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cloe, TN | (none)
I used to have a cat named Stripes, but she died. We all her, but we got a new cat!!!, Reeva!!!!! We love her very much. I still miss Stripes, but Im happy we got Reeva!!!!!!.

UnpanceKabwaw, AL | (none)
Great Thank you...

Zabrina, SD | (none)
Whoa, tihngs just got a whole lot easier.

maria mladenovska, MH | (none)
hi everyone im doing this project for school for a science fair i choose how long does it take to train a animals i choose cats i have been watching your epasodes for more resherch and you give me an idea where to start ????

Dymnimmepsy, AL | (none)
I'm extremely pleased to of registered this forum and I look forward to speaking together with you in here before long.

Laura, MN | (none)
MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW (MEOW MOW MEOW ) MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOWMEOW MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!Just a message for all cats and cat whisperers out there. If you have translation tell me. Thanks! :)

#mikee19[XXXXFXTQXFXX], AL | (none)
Hi - I am definitely delighted to find this. cool job!

#harris29[TIAGCTGTVGIV], AL | (none)
Hey - I am certainly happy to discover this. Good job!

gabby, CA | (none)
i love cats

AshishFantwan, AL | (none)
Hi - I am really glad to discover this. cool job!

josh, OH | (none)
dogs chase cats!

maia, CO | (none)
big cats are cool! my 5 year old sister thinks they are scary I gess she has A point but why???????????????????? p,s,my favorite is the leopard

Margaret Eng the catlover, MA | (none)
Hi! I saw what tigerheart wrote and I think she is right! SAVE THE TIGERS! Hi tiger heart hope you saw my note. P.S Let's be pen pals on D.F T.V! My name is Margaret what's your name?

Margaret Eng the catlover, MA | (none)
I totaly love cats. Cats! Cats! I'm cat crazy! Did I mention I love cats? Well I do! Cats are my favorite animal in the whole galexy! Cats rule dogs drool! I'm the #1 cat fan. I'm the cat lover!

ajiah, NY | (none)
I love cats i have own named silise.

lizzie, | (none)
(this is an answer to Grase,OR)Not all cats are afaid of water!But i dont know for sure why they are afaird of water but some humans are afaird of water also so.....i guess its what they are like...like some human girl are scared of bugs so sorry if this didnt help!!!!!!!!

Grase, OR | (none)
Hey everyone! I had a question! Why do cats not like to get wet?

sarah, NC | (none)
i have 8 cats tiggie, duke, polene, boo boo, abbony, oshi, kittien and marly!!!

Daniela , FL | (none)
Hi.I love cats. I see cats where I live yellow cats, black cats,and gray and white cats. I wish I had a cat.

Isiah, NY | (none)
What's the love with dogs?I wish dogs and cats are equal love!I love cats.A cats tounge is cleaner than a dogs tounge.Its because dogs back then were always...in the dirt.Cats were in the sand.Sand was clean, dirt was dirty.So don't be licked by a dog,only a cat.Just for something.Almost every body in my faimly hates cats exepct me.But why???My 2 sises thinks that cats are ugly and filled with saliva.They also think that dogs are cuter.But there is only 2 hairless dog breeds.And there's only 1.So dogs and cats are ugly.Because they have hairless domestics.Nothing cute or ugly.Domestics are both the same hair,fur,or no hair/fur.Lets just be even.

catlover, WI | (none)
I Love Tigers!!

catlover, WI | (none)
hi again I have 2 cats. Their names are Tipper & Tigger. Tipper is gray and has 3 legs (we think she got her leg stuck in a trap).:( Tigger is white and black and FAT. I want a new cat!!!!! P.S. ILOVECATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catlover, WI | (none)
I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Cats rule dogs drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweedapieva, AL | (none)
hi everyone. just wanted to say hi nebie here.

Blurrehiphece, AL | (none)
hi, id like to say hi and wanted to start a new post because im a newbie looks like ill have some interesting topics..

