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Natalie, GA | (none)
Can you make an episode on the edison phonagraph and the sound recording process? Please include, how it was done, it's history and some fun facts! You might like it!

Ashley, NM | (none)
I live in a small town in Portales New Mexico! There is a small display of animals at the university. I have learned allot, especially from the show.

alyssa, MI | (none)
how do gravity affects planets?

Devin noe, AS | (none)

Ava, WV | (none)
I am 5 years old. We are growing are own bean plant. I like Dragonfly TV.

aidan, IL | (none)
do you make dragonflytv on tv

Connor, CO | (none)
wooo nanobots

cocob, | (none)
How do you keep Weebles alive? I had two once, and sinse i cant do it again! :( HELP!

noah b, GA | (none)
how do you send mail on pbs

lilkaly, MX | (none)
omg Raymon you got an acount to i didnt now that how you ben doin?How old are you now?

Buy oem software online, AS | (none)
xzmeMy Yeah !... life is like riding a bicycle. You will not fall unless you stop pedaling!!....

Cheap oem software, PR | (none)
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Dante , NY | (none)
I love the episode about forensic science used to solve a crime at a birthday party.

pashIllissuts, AL | (none)
Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

pashIllissuts, AL | (none)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.

pashIllissuts, AL | (none)
Do not quite understand what is at stake.

pashIllissuts, AL | (none)
I think you're wrong. I'm sure. I can prove it.

lesqa, MX | (none)
what do you do

Chadwick, AL | (none)
I'm here to say hello to everyone. Have a good day.

CowChow, NJ | (none)
I've only played the dog breeding game, so far, but I love, love, love genetics. Any game suggestions?

zahra, OK | (none)

rtyecript, AL | (none)
I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

SuperSciGirl, NC | (none)
Amazing Site and I love your show 2!!!

Josephina, AL | (none)
Glad to meet every personone here. Have a nice day.

kran-rf.ru, AL | (none)
This is the second entry I read tonight. And I am on my third. Got to think which one is next. Thank you.

trevor, VA | (none)
i love weebits.

Raymone, IL | (none)
i like the game:mechanical madness

Polly, OK | (none)
Great post with lots of ipmrotnat stuff.

MicScoowl, AL | (none)
I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

breriamep, AL | (none)
You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

lisa, ON | (none)
I'M going to make project

endornela, AL | (none)
You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

John, MN | (none)
I love dragonfly!

Ashley, NJ | (none)
Hi Dragonflytv, I've watched show & I really love the episode where the riddle is how do u weigh a whale? Dragonflytv, can u ask the scientist, is there another animal that has no bones like the octopus & the jellyfish, i think.

snnikkijamesk1, AL | (none)
Amazing web

boy bear, CA | (none)
make a video on bears pleeeeeez

Beth + Jasmin, MI | (none)
I (we) like books and we are awesome at reading! See, our school does something different then most schools. Instead of saying, "Read your book" it is "Read your A.R. book". Do you know what A.R. stands for? Of course, Accelerated Reader! (But we call it "Reading" instead.)

mp4 converter, AL | (none)
I think this was a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

Origin Porn TV, AL | (none)
lengthy and in depth article but full of useful information

Neibiaestanda, ME | (none)
You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

Dean, PA | (none)
Hey guys,I am going to a GREEN convention center (Leed certified) for a "Handmade Arcade" craft show.

vachiliaFag, ME | (none)
You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.

twistiambk, AL | (none)
Hello. The interesting name of a site - pbskids.org, interesting this here is very good. I spent 3 hours searching in the network, until find your forum!

Ziseervifyisk, ME | (none)
You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

raven/mt. olive, GA | (none)
for all you future scientist, i will give you a grab bag that a scienctist have never figured. i want you to solve this hard answer that has never been covered for years. i want you to figure out.... can any planet stop orbiting or rotating,if so how?

raven, | (none)
i want to know how do you work a space ship

Registry Cleaner, AL | (none)
useful information. It's really good

Arabic Translation, AL | (none)
Great article . Will definitely copy it to my site.Thanks.

hearmofem, ME | (none)
Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

jaraine, | (none)
i love the games so mouch.

jaraine, | (none)
i love the games.

zeneth, NY | (none)
i have interst in science and the one thing i know is that as we talk about global warming its really very difficult forpeople to understand what global warming is we should not cut down trees save specsis and if we are still doing that be with meet with me in the court save earth!save earth!save earth!please save earth. im from india.

MothGertGog, AL | (none)
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government car auctions north dakota , AL | (none)
I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

jegreeliari, AL | (none)
Read the conclusions made, thank you.

Dean, PA | (none)
This year Robotics will rise.This year NASA will launch a robot to mars. That robot will test the soil of mars to see if we can live on mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harley Quinn, YT | (none)
Who knows who harley quinn is? ill give you a hint: she's from a comic book!

