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SuperSciGirl, NC | (none)
RESPONSE TO: Bryce , AK | Eco-Friends I love recycling!!...REALY send me something if you LOVE recycling! Yes Bryce I love to recycle!!!! How old are you? I am 11 and 1 half. are you interested in helping endangered speces become less endangered? I sure am!!!!! ---SuperSciGirl

Ashley, NV | (none)

Mel, MN | (none)
How can we make our own herbicide?

Emily, MO | (none)
I shutdown the computers in our classroom at the end of the day. Did you know that's saving like 2 hours of energy because the custodians usually turn them off.

Jakira, NY | (none)
i reuse paper

Bryce , AK | (none)
I love recycling!!...REALY send me something if you LOVE recycling!

Amberlie, DE | (none)
Hi people!

Niki, TN | (none)
We all made the mess ; I'm glad we're cleaning it up!!!!!!!

kirsi, RI | (none)
love the program!!!

Nicolas, TX | (none)
I am staying after school and cleaning out. It is hard to clean out.We have to pull these weeds and get a net handle to get this green stuff out.can thier be a esay way to get it out?

katie, FL | (none)
how do you find eco world?

Kelly, | (none)
I need a project for science fair any ideas?

dominique, GA | (none)

ashley, FL | (none)
how do you find eco world

calvin, MO | (none)
hi all

Bella, OR | (none)
Me and my friends started a recycling club and we re-use everything there

kylee, UT | (none)
recycling is importnant for the earth everyone should recycle reuse restore recycle.

Joss, NC | (none)
All the property around my house is a wildlife preserve because I protect it by making sure there is no trash and by not using harmful chemicals inside or outside our house. The creatures on our property are safe and healthy.

norm, CA | (none)
save the enviroment by recycling!

april, CA | (none)
People should never litter because it's bad for the enviorment. A lot of people litter and people who don't litter decide to help clean our enviorment. So everyone should recycle and be a very big help. I helped my friends pick up cans, bottles,and even paper.And we recycled all of it we even got paid. So please help our enviorment because we can be heros who save the enviorment!

ravidi, CA | (none)
all dinosaurs are gone but exept for one this dinosaur is a bird.am i right.

gi-gi, IA | (none)
People should never, ever litter. Its bad for the enviorment. I helped my friend clean the whole school park in the summer once. It was realy, realy fun. You should always clean, almost every place on earth that you go.And you could go to disneychannel.com/ friendsforcange.com to help save the enviorment also. Just try.

Lizzieeeeee, FL | (none)
(i live in the uk) Okaii here is my theory global warming happening cause of pollution and stuff but if we all move to mars we could actually survive if first create a bigger atmosphere the plant plants creating oxygen we could live on Mars!

bobbi, MN | (none)
i recycle cans and newspapers, but i always think its not enough. only if everyone would recycle. if you turn of your lights when your done being in a room soon we wouldn't have a energy crisis going on our hands. people if we don't start being eco-friendly we will not have a planet to live on.

khyla, NY | (none)
It is bad to litter everywhere. If you litter on water sea creatures are gonna die. Please dont litter everywhere

erin, MI | (none)
iIbeen helping other peppole with carring helping other pepole looking for lost animals and care for them................love erin

erin, MI | (none)
not tomany peppoles are nice what shold do????? and nothing is gorwing at my house me and my familyis trying o

emily, KS | (none)
i think its wrong and a bad habbit that people litter

Katelyn, GA | (none)
i think people litter because they are mad.

Katherine, MA | (none)
Go to Eeko World and the greens. They show you tons of ways to be an Eco-Friend. You could ride a bike or walk. You could use a glass cup rather than a foam cup. Use both sides of paper. Turn of the computer, lights, water, radio, TV, and your laptop when no one is using it or not in the room. There are the three R's. They are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Joey, | (none)
I would like to know if anyone had any good solutions to the problems with biodiesel. please respond quickly, i don't have much time!

Leila, PR | (none)
In Puerto Rico, sometimes people are not very eco-friendly. So, what I've been doing this summer is just going to the beach with my Dad and picking up trash so that it does not end up in the sea. It's an exhausting job, but very rewarding. I also pick up around my neighborhood and my dad recycles our used cans and bottles. We also collect our neighbors' cans, bottles, and newpapers to recycle. It's very rewarding to know that all that work that you are doing is helping the planet you live in!

Elizabeth, NJ | (none)
What I am doing to help the enviorment is recycling any bottles that I see around, old newspaper, and just junk paper. I am on a swim team and every morning we have practice, so instead of my mom driving me and my brother there and back we walk to my house or bike.I think the enviorment is the must important thing on planet earth and us humans need to learn how to take care of it the right way so we and generations to come can live on it.

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