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Pyrinees, MO | (none)
I have 2 dogs. One is named Lone its a golden retriver. The other is a chocolate lab named Coco. Lone was given to us, Coco was found. one time lone and Coco gone missing, but luckily they found their way back! We used to have a cat named tiger, but he died. I love every animal, big or small!!!!

Annya, ME | (none)
GHOSTS ARE REAL!!! I say that because I am curious if design a dog is a sight where kids can create their own dogs. Love, Anna Fedgett (AKA Dog Chic) You Can Call Me: The Dog Lover Girl!!!!!

Zyah, AZ | (none)
How could any of this be better stated? It cludon't.

SuperSciGirl, NC | (none)
RESPONSE TO: Aya, OH | Design-a-Dog i love dogs so much that ...i want to draw them! Me 2 Aya i love animals especially dogs nd i love 2 draw dogs and other things. If you r someone reading this pleasr spread awareness of me because i am a woman who is trying 2 make kids feel good bout science

MARY, PA | (none)
Ok i am new to this part of the blog . I love dogs !!!!!!! I want to be a vet . dogs are amazing . I have a chiwawa . it is a boy and his name is buddy. hes 2 years old . i would like to make some friends on here ,so feel free to ask to be friends .

melany, FL | (none)
I love dogs soooooooo much and I hate cats I have a dog named rocky he likes to sleep alot hes a sleepy head but I just love him soooooooooo much dogs are sooo cool and cute

aya, OH | (none)
i love dogs so much that ...i want to draw them!

Allana, WI | (none)
My dog is a kind of weird mix, bull mastiff, great dane, and Staffordshirer terrier. just a little odd :)

chihuahua girl, NV | (none)
i want a chihuahua but i already have 1 cute kitten and my brother has 2 dogs

miya, IL | (none)
i love dogs

Amya, MI | (none)
I used to have a dog named saj they hade to put her down because after she hade her puppies a fuw weeks later she ate them. Do dogs get so hipper they eat there puppies? I was just wondering because they put her down before I was even born so now that they hade to put her down 8 years ago i`ve been very very very sad and every night i pray to god that know how much hipper she was i still love her and i will always have her in my heart and hands forever know madder what .It is sad to lose a dog that you love so much that you still wish you hade them with you every night i pray to god that Saj is all right .so now you know my sad story about my dog Saj every time i think of her i cry because i miss her and i always will .

doglover, WI | (none)
i really love dogs!!!!People can not design a dog unless it is with clothes and other supplies!!! But you can still breed dogs dogs are great animals!!!

izzy, MN | (none)
i have a dog named pippin and i play with him alot! and i was wandering if dragonfly tv could do a episode of when they

Lauren, OH | (none)
If I could breed/design a dog, I would make a Chihuahua Husky.

Parkie10, IN | (none)
I love dogs!!!!!!!!!!

leslie, FL | (none)
i used to have a dog named sasha she got lost.

micah, PA | (none)
dogs are amazing

micah, NY | (none)
how do i get to do design-a-dog

Bianca, WA | (none)
dogs dogs dogs they are so cute

Destini, OH | (none)
No, You can't make a dog, but you can breed them!

DEAUNDRA, FL | (none)

Boy45, | (none)
I am, however, convinced that peak resource extraction and utilization is a major problem. ,

Sky, ON | (none)
I love dogs soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much thye are sooooooo cool and I love them so much I'd love to meet all you dog lovers out there

jodi & Christina, OH | (none)
i think dogs are the cutest animals EVER. me and my best friend christina recently donated 65$ to the dog shelter. anyway, my dog would be a standard poodle (like mine), black, curly, fur with pink spots. except my dog doesn't have pink spots. my dog wouldlove me so much. and i would love her SO much i might even spoil her. Her name would be Lilly. i will continue to love dogs as my number one animal forever!!!!

annika, VA | (none)
Can I make a dog

Reiley, ID | (none)
I have a poodle named Georgie. She is so cute!!!I love her and let me describe her. Lets see she's white all over and she has a little bit of red hairs on her back,tail,and ears. She is about 3 Feet tall and is so sweet!! (strangers,um she'll bite your head off!!) FREEDMAN123

daisy, | (none)
daisy our world for be good i like to the it earth.

