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technology and invention


mameluk, AL | (none)
Hello, it really interesting, thanks pbskids.org

Timothy, PA | (none)
I have always loved computers they are great and dragon fly tv is awesome!!

Bebyheete, AL | (none)
I'm delighted to suggest that I am probably the most recent participant here and as i look forward to speaking together with all of you throughout here before long.

Joseph, MI | (none)
Hey Kevin, we don't have the technology to decipher the brain wave language. So, you can't just think something and the computer instantly find and/or understand it.The computer can only sense how much brain activity there is in different areas of the brain.

sophie, OH | (none)
i love computers

DIL, MD | (none)
What if there was a portable dishwasher

Emily, MO | (none)
Did you know their coming out with a PS4!

Tony, IA | (none)
I like making stop motion animation on my computer.

Joel, | (none)
How can I make an OS that is Better than Windows 7?

anthony, VA | (none)
Dear dragonflytv I got this riddle the riddle is how can you send a letter or email in space the anster to this is handy if you are in space

roro01, NC | (none)
Does ANYONE use this anymore? if so, can you help me? my profile, roro01 wont lod. It says: "The username and password you have given do not match any user.", and i KNOW i spelled it right, for i have been useing it for like 3 years!

miguel, NY | (none)
did john.f.kenaddy invent the computers?

cooltigers, WI | (none)
omg just because i am called cool tigers i really hope pandas do not go igstinct. people in some countreys are killing tigers for fun and for food and other stuff and that hurts me. Remember just because we are kids does not meen we can not help the endangered speicies!!! I am only nine years old!!!!!

Daniela, FL | (none)
Well you use computers to make video games, cartoon characters, and computer games. It is cool the do almost everything!

Isiah, NY | (none)
Hey,Chelsea.For your question's answer,Charles Babbage (1792-1871) is the first who made computers :) .

Jon, NY | (none)
did you know that apple was the first company to make computers? im a geek I want all of your computer problems! :)

Haley, CA | (none)
I want to be an inventor when I grow up because I am really into science and I just love science. I just think that would be cool! I have some ideas like an unmicrowave.

chelsea, GA | (none)
Who invented the computer?

Kevin, UT | (none)
Hey kenny....i think they even have mind games so that if you want an object on fire....the game programming will find your brainwaves and match it with a "thinking of the object on fire" brainwave....i think the Science Channel did a segment on it

dean, PA | (none)
thanks for answering me.

kenny, PR | (none)
hey every one this is my first messege so ill be quick you guys know about awsome computer games like mmorpg clasifide 3d games,well what if we could make a simpler simulation station like a visualisation helmet with ear phones and a mini screen then with wii technology using infared lazerz to track your motion like your head or your hands to create a belivebull feiling like your in the game , and you could connect to the game yousing a bluetooth connection on your computer and using a separated key board to enter command (if neccesary).

Kevin, UT | (none)
Well...dean in pa...its kinda hard to explain...first of all...a computer is REALLY stupid....all it really knows what to do is turn on ( I ) and off ( 0 )...so you press the power button and it sends the signal for the power supply to turn everything on...then the motherboard is in control...it sends data to the computer screen and tells like...what company its make from and other information about your computer...then it goes to a BIOS boot....whatever you put in the BIOS boot menu....will boot first...for example: first thing....CD..the first thing it wants to boot is from the CD...by default it usually boots from the hard drive...then either Windows, Mac, or your Unix, or whatever you have should boot up and all that fun stuff.......and all this is being processed by a processor...i have a Intel Pentium 4 processor...and memory...when a program runs...it will use some RAM to load up the program (RAM: Random-Access Memory)..so really its just bits of memory.......now for the hard drive....hard drives are usually a 4" x 6" hunk of metal (or it seems)...really it has a disk inside....and its faster that a CD-ROM...it keeps your files saved and other stuff....it will also contain your operating system (OS)'s system files....these are the files that the computer recognizes and runs the OS.....the motherboard.....this, what looks like to be it a giant chip....it has the processor (probably hidden by a fan in front trying to cool it off...as many other fans try to cool the whole computer...usually one for the hard drive and one in the back..anyway), memory chips (RAM) and it has the ports (found at the back of the computer tower...like Screen, Printer...or Parallel...mouse and keyboard all that stuff). CD-ROM...reads the disk sends information to the motherboard and to the OS....okay....one more thing...AGP and PCI connectors....i dont know much about AGP's but my video card is in there and you should know what that does...PCI i know has many purposes...it can manage network cards, video cards, and a lot more...... Well...there...I think I pretty much covered it.....feel free to ask about anything i missed

dean, PA | (none)
how do computers work?

Esther, NM | (none)
My father works as an inventor for computer security devices. One thousand millibite is one megibite.

