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Seychelle , NY | (none)
Dolphins are very cute

dorothy, FL | (none)
I love dolphins because they are so cute and smart and really loveing.the most dolphin is winter the dolphin!!!!!.

hailey, TX | (none)
i love dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tasmine, NB | (none)
Tnhkas for sharing. What a pleasure to read!

paige, ID | (none)
hey you dudes did you know that dolphins eat sharks

dolphingirl, WI | (none)
I love dolphins!!!!!!!!!I dont know if some people know that a dolphin is just a very small whale. Did you know that there are types of dolphin that are pink and there a lot of them!!!!!!!! DOLPHINS ARE AWESOME!!!!

lily, MD | (none)
hi and when i grow up i want to be a dolphin trainer so i need to know lots about dolphins so can you help me and go dolphins yay

Analisa, NM | (none)
i love dolphins because they are cute and funny to play with and they do a liot of tricks

dolphinlover, MO | (none)
dolphins are AWESOME! So I say I! I love dolphins!

armani, AL | (none)
dolphins are so cool i love them

maddi, UT | (none)
Dolphins are the most cool creatures they are most like humans in my point of view! I LOVE DOLPHINS!

Spohie123, CA | (none)
Yo dudes i love dolphins they rule they are cute and i love them i want one as my pet so we can be best m8s :)

Christy, MN | (none)
Did you know that common dolphins are not gray (those are bottle nose dolphins) they are blue with a little yellow stripe under the blue. The also have white bellies. ;)

max, HI | (none)
how fast is a cheetah

Lisa, NC | (none)
There are so many dolphins how do you tell them apart?

fea, OH | (none)
clams they eat clams that keep them healthy.

BffsRock009, | (none)
Shelby, KY Why don't you try saying what you just said about cats to a tiger see how far you get!

Lauren, FL | (none)
Evelyn, MO You are so right! Why can't grown-ups help out with all these animals proplems. It's like kids are the only people with sense! Kids are like "Mom and Dad, we should do something about animals suffering in the world" and then there like "Yes sure, Honey. But there are all those wild life groups out there I'm sure everthing is fine" Well it's not fine! Who ever thinks this is a good idea, say I. Why is life so unfair. :(

grayson, CA | (none)
i bet that there are some dolphans out there

rebecca, OK | (none)
did you know that dolphins are the niceest mammals in the world and that they are really smart too and that is why they are my favrite animal in the world and that they are so nice and i love dolphines and that is the end of my messag by

Emily, AB | (none)
i lov dolphins are they realy fridly

Brenda, NY | (none)
What kind of fish do dolphins eat?

teresa, CA | (none)
do you know all about dolphins.

Katie, PA | (none)
What does it take for a dolphin to love you??!

lani, IA | (none)
im doing a report on dolphins and there so interesting! i cant wait to look up some more!

dalia, IL | (none)

Jocelyn, IL | (none)
What do dolphin's eat

mattie, NC | (none)
i love dolphins because i think there cute. i would love to go swim with one. Both my aunts live in florida.

sarah, WV | (none)
Dolphins are loveing I love dolphins.

Nicole, MS | (none)
Can a dolphin be smater than a human???

kiana, AK | (none)
how much do dolphins weigh

orca girl, FL | (none)
orca is dolphin too so they are the greates of them all or course because of shamu

Cristina, CA | (none)
A pod of dolphins can kill a shark

Dolphins, ID | (none)
i love dolphns cause they are cute. I love you dolphins your the best . from mariah

vanessa, NJ | (none)
Look I luv dolphins and its sad the way there dieng because of careless people they wouldnt like it if we killed something they luv Parents say its okay 1 day youre here the next you arent but y cant we do something about this If pepole keep polluting and killing the species of 150 dolpfins will extinxct because of careless people us kids can make a diffrence so lets try and save the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON KIDS SAVE THE EARTH BY OUR SELVES

LIELLE, FL | (none)

TALLIE, NJ | (none)
Dolphins are so adorable. I would love to live near a beach and always visit them.

