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Chew that Gum

Fatyma, PR | (none)
Each stage of digestion ocucrs more easily with well chewed food. Chewing your food thoroughly allows time for the body to begin the process of digestion. This begins even before you put food in your mouth with increased saliva flow and the secretion of digestive enzymes. Chewing promotes secretion of the enzyme, amylase, and when the food passes into the stomach, well chewed food is more readily mixed in the stomach where more digestive juices and acid are secreted. The process is further completed in the small intestine where more enzymes and digestive juices from the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, are secreted and the majority of nutrient absorption ocucrs. Finally the colon is responsible primarily for resorption of water and removal of toxins. One should minimize the amount of fluid that you drink with your meal to prevent dilution of the essential digestive juices.

UnpanceKabwaw, AL | (none)
Awesome post it is really. We have been searching for this info.

#$$$#$##, AL | (none)
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John1709, AL | (none)
Very nice site!

immaltylodo, AL | (none)
Hi - I am certainly happy to discover this. cool job!

jaja, FL | (none)
i love gum its good

kennedy7895, MI | (none)
what do u do

angerlena, NY | (none)
how did you test the chew gum please tall me

Kylie, TX | (none)
wow I cant belive that acually worked! That was amazing!!!!!

John982, AL | (none)
Very nice site!

John1717, AL | (none)
Very nice site!

Raittelasia, AL | (none)
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LINDA, FL | (none)

Iuyo, AL | (none)
When did it i used no suger gum... it seemed to weigh hevier after five minutes but then i came to ten and i weight it again... it weight almost nothing...

BRIANNA, OH | (none)

kylie, OH | (none)
it is hevier because when you don't swallow the suger it will weigh more and all the suger comes back to the gum

grace, HI | (none)
my results went well like what you said in the pharagraph.

amanda, TN | (none)
there the same 2 me

Amy, OR | (none)
When I chewed my gum, it got lighter. It was an interesting outcome. I enjoyed the experiment because I like to chew gum!

alexis, FL | (none)
i weighed the sugarless gum and it weighed a whole lot more than the regular gum that i weighed

taite, FL | (none)
i chewed my gum and it felt a little hevier but not much hevier.

Marcus, MN | (none)
I had no change in the weghit exepct for 1/12 of an ounce!!

trevor, SD | (none)
his face goes in the cake.

kailyn, FL | (none)
i gopt it right

raneccia, MS | (none)
i thank your doing a great job

Chantal, ON | (none)
I tried full sugar bubble gum. I thought that the gum would be lighter because I would swallow the sugar. Before chewing, ti weighed 1/2 ounce. After chewing, it weighed 1/4 ounce.

ella, CT | (none)
I chewed gum it was heavy at first.Then I took it out of my mouth it was lighter!

Angelica, CO | (none)
I knew that it would weigh more than before it got chewed because it has saliva in it. Do you think i'am smart?! tell me!

milli, CA | (none)
this seems really cool to try. I might do this for my science fair project. it should get an A

Megan, | (none)
omg the results were amazing , like never before .. it went right before my eyes, like honostely i couldnt handle it !

wilcox, AZ | (none)
it was varey big

lana, | (none)
my results were amazing it turned ou so different than i thought it would!!!! koolio

lashaunda glover, SC | (none)
i don't et what i was think it would be

Daxter, CT | (none)
First, I tried sugar bubble gum. I thought that the gum would be heavier, because it has something regular doesn't....sugar,but it will get lighter when I consume the sugar. Before I chewed the gum it weighed 1/5 oz. After I chewed the gum it weighed 1/10!

BABA, | (none)

Dasha, WI | (none)
It did not work!!!!!!!

Sigi, NH | (none)
I thought the regular sugar gum would weigh more after chewing. Before chewing the 3 gum were 23 gram. After chewing, it weighed 15gm. I guess there were 8gm of sugar in the gum. That's a lot of sugar!!!

zachary, SD | (none)

Myesha, NC | (none)
I am going to try it for the science fair

Lakendra, | (none)
The gum gets heavier because of the salavia.

katelin, AL | (none)
the boy might of ate it

jazmine, AK | (none)
weigh more

Owenda, GA | (none)
the same I thought it would weigh more because ur saliva makes it heavier but it actully weighs less

Ashley, MS | (none)
My results for the full sugar before chewing it were 0.4 onces.My hypothesis was that the gum would be less since I would swollow the sugar.After I wieghed it the second time it wieghed less.

Ashley, MS | (none)
My results for the sugarless gum before I chewed it were 0.2 ozs.The results after I chewed it were 0.o ozs.

Taryn, OK | (none)
I looged on to dragonfly tv and judt picked one.

Andy, GA | (none)
I got the same weight.

juhad, NC | (none)
it wil grow more

casandra, IL | (none)
the gum weigh more becuase the saliva got all over it and after chewing it for a long timeit got hard and made it hard and heavy.

Myesha, IL | (none)
The gum got heavier when I kept on chewing. Then when I started to blow it, the gum was hard to blow because my jaws hurt!!!

JANIQUA, OK | (none)

fill, RI | (none)
I dropped mine on the ground out side and it became full of sand so it wayed more

Bob, CA | (none)
mine became gross and wet so my mom wouldn't let me put it on the scale.

Beverly, MA | (none)
when I chewed it it got a little bit heavier.

