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Color Roundup

Kairi, NF | (none)
svINi5 Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days struggling

w, AS | (none)
wow if go do its dark orange its black not 8 min

Alishah, | (none)
Thanks for the idea. From now on i will always come on this website. Thanks again.

kaylan, | (none)
was when you spin the color will itsmlooks very colorful.

Jenny, | (none)
I had a lot of fun doing this experiment, the different colors amised my view but overall the color i saw was black

Renee, | (none)
it looks so cool

kaley, WA | (none)
it was white! all the colors didn't show!

Taylor, MN | (none)
it spun and turned redish orange

alexis, FL | (none)
more people think it looks reddish

silece, OR | (none)
You cinduf see the randbow but it look's redish in some sort you trie it you'r self see wut it look's liek.

neo, | (none)
pink red blue

raven, | (none)
it is fun

anuj, | (none)

faiza, | (none)
When the colors of light get blurred together, the brain can't sort them out. Instead, the brain tells us we see white.

lilli, OR | (none)
it's pink

Noah, VA | (none)
At 22 percent it looks black 31 percent whitish 46 percent reddish, but how come it has all the colors of the rainbow?

Noah, MA | (none)
I'll make the circle 100 percent colour

sru, | (none)

Samara, VA | (none)
You are great!

aditya, MA | (none)
all of my colorsred blue yellow green purple orange white black pink brown indigo violet

Isabella, NJ | (none)
I think that reddish is the correct answer because 46 people voted for reddish

mahea, HI | (none)
i just looked at it for a minute or so and then i got it...

Alanna, ID | (none)

Jake, NJ | (none)
It looks red.

brandon, Fl | (none)

Michelle, TX | (none)

lonya, IL | (none)
i think it going to be dark orange

Alicia, FL | (none)
Theres more Red than blue, and 8% more blue than yellow.

torey, FL | (none)
the sky looks black.

olivia, FL | (none)
Are report is about this the sky is black.

Holly, FL | (none)
It looks reddish.

TDAUG, NY | (none)
Strangely mine looked more dark blue-black I did just like you said .What could have happened?

anthony, NC | (none)
22 it looks black30 it looks whitish47 it looks reddish

michael, | (none)
i thick taths cool

Alexander, PA | (none)
What are the colors?

Ghione, | (none)
i Fix a Light

autumn, | (none)
HI im autumn and I made a big bubile with bubilegum how

melissa, | (none)
we done this test at school but instead of useing string we spun it on a pencil and it turnd white.

ALEXANDRA, NY | (none)

lida, TX | (none)
water melons sometimes can be pink and when it's red it is sweet.do you like sweet or sour candy?

cole, TX | (none)

Damien, | (none)
I love this gamien

amanda, MA | (none)
i think its cool

sergio, CA | (none)
it looks colerflul.

asia, MN | (none)
hi try this when you bolle an egg and don't bolle the other whitch one spines longer

caitlin, NC | (none)

lauren, KY | (none)
it looks reddish

barbara, IL | (none)
47% reddish

richard, FL | (none)
it looks cool

Alex, OH | (none)
I Used the colors, of the light spectrum to make it aprear white. If you use the art spectrum, it will apear darker.

Eytravia, TX | (none)
I looks whitish to me so what do you think about it?

taylor, CA | (none)
mine looks blak because i put more daker colors

Roger, AR | (none)
its black

linnea, MN | (none)
it looks like a lot of colors going fast.

Yza, FL | (none)
When I spinned the color whel it turned the color white because white is actually made up of all the colors.

shivani, MS | (none)

vincent, MD | (none)
Because when all the colors of the rainbow mixes it turns white and that was my result.

theycha, PR | (none)
and how do you make robots if you do them

theycha, PR | (none)
how do you do siens

gabby, NY | (none)
This was a really cool experiment! when i looked at the colors they were kind of black. How b'out you?

Kaelan, MI | (none)
Howdo you make it?It is pretty.It is colerfull.Where do you make it?I like it.

Leah, TX | (none)
It spun really fast and turned white. It was SO cool!! I recommend using a piece of cardbord off of a box or something, thats already white. It's easier to see the colors. Thanks DFTV!

Lilian, NC | (none)
It looked lavender to me.

Krista, IL | (none)
When I first spun it, it didn't really work. After a couple times it really worked well! It look reddish.

Kevin, IL | (none)
It looks reddish

indigo, KS | (none)
it lookes witesh

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