Kimberlee, AB | (none)
Hey, it's me again! I just wanted to say that I have a cat now! Yay! Remember, always love your pets, no matter what! :)

julia, OH | (none)
cats are really cool!

Hannah , SC | (none)
i am reading the warrior series. i am on book power of three #4 eclipce. my favorite cat in the books is grey stripe!

Phoebe Kwok, PA | (none)
My favorite cat is a tiger.

Maddy Koury, TX | (none)
My favorite cat is a tiger.

Lauren, FL | (none)
Without dogs there would be no winter rescue dogs to save you when being burred in the snow! And without dogs, there would be no 'Man's Best Friend' I'm not saying that cats stink, but let's give both animals some love. :-)

elizabeth , IA | (none)
i want to read 8th grade book not little kids book

Kimberlee, AB | (none)
I love tigers so much. For all the tiger lovers, you can go online and adopt your own tiger! Well, you won't have it in your home. It will still be in the wilderness, but whatever happens, you'll always know it's yours!

Britney, TX | (none)
I have 4 cats, i have only one boy cat his name is Chunky, i have 3 girls, cali, cupcake, franchessa. I love them all!!

Vixenfur, IL | (none)
Warrior cats OWN. They are so awesome, and If you haven't read the warriors and you love cats, i highly suggest you read them. They are AWESOME!! I do agree cats are better then dogs, but I own 2 dogs and I want a cat REALLY BAD! My dogs are awesome! So I don't agree with dogs being useless, but I agree with cats being slightly cooler... hehe. My opinion! =3

Tigerheart, OH | (none)
I love tigers! It's so sad that they are endangered. SAVE THE TIGERS! SAVE THE TIGERS!

Alesi, MN | (none)
My cat is the greatest cat ever! Her name is Kali and she sometimes sleeps in the chair in my room! I LOVE MY CAT!!!!!!

CatLover, NC | (none)
A wildcat, the ocelot, is almost extinct. Pllease help!

Simmy, MA | (none)
I have a cat named Clementine who is 2. She is so adorable and I wanna get another cat!!!

Bell, MO | (none)
I have 5 cats. Only one is a girl and she is sassy. The boys wrestle on the living room floor and get hair everywhere.

amanda, | (none)

Sophia, AK | (none)
did any of u read my message?p.s.(like u Pumagirl)FELINES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and umm what? o.k. that ! is sopost to be with felines rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mackenzie, NJ | (none)
I have two cats named Lucky and Buster. Buster is black and white. Lucky is an orange tabby.I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH I WANT ANOTHER CAT ALREADY!!!!

kelsea, WI | (none)
cats are like the bomb. they are so cool and like times better then most dogs. my cats name is lucky and she is so cute she is 14 years old and i love her to death.

Sophia, AK | (none)
cats rule dogs (of corse) drule my mom said i could get a cat when my older (annoying) sister leaves i've already read the whole warriors series my fave is dawn although their are alot of ties for first like firestar i am still waiting for the new prophecy (like all of u) to come to Alaska and if u haven't read warriors than u need to!!!!!!!!!

Kirey, WI | (none)
i love cats to me they are like the best. my cat Lucky always knows when i am upset. so she wants me to cuddle with her and i tell her all my problems and since she can't talk she is a great listener.

Neomi, IL | (none)
i love my cat.!!! I love cats!!!

Lilly, OR | (none)
I love sites like this. I also recently found a cool site to share information about your cat or dog. Pets in general. I never knew there was such a procedure to bathing a cat. www.animalz.ning.com

jmaya, PA | (none)
i love pbs kids but i think you shuold put me in a new show that i madeup called dogs and cats and i want to put it on pbs kids

apple, CA | (none)
i have a black and white cat but i send it into a animal shelter....i am very envious of u,carley‚ CA :(

Justin, NC | (none)
I LOVE Cats!!!!Because the are calm,playful,charming and I have a cat named Aria.But sadly wonderful Kiri died.

