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Crystal Strings

Logan, CA | (none)
One time, in class, we made crystals. I made one with black food coloring, but it came out purple!

shafeena, MA | (none)
I think that crystal strings are like sharp needles and they grow cool!!!!!!!

lily, NM | (none)
what is a crystal string?

izzythewhizy, UT | (none)
i never tryed it

julia, | (none)
what are crystal strings?

horsey, | (none)
I am doing a science fair please show me how to grow a cystals

brittany, NJ | (none)
it turns to like sharp needles

Nicole, MN | (none)
it was like cubes its cool

vakula, CT | (none)
Like sharp neddles.

Nikki, TX | (none)
I tried it and it was so kool! it came out in little cubes though but it was totally awesome!!

Tiny, NV | (none)
They were really fat and long. At first they were small then in 2 weeks they grew. They looked like it was 2 inches longer. It was really cool. :]

Karen, CA | (none)
whenme and my mom did this,a few weeks later it started to look like blue snow

priscila, CA | (none)
12% like cube45% like round bead10% like shaep needle

Jason, | (none)
NICE!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

Mariah, CA | (none)
Like sharp needles

orion, NM | (none)

Monica, MI | (none)
My results are it'sronud.

Abby, IA | (none)
This is really cool to watch it grow! It's so totally going to be my science project

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