Ashley, NY | (none)
hi dragonflytv i wonder how did you get the name dragonflytv

Dean, PA | (none)
Hey,delayhia I sent you a friend message so if you want me to be my friend on PBS kids . My user name is eenh.

miguel, NY | (none)
i like the game:mechanical madness

Yza, FL | (none)
Hey people! If you have an upcoming science project(mine passed, but I'm getting ready for next year's), go to sciencebuddies.org! It has over 1,000 different science projects and best of all, the practically do the research part for you! If you want to just have fun, I really recommend the Dragonfly TV ideas, but if your a little too "grown up," I recommend you to sciencebuddies.org. K hope my advice helps! :]

nyshaae, MD | (none)
I want to know why dogs smell bad?

carly, NC | (none)
wow Dragonfly is cool an i love it.

cooltigers, WI | (none)
hi, you know how tigers are going igstinct. well i know how to save them all you have to do is collect money and send it somewhere where they are going to use it to save the endangered animals!just because does not meen you can not help! i am only nine and i am collecting money for the endangered animals!!!! dont be afraid to make a difference!

dean, PA | (none)
hey analogworld7 how are you doing?

dean, PA | (none)
hey analogworld7, pbskids is fun. join the g team on fetch. be my friend.

dean, PA | (none)
too bad I don't get Dragonfly TV in Pittsburgh.

Delayhia, LA | (none)
Whats up PBS kigs Go! My name is Delayhia and I need friends. My pbs kids Go name is Delayhia. Please ADD ME!

dean, PA | (none)
I watched a laser disc in science, it was about animals' neighbors.

demi, NC | (none)
dear how ever why have you not put Megan on the message board i am just dieing to read so please please please read it or maybe put it on here please please they said it would be to 3 / 5 days oh love the show love

Cassidy, DE | (none)
all the are cool wink wink ;.

Bob Hairstyles, AL | (none)
What is in this number?

Black Hairstyles, AL | (none)
Hey! I think if these things all the time for example if you but land do you own it all hte way to the core of the Earth? If a turtle doesnt have a shell is it naked or homeless?Why is bread square but most sandwich meat round? I liked your site it gave me some more things to think about!

Smiley, | (none)
i luv ta show! lolololololo,lololololol gtg

Remington, AL | (none)
nice stuff here, very very nice

TravelingTommy, AL | (none)
Pretty cool vibe we have going here, keep it going =]

Yza, FL | (none)
skutery...i luv u already! LOL :]

dean, PA | (none)
I love science.

analogworld7, AL | (none)
Hey I'm new here. pbskids.org looks great.

isabella, UT | (none)
i love you my favorit website you bring me happyniss to your own website do you love just to commet about enything find me are commet me back if you have enything to ask me ok

Taraindence, AL | (none)
Hello i'm fresh to this. I stumbled upon this board I have found It absolutely helpful & it has helped me out tons. I hope to contribute and assist other people like it has helped me. Thanks, Catch You Around

mbt fuaba, AL | (none)
great experience, dude! thanks for this great Articles wow... it's very wonderful report.

Amendyelere, AL | (none)
first time to here, test post only ,thank you first time to here, test post only ,thank you

Weariadek, AL | (none)
hi all my best world !!!

HeinizeSeat, AL | (none)
Hiya Everybody, I am not new to your website but I decided now was as great as time as any to say hello, so.. well hello :)

comparelcdtv, AL | (none)
I find this forum just now.Just say hello to everyone.:D

lgovertherange.scott, AL | (none)
Hi, I am scott.This is my first .lol..:D

twebster2, NY | (none)
I enjoy your show

skutery, AL | (none)
Why is it that humans can move their eyes in opposite directions toward the nose, but not away from the nose?

Jungundapap, AL | (none)
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kaitlyn, TX | (none)
how does vinegar react with backing soda wierd

DeviShantix, | (none)
i love this site so cool . Im from philippines all the shows for kids are so addictive to watch like ARTHUR.

igirlpower, PA | (none)
scigirls rocks! think you'll do something on prairie dogs? iTwixie.com did a few things on prairie dogs and it was uber cool

Online Degree, AL | (none)
What benefit is there to toasting bread instead of just eating it untoasted? If there is no benefit, how much electric energy is wasted on toasting in the U.S. of A., do you think?

ms, WY | (none)
whats the most popular sport in 4th 5th and 6th grade?

Taylor , NJ | (none)
you people are alsome!

quandraran, CA | (none)
i love this show bu know im to old for it

distance education, AL | (none)
Thank you for this valuable post. It changed my approximation

Tristan, CT | (none)
What time is it on???