Amber, NY | (none)
Wolves are my favorite animal. I work at a wolf conservatory and my favorite horse is named Sapphire! She's sooooo cute!

alexandra, OH | (none)
if i designed a dog it would be a husky retriever

essence, MO | (none)
i just love those little cute dogs. when i grow up i would love to be vet for the sick and hungry ones.and then i am going to buy or adopt one. to bad i dont have one at the moment.any back to the subject. my dog would have a pink nose and thick black fur . my dog would not D.A.R.E run away from me.and so that concludes what my dog lookes like.BYE

Sophia, AK | (none)
i kind of like dogs my best best BFFL is Tara and she has a cute little shizu and his name is Max i think he's about 3 or 4 and my fave's dog is a German Shepherd and a fuzzy cute Golden Retriever pup i DO NOT like wrotwielers or however u spell it cause theirs a mean meany dog at that bread it can bite ur legs off!!i've gotten bitten when i was about 4 or 5 by it!!! and i had to go to the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it hert sooo much!!!!!but that's WAAAAAY behind me so i like dogs and my mom hates dogs ever since i don't care so i already said it u know o.k. did u know i live in Fairbanks,Alaska and we DO have all the stuff that u guys in the other states have so all u people and i just notist moo did u ust to live in Canada cause u spell color colour and that's how canadians spell it but don't get mad cause it was just a thought so don't get mad o.k. i wish i could get a dog but my mom says that i have to get a cat so that is all i have to say! *LOVE* Sophia :-) 0:)(angel) )))hug(((

Kelley, IA | (none)
this dog has a bunny tail,a pig nose,and dragon feet.

Angel, AR | (none)
you guys are c ool/

cristina, NY | (none)
endangered animals rulr dude

kacy, GA | (none)
i hate dogs i have bin bit by a dog i only like my nan's dog Yougi

stephanie, WV | (none)
Just the other day I found a puppy wandering around. I tried to find her home but no one claimed her. she was the sweetest dog ever. she was a lil' scared at first but I helped her out of a tight spot,then she took right to me. My mom said she would find her way back home, but, she's been here for quite a while and me and my friend have been feeding her. she looks to be a dashund crs german pinscher. I don't know who she belongs to but if they haven't found her by now they're not trying very hard. I hope she finds her home and yet I hope she dosen't so I can maybe just maybe keep her.

Julie & Jill, WV | (none)
remember us. we have had a big suprise in our family.our dog daisy had pups 1 brown female and 3 black males. NO! you don't get 1....or 2 or 3 or all of them.NO! no pups for you!

Sunnie, ME | (none)
I love animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T T, | (none)
I like Dog's do you? did you no that Dog's ned A Bath to?

chloe, AK | (none)
hi my name is chloe i love rat terrirs i have one named alex she is wite and brown how about you make that a topic

tia, TX | (none)
i have a dog that is mixed between a chihuahua and a peekenese dog i like to call him peekuaua

gracie, MA | (none)
I really think that yellow labs are awesome, and also greyhounds. I think if you cross them together they would make a grelab or a labgrey.

Diana, CA | (none)
My top 2 favorite breeds are Rotties and Dobermans...If u mix a male Rottweiler with a female doberman it should be called Rottmans, but if bred a male dobie with a female rottie it should be called dobeweilers!!!!

Emily, TX | (none)
What is design-a-dog?????

Jasmine, TN | (none)
pbs kids is a baby show

Julie & Jill, WV | (none)
We have a great dane crs black lab.she is strong,tough,and cute.she is black and her name is daisy.

spencer, WV | (none)
english mastiff/great dane. CUTE!

Taylar, MA | (none)
Learning helps our brains grow to be a balloon

stephanie, WV | (none)
a jack russell is so cute. if you crs it w/ a parson russell its even cuter.

taylor, CA | (none)
i m a big poodle lover but sometimes they can be a pain. my very first poodle ran away 3 years ago.

Melannie, WI | (none)
I'm just saying that for me, I'd like to design a cat. DragonflyTV, how about you make THAT for a topic?

Emma, CA | (none)
I have a dog that's a mix between a weiner dog and a chihuaua. Its called a Weechacha!

