing in their yard. but its not the wombats fault. it actually the people fault. people are ruining their habitat so where do they go? where there is space which is in people backyard. so then the people get reallly mad and start whacking them and killing them on purpose! we need to make them a habitat for them to live in. please help me a 10 year old girl in fourth grade save the wombats. o yea there are only 150 wombats left! if u put up posters saying to save the wombats u could b saveing a cute little wombats life. PLEASE HELP ME SAVE THE WOMBATS!

carolyn, NJ | (none)

carolyn, NJ | (none)
ok people we r just kids tryin 2 do a big thing but if we all make a club of 1 endangered animal we like we can put up posters, we can even talk to our parents and ask them to help. wolfgirl u and more people who love wolves can make a club and put up posters thay say to save the wolves

carolyn, NJ | (none)
I LOVE ANIMALS!!!evry1 that read this please put up postrs of your favrite endangered animal of your state and say to stop hurting them. mayb even start a club to stop hurting endangred animals

Cheyenne, NC | (none)

jessica, AS | (none)
I kill the bad animals like rats!

beauty, FL | (none)
how can we save them? the world would not be complete without these animals...

darcy, HI | (none)
im doing a recerch project on koala bears and it would really help if i knew what laws were put down to save them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily, ON | (none)
Hi, my name is Emily, though you can call me Lyra or Rain. I think the world really needs to do something about endangered animals. How can anyone kill such beautiful, elegant, proud creatures like tigers, wolves, or snow leopards? How can anyone LIVE with themselves after being so cruel? To kill something so beautiful, just for money or 'sport'? What is wrong with the world that we've come to this? If I walked around killing people, I'd be called a cruel, inhuman murderer. So why is it not that way with the people who kill animals? They go to jail or pay a fine, but do they really get stopped? Animals may not discuss things like the theory of relativity, but they have thought, feelings, and the right to live. I'm sorry for the speech, I just feel that it's so WRONG to kill animals.

kymberley, FL | (none)
Plz every1 care for our animals so that they dont go insitnct

Wolfey, NJ | (none)
save the wolves!!

Alexis, IN | (none)

Courtney, AB | (none)
I feel soooooo bad for endangered animals... How can we save them? We need to help the poor things.

Chelsesea, HI | (none)
Can i adopt all of the polar bears in the worl i dont want the ice captuals to melt and then they wont have any were t live ...x please help luv chelseaaa x xx

Kaytidee, AZ | (none)
are dolphins endangered?

animal lover, NE | (none)
I luv animals and will do do any thing to save the animals that are going exstinct I luv animals like I siad but not dead ones

Christina, CT | (none)
How may I save blue whales? They rock my world, and I'd really LOVE to help them out a little, if you know what I mean?

Jessica, WI | (none)
i really dont want wolves to become extint or endangerd and definately koalas. help both of them!!

Samantha, CA | (none)
I'm doing a book report on a Black Footed Ferret and they NEED to SURVIVE.

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