Tifffurcide, AL | (none)
I'm just dropping in to say hello and introduce myself! Im a computer nerd that found this forum and hope to become an active member soon! So if you happen to have and computer questions feel free to ask. Otherwise see you all on the boards.

flupleexeri, AL | (none)
Hi! Hard to believe its 2010 heh? Big plans for this new year? Laters... Cheryl S.

kelsie, IA | (none)
i can not fined dots macshine

skylar, TN | (none)
I created a new course on nanobots ,and I just LOVE checking my game to see how many people have played it and what they have rated it. If you want to check it out,it is crafty dangerous slide 3. if you can figure out how , please rate it and tell me how you did it ! Thanks!

kimberly, DC | (none)
hey this projects are really cool i want to do this projects so bad.

bryanna, | (none)
my name is Bryanna. I like this place so much

fugeltunpo, | (none)
president didn slow ppm emissions new effects

jocelyn :), TX | (none)
wat a kool show com here every day

Summer, IA | (none)
I would really love if 'Dinosaur Train' came on at a more prime time. My boys are absolutely in love with it and they are in preschool during those hours. Thanks!

muchita, FL | (none)

Ethan, MS | (none)
I want to build robots and space probes.But I don't have the right materials to do that.Do you know the right materials?

VanadiumSteel, TX | (none)
Hey, Dina, I like Nova. It is so awesome because it covers great subjects, and it's very detailed. It also has music that reflects the emotion well. That's all I have to say. I don't mean to offend you, by the way, so don't worry about it.

Dina, IL | (none)
I love Super Why? It is just a great show! And I am 8. Do you? And other shows on there. And I love so much shows on PBS kids. You should look at all there shows. But I do not see the grab bag game so I can not play it. Love DISNEY! Do you? See you yall later. LOL

mobeen400, CA | (none)
i never can do the try this

Teralyn, CA | (none)
To griffin, Texas: There are 500 types of ladybugs in the USa. there are also 5000 worldwide. pretty cool huh? What kind of a garden are you making?

Caleb, FL | (none)
Nanobots is fun. You can make a bot, you can make a course, and it's just fun!

Keith, ON | (none)
I used to LOVE your show when I was 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But now I'm 8, and have more things to do.

griffin, TX | (none)
My family is going to have a garden and we need ladybugs. How many tipes of ladybugs live in the U.S.A.?

enigiah, DC | (none)
what other kind of havegames do you

kayla, BC | (none)
Can you do a episode on oceans?

Evan, PA | (none)
I don't get the games

seoelite, AL | (none)
Thank you. I read herelots of valuable sentences. Greetings from Poland.

Courtney, TN | (none)
I love the games on Dragon fly. Can you put new games.

trudog, AL | (none)
a cool game is ballloncher

Janine, IL | (none)
Hey, PBS kids, just wanted to say I am reviewing your website for a school project, and I really enjoyed it! You get 4 stars from me!

alan, GA | (none)
how did www.dragonfly.com get started

anonymous#2, MN | (none)
TO MICHELLE FROM MINNESOTA- there are many monthly magazines for kids, like Spider, Cicada, Highlights, and another zoo one about animals. i think that is what you meant. -fellow minnesoooootan

Nicki, IN | (none)
You guys give good lessons.

Tyler, MO | (none)
My family wanted to go on a vacation and shoot off fireworks what are some of the chemicals in fireworks?

logan, WA | (none)
my fave game is noobatube i dot, really visit it very much but i still love and like that game bye

bob, AS | (none)
you guys are the best when it come to science

Vanessa, MN | (none)
I love science, especially psychology, biology, and experimental biology. I recently ran an experiment called, Attention, to try to find a relationship between cognitive performance as measured through a Stroop Color-Word test and physical activity. I found a positive relationship between the two. After the physical activity, which was an exercise obstacle course, 68% of the third graders improved their test scores and 76% of the 6th graders improved their test scores. I also discovered two more potential ideas; after physical activity subjects will have faster cognitive performance and eating brekafast improves cognitive performance. I qualified for the MN State Science Fair and I am currently applying for an international competion. I got the idea for my project form PBS Kid's Dragon Fly TV Show!

jANE, CA | (none)

forest, IN | (none)
HI, my name is forest and I love your shows and sience

karmen, CT | (none)
yeah science is cool i luv experimenting

Megan, MI | (none)
I love science but I'm not very good at it.

Jessie, AB | (none)
I saw your show once but then it did not come again on my tv! i am mountin time and i live in edmonton i watched DFTV once and i really liked it so can you help me solve my problem

unica, CA | (none)
Do anyone know how to get on dragonfly tv?

