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technology and invention


cocob, | (none)
did u guys know that someone invented a soccer ball, that when u kick it the power u use goes into the ball and is used 4 electricity! u plug it into a socket and its like electricity! :0 at least i think thats what it is. LOL ;0

tehgan, ON | (none)
lightning is made out of electricity!

Diadoodle, TX | (none)
Reading through the message board I found someone called dextercath96 (how do you ever remember that?) wanted solar powered experiments or ideas. I experiment with that myself and though I am sure you've tried this before but put it under a lamp and see if it still works. Or maybe have you tried plugging it into a CD player through the headphone plug-in and set it under the light and see if it gives enough power to start it. I wouldn't do it regularly because it probably is not good for the plug in. Hope I gave you something interesting. Observe what happened and post it.

Doodlebugdia, TX | (none)
When I was seven my uncle gave me some little wires and parts that were useless on there own and let me mess with them. I got a CD player when I turned eight and I plugged my buzzer and a few other wires into the headphone plug . This was to make my battery powered buzzer louder. Instead it picked up radio waves and I was able to change the channels by moving the buzzer It was my first invention..

vivek, MX | (none)
keeping lines broader

Joseph, MI | (none)
You know, on average 70% of the electricity that leaves the power plant doesn't reach your house.It's lost while traveling through the power lines. That's why were trying to make our power grids smarter and more efficient at distributing and sending electricity to places.In other words were making "Smart Grids".

the doctor, IL | (none)
what if you could attract lighting to one point in a storm then channel it into powerful batteries ?

lyt, AZ | (none)
can anybody help me find a project

paige, ID | (none)
save electricity

Che'z, OH | (none)
do you think that constant lightning could run a whole city ?

CAT, | (none)

Kevin, UT | (none)
I'm answering questions sooooo....ini....usually it goes underground from house to house or buildings.....Keila...it was invented when the universe was made...but Ben Franklin ...Sydney was right... DISCOVERED it in about 1752....but many civilizations WAY before have written observations on static electricity. Nile...i am not sure but i know this will sort of...how long does light run? hint hint.

Sagely , AR | (none)
If you have a aircondioner if you find the temp youwant and go two degrees up you'll save energy . A energy saving idea!

ini, MN | (none)
how does electricity get around from building to building?

dextercath96, | (none)
I used Solar Power Generator as my source of electricity. Can I know your ideas about it?

Michel, IL | (none)
Brinley, they make electricity by spinning a coil of wire inside a magnet, or vice versa.

Sydney, MN | (none)
Acutally, Electricity was not invented. It was discovered, and then harnessed to do work like make your computer run!

Brinley, PA | (none)
How did they make electrcity?

Keila, NC | (none)
when was electricity even invented?

Dee, HI | (none)
I was wondering, if I use candle light night time, would it make much of a difference in saving energy? and would the candle cost more than using electric light at night?

rebecca, IN | (none)
i am doing a project on computers and i need help finding info about computers from the 1800s.

Telephone Wire, MD | (none)
Andressa, there are some books that have those sort of experiments. Batteries are acidic, so be cautious when experimenting with them. With the battery, you can power basically anything that runs on batteries. There are simple robot kits that come with batteries, but you can substitute your own if it's the right type. I reccommend trying a AA battery first since it's the most common.

Telephone Wire, MD | (none)
Jamaz, surprisingly, Thomas Edison was pretty much an F student. His Mother took him out of school and homeschooled him. He got the love of science and electricity from his Mother, and later went on to invent the lightbulb by tinkering with smalll filiment in a glass bulb. The lightbulb was invented in the late 1800s (Use 19th century)

Telephone Wire, MD | (none)
BYE, put the switch next to the light bulb in a circuit and flip it to the on marking. Make sure the power source can provide the power, have it go through the circuit, and have the power come back to the power source to form a complete, closed circuit.

Telephone Wire, MD | (none)
Use the switch in conjunction, parallel or perpendicular with the batteries or source of power. A research tool, Megan, could be Snap Circuits Junior (about 100 different and easyelectricity experiments.) Make sure the circuit is closed so that power can go from the power source, through the circuit and back to the battery

Nile, GA | (none)
how long does electricity run?

anonymous#2, MN | (none)
TO TONJA in IN.electricity was never invented. it has always exsisted. so you are probbly wondering what year that people DISCOVERED and put electriity to work.

D-Dammy, IL | (none)
Electricity is not what we can use to play bcos some of our scientist that have died just bcos of finding good things to useelectricity for the next generation that we are enjoying now in our different countries,but we the new generation must knowhow to use it well if u ever travel to Africa just to spend a month or e.t.c.u will see what I am talking about no light and no strong eletricity like the one we are enjoying here in Overseas.THANKS.

tonya, IN | (none)
what year was electricity invented

eric, OH | (none)
does anyone know anything about hydro and/or solar power?

dharmik 13 solar car, TN | (none)
Why don't people use solar powered cars with batteries that charge during the day for night use????

MEAGAN, CT | (none)
I am doing a science project on electricity and experiment with the battery and light bulb. I am looking for expert information to share in my report. Anyone who has done such project and would like to share with me some research tools I can use is greatly appreciated. thanks Meagan

Sophie, MO | (none)
At our science fair there was a machine that made your hair stand straight up. It could even make one of those long light tubes turn on without being plugged in. How does it do that?

princess, PA | (none)
what is the history of the light bulb?

Leah, MI | (none)
I did that last year I forget how we used the switch, though.

Jamaz, SC | (none)
I really likeelectricity and I chooseelectricity for my homework assignment and now I writing on the computer and really likeelectricity and how did Thomas Edison made a big light bulb? Was he good in scince?

Claudia, MO | (none)
Caitlin from HI, you can go to www.ask.com and you can ask what year electricity was invented. I think it was invented in the 1800's

sydney, MI | (none)
why do computers need cords?

Zachary, GA | (none)
Did you know that thomas edison invented the light bulb?

Aaron, NC | (none)
I will answer Noah's question. I made a small generator out of card board, ultra thin wires, 4 magnets, a nail, and a tiny light bulb. if you look it up you can find it. i did it for a school science project.

kirubel, IL | (none)
I am going to try to invent a huge ball that can do anything you want. Just say it, and you got it.

baru, OH | (none)
why are jackhammers air-powered

guidz, HI | (none)
how to manipulate the electric meter to steal electricity?

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