Pumagirl, WI | (none)
I finally got a cat! She's a black-and-white medium hair named Claire. She is a total sweetie. She likes to jump up in closets and she's always purring. I love the Warriors series. I'm on Outcast (Book 3, Number 3) and I'm looking foreward to its sequal, Eclipse.

lindsey, OH | (none)
I have 5 cats

Capri, | (none)
Thanx animal crazy! Now I'm in the middle of Firestar's Quest, otherwise i finished all of them!! Am i caught up to you?

Bryanna, OR | (none)
I could not find a category that fit this fact but, Did you know that white tiger is not a breed, but a trait?

carley, CA | (none)
My cat's name is Rozeetta. She doesn't scratch,bite or hiss. She just likes to snuggle with me. I found her outside a daycare center when I was in daycare. She was just a kitten. I will never forget about her. I love Rozeetta.

Pinestar, | (none)
Warriors is a great series, ive read all

Pumagirl, WI | (none)
I do not have any cats but soon I am going to get a lot!!! FELINES RULE!!!

kathy, | (none)
I am new to the warrior seris please help. I am reading the feild guide and am reading firestar

Sony, CA | (none)
Please spay your cats and adopt from your local animal shelter!

CatCrazy, | (none)
I have cats and I luv them all!!!

julianne, MO | (none)
i have 2 cats emma and calie

moo may, WA | (none)

tiny 408, | (none)
wat would happen if da jaguar becomes extinct ?i mean lik wat wouldhappen to its habitat ?wat disadvantages does humans have?4 makin da jaguar extinct??????0_0?????

Caroline, CA | (none)
Cats are awesome! They are so pretty! Has anyone heard of lolcats? They are so cute! They are pictures of cats with a funny caption written in baby talk. They are adorable!

Elizabeth, MO | (none)
I have 4 cats Firecracker, Lazy, Sixlet, and Mama Kitty. I really liked them when they were kittens.

Neco, MO | (none)
Kathleen‚ AK, I love cats did you know that cats sleep.

Cloe, MO | (none)
Cats Rule!!!!

Julia, NH | (none)
I love cats and kittens they are the best

Beth, LA | (none)
What is a Bobcat.

Caroline, CA | (none)
Neither cats or dogs are better or smarter then each other. Maybe some dogs are more loyal than some cats or maybe some cats are smarter than some dogs. They are both good pets for different reasons.

Caroline, CA | (none)
We just had to take a stray cat to the SPCA today. She was really sweet but we just couldn't have another cat. We already have two cats. CATS RULE!!!

Leafpool, | (none)
Hi Silverstream! Bluestar is my fave too, always has been, lol!

cat luvver 101, NY | (none)
i luv cats thety rule they r awsome! i had 4 but 2 died and now i have 2 and i luv them!!

alex, MO | (none)
I have 3 cats and i'm the best with c

AG, CO | (none)
i love cats. i have a baby kitten named hunny

Arika, ID | (none)
I love Warrior cats!!!!!!!!! You can join my site at www.freewebs.com/warriorcats100/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silverstream, Riverclan, | (none)
Cats are really cool! i have two cats, one is 11 years old and the other is 1 1/2 the older one is orange and she's named Tigger. The younger5 one is black and she's named Fernanda. Theyre both girls and their really sweet. My favorite type of cat is the Russian blue. P.S Hey Leafpool! i like the warriorcat series two! they are the absolute best! my favorite character is... Bluestar becuase she is a blue color like my favorite breed of cat, the russian blue.

jordyn, NE | (none)

jamie, SC | (none)
I have a cat. My cat is a boy. his name is hushand.

isabella, AZ | (none)
why do cats sneazz

Olivia, FL | (none)
Hello There I have 2 kittens named Tinkerbelle and Roxxy I love cats so much. They are kittens and they are both black and white and very very very cute. I would also like to know more about cats. I love them. They are so cute. Do you have cats? I don't know my ones age but I dont care we let them in our lounge and they are ever so good. Never naughty. If you want to talk about cats to me then please send me a message. I love kittens and I would :) talk about them all day long.

haley, NY | (none)

haley, | (none)
i love ziggy,my 17 year old kittyCat!! I love dogs but cats R just as good! I am getting a goldendoodle in october

David, NY | (none)
Cats are cute.