Marvin, GA | (none)
The gum was spitty so it weighed more.

emotionla, NY | (none)
thats koo dud

kiera, AL | (none)
it gets bigger!!!!so it needs to be hevyer

sean, | (none)
how to make sut fly. I love dftv so i whach every weeked. . . [-]

esmne, FL | (none)
an investigative question is a question that you can research and prove

Cynterria, GA | (none)
hi I see how you did it these is a fun thing to do.

jen, OH | (none)
Weigh less

jason, OH | (none)
i had the same weight

Me, FL | (none)

mariah, MN | (none)

adrianna, NY | (none)
I only chewed sugar free gum I thought that would way the same but after i chewed it for 5minutes it wayed less

vivica, VA | (none)
thats coooool

zayra, | (none)
when i was chewing gumiwight the same thing .sinserlyzayra

Kathryn, WI | (none)
At, first i chewed sugarless bubble gum and i thought it would weigh more, because i thought my siliva would put more weight onto the gum, but it accualy stayed the same. It weighed in at 1/4 ounce.

Cathy, UT | (none)
Ben you put the sugar it weighed about 1/2 ounce right and then you chewed it then it would get more hevier because when you chew it your spit gets in it and then you said it was 1/4 ounce so it will get more hevier.

BEN, MN | (none)

elizabeth, NC | (none)
My gum got heavyer as chewed it. that is what happend when i chewed my gum

Sequoia, PA | (none)
IDid it on my brother and he swollowed it.

azariah, IL | (none)
can you help me on a science project

rara, PA | (none)
when you chew the gum you add spit to it so it should get heiver

kendall, 5th grade, IL | (none)
the gum weighed heaver because it had all of my spit in it! And before i put it in my mouth it was well a dry piece of bubble gum!

HAILEY, IL | (none)

lily, GA | (none)
it got hever becaus the sliva got it it and made it hever but my dad thout it heve too!!!

victoria, NV | (none)
it felt hevey.

anicia, FL | (none)
it was heavyer

Sainty, NC | (none)
Sugar is a major ingredient n gum,and the chewing process allows the gum to dissolve in your saliva. When you swallow, the sugar goes down your throat.This makes the gum weigh less than what you started with. The little bit of saliva that mixes in with the chewed up gum adds only part of the weight back. So therefore and in conclusion, it weighed less

gabriel, AL | (none)
it was cool

Kate, WA | (none)
I thouht the gum would be lighter because I swallowed the sugar. But it was not!

emily, PA | (none)
wow it is cool hi hi hi hi hi

abra, | (none)
i gess it would weigh less. but at the end it weighed more .

vanessa, CA | (none)
When I chewed the gum it whas heaveir, because it was in a ball and when I blew it up it weighed less. I think because when you blow it up it weighs less like a baloon, and it has air so it weighs less.

jill, OH | (none)
it wieghs more because theres spit and slobber on it

jacqueline, UT | (none)
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nisha, GA | (none)
it is ways more because when you put it in your mouth it is thin as paper.but when you chew it for a couple of minutes it would put on more wieght .

denee, | (none)
how did it work. please tell

RYAN, TX | (none)

june, TX | (none)
myn way 1/5ounce it was cool I love pbs kids.

kaitlin, MS | (none)
it got smaller

Ckalah, HI | (none)
It was heavier because of the spit in it from my mouth

tyler, NY | (none)
well i thout that it was koll

Lucy, NY | (none)
I thought the sugarless gum would weigh heavy but it came

CANDIE, HI | (none)

joshua, CA | (none)
First when I weighed it was 1/3 ounces. Then after I chewed, and weighed it again it was 2/0 ounces.

benjamin, MN | (none)
i tried sugar gum and i thought that 1/3 pound and it was reality four of the gum were 100/oo gallons

makaila, MN | (none)
i blew it up and it popped all over my face it was hard to get it off

veldo, | (none)
i weighed more

ALEX, | (none)

brittany, FL | (none)
kool i might do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raven, MI | (none)
that is cool

abhinav, TX | (none)
first,i tried dubble bubbl,and it weighed more.

Yaritza, CA | (none)
Is Cool Because Its Heavier Because Of The Saliva.

Kristopher, CA | (none)
Before chewing, my gum weighed 15.0 grams. After 10 minutes it weighed 4.4 grams. It lost 10.6 grams. I then weighed 10.6 grams of sugar to see how much sugar was in the gum. YIKES! Maybe sugar free gum is a good option from now on.

diquan, IL | (none)
first the bubble pop

tanner, SD | (none)
it way less becaues of the air

cierra, FL | (none)
i chewed and chewed wayed it walla a less pounded piece of gum

pita, CA | (none)
when i tested the gum first it weighed 1/3then onces it was chewed it weight 1/4

Fields School, 4th-8th gr, OR | (none)
3/5 of our class hypothesized that the gum would weigh less, because it would lose it's sugar content. The other 2/5 predicted that it would wiegh more, due to the additon of the saliva. However, when we gathered our data, the results proved that the gum weighed less, after being chewed. Now we wonder if their would be a diffence, had we used sugar free gum?

Sophie, NY | (none)
The surgar free gum wieghed the least because there was no surgar in it. The gum with sugar in it still had sugar so it wieghed more. Thank you for listening to me! I love you all and have a good day!

alyssa, TX | (none)
My Gum weighted the same

natalie, FL | (none)
that when i didnt chew the gum,it weighed less,and when i chewed it it weighed more.

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