Evelyn, MO | (none)
O My gosh! ILOVEDOLPINS!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to be saved. Adults need to get their heads out of the clouds AND DO SOMETHING! I mean, they say ''Yeah honey, I know its sad but thats how life is.'' Life dosent have 2 be that way!!!!!! So, what im gettin @ her is, Do somthing. PLEASE!!

kacy, GA | (none)
i luv dolphins they are so cute , are they stronger than sharks

Rabia, NY | (none)
I LOVE DOLPHINSso much there my favourite animal there the best ever

Courtnie, LA | (none)
I love dolphins and if i ever had a chance to live with them i would be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plox, YT | (none)
i like to feel dolphins real nice cos they are cool and they have big flippers and go neigh

Travis, MI | (none)
What does dolphins hate alot?

moo may, WA | (none)
dolphins are amazing creatures. i love the way they do flips and do tricks in zoos and places. but i also think it is a bit cruell because the dolphins might not like it. but i must say they are amazing and very talanted

angel, | (none)
I love Dolphins and dont want them to daai

morgann and micheala, SD | (none)
i want to see a dolphin but where are they?

cameron, | (none)
dolphins are my favorite animals they are so cute!

Caroline, MO | (none)
do you think that if all mail and femail were group

Robyn, CA | (none)
When I went to Sea World, I fed the dolphins and petted then. They felt like rubber.

betsy, AZ | (none)
We HAVE to save the dolphins. They get caught in fishing nets and drown! I love them. Please help!

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
sang/kelly NY why do u hate dolphins? i not trying to change how u feel about them just wondering why

Rina, GA | (none)
my question is what part of the world do they come from?

rose, NY | (none)
dolphins are cute and funny.i wish i could feed a dolphin.dolphins rocks.when i touch a dolphin in the bronx, it feels like my soft blanket.but sometimes i like other animals.

Freddie, FL | (none)
I see Dolphins all the time in Tampa Bay, but i wont go in the water with them, they are wild animals, i see sharks alot too. Later

momo, TX | (none)
People from Japan kill around20,000 dolphins a year and that is so terrible

Marissa, AL | (none)
Do sharks live in The Gulf of Mexico

Dolphins fan, CA | (none)
I love Dolphins because they are so silky, bright, protective and beautiful. I was shocked to hear they can kill sharks. I want a dolphin pet now. They are so playful. I am surprised that people are so into dolphins. If they become endangered I will be a very good helper. I want to be afriend to most creatures following Steve Irwin. I love Missy Higgins. I would do anything to see a beautiful and talented DOLPHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niki, AL | (none)
I have a concert soon and i'm a DOLPHN !!!!!

Niki, AL | (none)
Dolphins rule! They should get more respect.

AnimalCrazy, CA | (none)
Shelby KY u probably didnt know this DOLPHINS R A TYPE OF WHALE!!!

savanah, VA | (none)
i want to know what we can do to save the dolphins.

isa, CA | (none)
dolphis are really cool thats my favorite animal

Melissa, TX | (none)
Dolphins are very smart!

cool girl, OR | (none)
dolphins are awsome because they are like so cool and shiny.

luke, | (none)
I wish i could have a dolphin in my swimming pool and it would be my best friend i love dolphins so much

ceira, ON | (none)
do you know that dolphin's eat up to 4%to 5% of their body weight per day,but a nursing mother may eat up to 8% per day,their hearing is GREAT!!!! they can hear 1 to 150 KHZ per second.

sandy, ON | (none)
dolphins are so cute and shiny! i have a question,how does dolphin milk taste like? Hope you write back!

aliyah, CA | (none)
dolphins are cute and funny when they splash water at u.when u are at sea world u can feed them and they eat raw fish and when u tuch them they feel like a nown cooked hot dog weenie hahahahahaha:] if u go to see world u would have a grate time. dolphins rule::::::::::::::::::::::}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

CHELSIE, | (none)
Dolphins are cute and I love Dolphins I wold like dolphins in my smmwing pool I relly Loves Dolphins and I relly like Dolphins a lots

dayna,nz, | (none)
dolphines dont derserve to be treated like thay are now.they derserve to be treated like other animals

layel, AZ | (none)
dolphins are so cool and shiny. one time i got to touch a dolphin and they are very SLIMY.

turtlefreak, TX | (none)
I don't like dolphins. Turtles rule!

DeAndra, CA | (none)
I love Pink dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins they are the best and they are so cute

chelsea, NY | (none)
i relly like dolphins they are so cute i relly want one in my back garden they are so butiful i relly love them

Capri, IL | (none)
The smartest animal to the least: Dolphins, Chimps, Cats, dogs, horses and all the rest

Shelby, KY | (none)
I have found out that Great white sharks can kill a pod of dolphins. Great whites can also kill orcas. Size dosn't matter! Great whites are equipped enough to take down a animal bigger than it! SHARKS AND DOLPHINS RULE! WHALES DROOL! Just like DOGS RULE CATS DROOL!

katie, NE | (none)
hi I love dolphins and I would do anything to see one

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