Isaac, PA | (none)
I love computers

tony, IA | (none)
I think computers are really important now because they run everything from powerlines to security stuff

Kevin, UT | (none)
So uhh... I was looking though these the messages and I think I inherited my computer expertise from my dad. Anyway..... Yo "Friend", you get either HTML, JSP, WIKI, or other web languages and you make a file....you take that file and send it to a computer with full access of the internet. and Josh in Cali, a computer crashes when an error occurs on the system...for instance, Windows has a famous screen(the blue screen of death) when it crashes. and Devin, I recommend python and pygame for making games. Look them up. and Chance, Windows 7 is out too. and Anna, you can learn a bunch more programming languages (seriously there's a lot) The computer kid said it.....python is it. But I'm trying to make C# cross-platform as well but I think I need to start from the assembly code first.(lol)

Sierra, GA | (none)
Hey this is Sierra agin form the boady parts board and i wanted to tell you guys that if you slam a 6 inch laptop on wood it craks open and there was a green alco.It was cool!Try it.But it has to be a Dell becuase its cheaper to buy.But dont slam it on purpuse.The dell is only 300.So enjoy

saber, | (none)
computers are cool

saber, KS | (none)
computers rock

tyler gray, FL | (none)
hi everyone im back me tyler gray with some great news! i just invented this new harddrive that talks to you ! if you havent seen or purchesed it yet plz just type me a message on the message board here at envetion and technology and just go to computers.thnx everyone see ya later,and merry christmas to everyone who reads this message.and if you reach me now you will get a message.byeeeeeeeeeeee

Lauren, FL | (none)
Computers Rule! I love them you can play games and do all kinds of things! THANK COMPUTER NERDS!!!

Zac, CO | (none)
I am estatic! I am around other computer nerds(it's a compliment), and it is an okay site! WOOOOOT!!!

Scoom, BC | (none)
Computers can too make robots. My dad did it last year with a garden hose for an arm.

tyshanus, LA | (none)
what is an invention or improvement for a fifth grader,me,11 year old to make

LEO, CA | (none)
As I said in my last post,COMPUTERS CANNOT BE MADE INTO ROBOTS!!!!!!! Although, LEGO has developed tech called MINDSTORM, where you make a robot with a computer-like device in it. BYE BYE! LEO

mindy, MI | (none)
I thing that computers help you with your work and all kids should have one at their school. The school should have a class after school for kids to play on not the computers at the library because people don't have the money to get their kids a library card. Science is the subject that uses the computers the most in our school.

Harrison, OR | (none)
Dear Dragonfly TV and Twin Cities Public Television, Your web site for Dragonfly TV is fantastic. I try to come to your web site often. Hope you're doing well.

davidson, MA | (none)
computers can make robots.

wyatt, SK | (none)
computers are cool! '

Noah, MN | (none)
My computer is great!

Anna, FL | (none)
Guess what? I'm learning HTML!

Caroline, SC | (none)
I love making inventions and now that I found this website I am able to find more things either that I did also or they did.

oko, PA | (none)
computers are great! my computer runs on windows 98 and it works really weird!

Devin, IL | (none)
I want to make video games

Ilana, IL | (none)
I LOVE playing computer! Computers can do anything! You can play games, you can get information, and lots more. The computer is a great invention!

josh, CA | (none)
how does a computer crash

sydney, MI | (none)
i like to use computers

wilde, TX | (none)
think, what if computers could do it all..............

The Computer Kid, CA | (none)
Muhaimen, I completely disagree with you. People should never stop learning. ~~~ MomE, It depends on what Instant Messenger your daughter is using, but it probably is already saving the logs to a directory. Search the web for instructions for your daughter's messenger (AIM, WLM, Yahoo!, etc.). ~~~~ Jerry, You need to learn how to program, their are a variety of languages. These languages tell the computer how to work. I recommend Python, because it is cross-platfrom compaitable (Linux, XP, Vista, Mac, etc.). It is also very easy to learn and very extendable. To produce pure executables you will have to learn a compiled language such as C++. ~~~~ Madde, You create a website in a variety of ways. If your website is not meant to be interactive, you just need to learn HTML. Give it a Google. For more interaction use Javascript. If you wish to have a database and login mechanism for your site I would use PHP and MySQL. ~~~~ Carly, You need a host to put these HTML pages up on. Freewebs and Geocities aren't that great, but they are free. ~~~~

albert, NY | (none)
i am asking for the uses and applications of computer but i can't find it.i want a clear explanation regarding in my research.for example - computer as calculator,as microwave and many.pls give me now the information.

Chance, MD | (none)
A lot of people have been calling the new XP, well... ... the new XP. It's called Microsoft Windows Vista and yes It has been realeased.

Friend, GA | (none)
How do you make a site?

Capri, IL | (none)
I made five websites!!!

aliciab, NY | (none)
Computer's work a lot lol b

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