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Egg In A Bottle

blessing, MO | (none)
i really need some cool ideas for my 5th grade project,can you help?

erica, | (none)
how long it takes?

Diamond, MD | (none)
I think put pillow stuff in there then let the eggg drop.Idid that before I didnt here crack.

claire, NJ | (none)
i need to come up with a topic for my science fair project. any ideas?

BRITTA, MI | (none)
I love it

marquise, NY | (none)
I've tried the expermient, but my eggs break everytime they fall in the bottle? Any reason why? I've already used 7 eggs? What kind of bottle works best?

Maria, AK | (none)
I like this. The egg fell in the bottle!

melisa , KY | (none)
it was so cool i tryed 3 times befor i got it right then came in seconed in my schools since fair lms all day

toine , ME | (none)
when you guys did your project did it come out well

sam, TX | (none)
hahaha i got it right!!!!!

Brittney, AR | (none)
My result was the that the air outside the bottle pushed the egg into the bottle too!!!

marina, TN | (none)
the flame in the bottle heated the air inside the bottle then some of the air went out of the bottle then the air cooled down then the pressure decreases so the air outside the bottle pushes the egg into the bottle.

Cindy, NY | (none)
My result is that the air in the room pushes the egg in. This was my science project topic, so I know. Also, my brother said that the air pressure outside of the bottle PUSHES the egg in the bottle.

William, NC | (none)
What happend with my(egg in bottle) is the air in the bottle pulled the egg in. This is why.The air in the bottle was hotter than the air outside witch made the egg get smaller.

Sonia, AZ | (none)
We tried to the first time and it didn't work then when we tried it the second time the egg slpped into the bottle.

Lena, KS | (none)
After the matches went out the egg droped in.

Ashlie, KS | (none)
i managed to get five eggs in

Kayleigh, CA | (none)
It worked great. I put the egg on top of the bottle and it got sucked it like magic - scientific magic!

David, TX | (none)
the correct answer is that gravity pulls the egg in

Lizzy, GA | (none)
The experiment was so cool! The egg got sucked in!

Anna, KS | (none)
The air inside the bottle pulls the egg into the bottle.

Katie, MN | (none)
It was sooo cool! We had to pick an experiment to do infront of our 6th grade science class, and I did this one! Everyone loved it!

paige, NY | (none)
I tried it and it really worked. It was so cool watching the egg just drop to the bottom of the bottle. I told all my friends about it and they tried it to. Thanks dragonfly TV.

Zoey, MN | (none)
We put a shelled egg on top of the bottle put some newspaper in and lighted it on fire, and it really sucked the egg into the bottle. I don't think this will be my last project it was fun

V, MD | (none)
the earths gravity pulls the egg in and there is no air in the bottle and there is air outside the bottle.

star, NM | (none)
how would u do your egg in a bottle for a sciece project and how would u know the results all together tell me?

Robert, OK | (none)
i think that the air inside the bottle heated up and expanded and some of the air inside the bottle escaped and the air pressure outside the bottle pushed the egg in. It did not pull the egg in, it pushed the egg in.

Nolee, NC | (none)
I was right the air in the bottle pull's the egg in because it get's so hot in the bottle!

Aksa Susan Babu, NY | (none)
air in the bottle pulled the egg in

celin, | (none)
i did this in dragonfly tv looking it was wonderful.the egg went inside it

gabrielle, AZ | (none)
this is a great ex. i really like it

Staci, GA | (none)
i know this answer because i learned that in 6 grade in science

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