Laura, VA | (none)
you have the best show in the world!p.s science

ashlee, NH | (none)
hi i love the lava lamp thing i make them all the tikme it is a lot of fun

Teneille, GA | (none)
I love DFTV I watch every show never missed one even the same ones LOL YOU ROCK

kyle, TN | (none)
I have been with dragonfly tv for six years.And I still love it

Michelle, MN | (none)
Does anyone know if there is a monthly magazine that can be mailed to child?

shyonia, NC | (none)
my name is shyonia what is yours

julie, CA | (none)
you should make user accounts

Lauren, ON | (none)
Thanks for all that you do DFTV you rock !!! you inspire alot of kids to go out and do somting instead of being a couch potato, I enjoy doing your expirements and ideas, please make more !!! Thanks alot for all that you do! Lauren,

Michael, MI | (none)

Ani, MA | (none)
What is a simple machine?

Kelly, WI | (none)
i think ur show is kewl.[thats how i write cool for a wierd reason] u guys have great things on ur show. ur show is on i can't miss it! see ya!!!:-)

Kelly, WI | (none)
I really think your show is fun, but I think you should includ things for kids my age.

Valerie, AB | (none)
I'm love this great website. Many thanks guy

Ben, IL | (none)
foer some reason i never catch your show on :( i want to watch it but i do not know when it is on lol

Helene, AB | (none)
You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!b

Ana, AB | (none)
Very good web site, great work and thank you for your service.

Chris, AB | (none)
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!0

dean, PA | (none)
i like pbskids.com.

JLG, CA | (none)
Ilike your web site espeshily the games.. do you think thare should be more.

Kirsten, TX | (none)
I Luv ur web site + the games i used to love to watch ur show but know i never wake up in time to see it .Sorry i cant watch it.Thanx and Good Nite

zach, OH | (none)
I did the lava lamp expirement and it was really cool!! :)

zahira, PA | (none)
I hope all you kids out there get a good education just like im going to!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!

Sydney, MN | (none)
DFTV: i love your show, even though i do not get it at my house. i used to, but i wish that i still did. i really lkike that episode about the skijumpers and differant flight styles, becasue i love to skijump. that is all. i would watch you everkyday if it came in here.

Melissa, WI | (none)
I happened to catch a clip of the show today and saw a tidbit of the motorized bird feeder that prevented squirrels from using it. Did they say how to build it or where you can get it at?

Derek, NY | (none)
I'd love to invite you to visit the NY Hall of Science -- they have a great Science Playground and alot of activities!

Jamie, TX | (none)
I like ur web! It rocks! See ya l8er

Amiee, NY | (none)
Hey, My whole family are science freaks exept me! I need any 1s help Should i A) pretend i like science B) tell my family i dont like science or C) dont pretend and dont like but fail on my science fair and anything eles to do with science?? Thanks so much if you help me out th

diego, FL | (none)
how many days does it take to go to mars

jordan, AL | (none)
can ahorse crush your foot by stepping on it???

SJP, OH | (none)
I love this show and so does my mom!Thank you!

Adele, MB | (none)
Hey dFly after wacthing your gps show i decided to study trees this summer so far its is going well that is what i think your next show should be abotu bnot trees but rly cool polants!!!

anabelle, TX | (none)
hey guys! i think you are awesome, your website is also very helpful to me. i'll see ya next time i watch ya!

polarbearluvr, CA | (none)
What happened to the other beliefs board?

autumn, OH | (none)
i watch Dragon Fly TV when i am notdoing experiments.

Jessie, AB | (none)
i olny like 2 of your games weebits and dog breeding you should have more games like the 2 i have told you before. Thanks hope you listen Jessie:)

ellen, NY | (none)
I think you should have a daily qoute and have a contest for the best descriptions of it. The kids can describe it!Kinda like the neopets Caption Contest!

Mella, AB | (none)
I like your site because it's very interesting!

Annbelle, | (none)
I like how you guys do the science project's.

Gemma, AB | (none)
Your website has been very helpfull to me

tatiyona, NJ | (none)
i just wanted to say hi

julia, HI | (none)
did you see the new episode about lava flows in hawaii?

grace, NC | (none)
Dear Dragon fly TV [or something] Ilove science and I have tons of questions sowrite me back Dragon fly's lol'

Shandice, AL | (none)
What is your favorite science page

pATRICK, MI | (none)
i like your show and can you scip your sho tomorow.

stephana, PA | (none)
why does ice cubes sometines stay at the bottom of your cup?

Jesse, CA | (none)
I need to make a car that moves by itself without the use of gravity, electricity, or a person pushing or pulling it. I've tried everything I could think of. Please help!

BEN/DAN, MN | (none)

wolfgirl, AZ | (none)
hey drangon fly guys or somthing this place is awsome! thax 4 inventing it!LOL!!!

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