Kailey, NC | (none)
I want to breed a dalmation with a doberman pinchser. That gets a dobermatian or a doberdalmatianman or something else.

Olivia, IN | (none)
How do you get to play the game design-a-dog(if it is a game)

kathy, KY | (none)
I am looking for a Yorkie-Bichon, preferrably female, but will accept a little male. My own died 2 years ago at nearly 15 years of age.

Emily, OK | (none)
I have a dog named Georg.He is a half poodle and half sht-zu.I don'tknow if that's how youspell sht-zu.But he's a cute dog any way.

Lilian, NC | (none)
My dog is a colshanlab. It's the cross between a collie, a dacshund, and a labrador!

weimeraner crazy, | (none)
Hi, I'm from Australia, Have you ever heard of a weimerdoodle? They are a weimeraner crs pooodle! So cute! ps, weimeraner is a german dog

courtney, NJ | (none)
hey, i love my dog so much he is a bichon frise x poodle his name is muffin he is my life and to all those people who do not have a pet that you really want i am shore your day will come and when it does write back to me to tell me everthing i will want to hear

angie, WA | (none)
my friend had a zoodle. it was a shitzu poodle mix. he was so cute! he lookes like a smaller shitzu with super curley hair like a poodle.

Kirsten, TX | (none)
If I had a dog id want a dog who was a Labrador and a Poodle + i luv cats 2 100%!

Sarah, MO | (none)
Is a mix between a labrador and a poodle called a labradoodle or a labadoodle?

Helena, FL | (none)
I have a Chinese Shar-Pei.Chinese Shar-Pei history:Chinese shar-peis were used in china for guard dogs and they used them in the wars and now there are almost extinted!! (too lazy to fix extinted if it needs to be fixed) OOMMGG I cant belive that I have one.And my dogs name is precious and in human years she is 3 and then in dog years.........x.X oh she is 13.Well L8r (L8r stands for later)

Melanie, MD | (none)
Dear peple ii do have two dog Lizzie Abby

claire, NV | (none)
Hi I was woundering how you tell if a bearded dragon is a boy or girl?

Jojo, GA | (none)
I love dogs so much, and I'm gonna get one when I'm old enough, since my parents don't like pets. I'll get a dachshund, which is a weiner dog, And I HATE cats 100%.

Bryanna, MA | (none)
I dont have a dog,but when i move out of my house. Im going to get a dog.I love dogs.im might get a german shepard or a siberian huskey

zach, | (none)
my dog would be part boxer part doberman pinscher

Josie, OH | (none)
hey guys. I have 3 dogs 2 rabbits and 2 cats! One of my dogs is one and he is a Yorkie Bichon Frise' cross he is a designer dog called a Yorkchon!

Nia, TX | (none)
I love dogs ,but h.a.t.e cats the only reason I can't have is because of my mom.

Alex, RI | (none)
My dog is a greyhound lab mix.

kayla, FL | (none)
boxug might be strange looking dog. I would name it strange.Oh I love dogs

Emily, ON | (none)
I say, a Greyhound mixed with a Great Dane. So a super-fast, super-big, super-cute dog! It would be called, um, either a Great Hound or a Grey Dane.

Peppy, WI | (none)
My dog BAT (Batster) is a Jack-Chi and is the best little dog in the whole world he even sleep with us under the covers. He looks like a bat with his tall big ears.

Maximaxie, IN | (none)
I don't like dogs that much. If I had 1 it would be a poodle cross with a labrador.That would look so CUTE!

Collin, PA | (none)
i do not have a dog.i have a fish.

caraline, TX | (none)
I have 3 dogs ones name is scout he is the oldest he is 10 and in dogs years he is 100 ! My dogs name is Hondo he is 1 yaer old in dog years he is 11. My other dogs name is guny he is 2 yaers old and in dog years he is 20!!

katie, NE | (none)
I just luv german shepards they are so cute well its a germanshepard- wolf dog

Keni, MN | (none)
I want a Great Dane mixed with an Newfoundlander....That would be one GIANT dog...like a great Newdanelander!

Halee, IN | (none)
I think that if people keep putting gas in our river than the things that live and eat out of it will die!

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