Olivia, MA | (none)
Hi I have my own website which has a picture of my pets i will get more visit www.pet-lover.moonfruit.com and it is so cool. but i need more pictures on it. then it will be the best in the world enjoy olivia x

Emily, MB | (none)
Hey how are you guys.

greg, OH | (none)
actually ctas do drool. not in the dogs rule but cats actually drip saliva from their mouths when happy

nicole, | (none)
i love dolphins so much they are so cute and there awsome

Ema , | (none)
i have a cat.. a tabby one.. and a dog.. an ex racing greyhound..there both great.. but the dog does take a lot more time and patience..dogs are good for people who have the time and effort to put into caring for one.. and cats are for the lazier people who don't have time to look after a pet full time..my dog and cat don't get on..she scratched his nose today..the dogs like a toddler..the cat's like an old lady..depends what you preffer..

Magoo02, OH | (none)
I love cats! My mum had a cat and my friend has 2 or 3. I have a cat named Lily who loves going down the drain. Have any cat questions? Just ask me!

Emily E., NV | (none)
I love the Warriors series. I am only on the first book. It is soooooooo interesting. And my favorite cat is a Clouded Leopard.

Emily, NV | (none)
A clouded leopard can climb down a tree head first because there ankles roll backwards. You are so right Emily cats RULE!!!!

Morgan, TN | (none)
Capri you are like soooooooo wrong. Dogs and cats are both great. Dogs can help people alot more than cats can.

Emily, ON | (none)
Oh, and if you haven't read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, but love cats, do so immediately!^^

Emily, ON | (none)
Cats are the very image of the words 'grace', 'independance', 'elgance' and 'beauty'. Their every move, from a lazy stretch from a leap to amazing heights, is graceful. They may not be as affectionate as dogs, but they are wonderful creatures. And who can forget 'The cat who walked by himself'?

mentinia, AZ | (none)
I agree with you tottily!!!!!! Shelby KY, DOGS RULE CATS DROOL

Cheyenne, NC | (none)
I can not belive you,Dogs are loyal to the end...They cheer you up,calm you down,lower stress,get you to meet people on walks,lower blood presure,guide the blind,save peoples lifes,be peoples ears,cheer people up in hoispatals,warn people of seziures, I could go on and on but to me the most important thing to remember is they treat you how you treat them and sometimes better.Lola is a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel,that is my best friend.And if you ask me all the hard work for a dog is worth while when they cuddle up on there lap or lay by your side and look directly into your eyes and lick your face.To me Cats are the total ...Not doing hardly anything.I love dogs and like cats..I like cats but I love dogs..And you cant change anything about me or DOGS..So there...Go clean out your litter box for this one!

doglover, FL | (none)
cats are soooooooo mean. dogs rule!!!!!!!! cats drool. dog dog dog!!! cat

Maximaxie, IN | (none)
Delaney,MD, not all cats are intelligent. I have a cat and sometimes she acts a bit silly. But she can get herself out of trees AND out of the dark drain outside our house! CATS RULE! :) DOGS DROOL!:(

carey, MS | (none)
I LOVE cats sooooo much because..... they are so cuddly like a pillow!!!!!!!!

Mistifica, KY | (none)
I am happy to read all this succes: you deserve it completely. Proud to work with you in Boston, next june. Please, take all the good thoughts streaming from my heart to you...

crystal, PA | (none)
i don't have a favorite pet because there all great right now all i have is a turtle but when we move i might get dog and a cat!Thats why i am going to be a vet! i am always interesred in al living things its just great how you love something thats cute and cutely!

Morgan, TN | (none)
How can you tell if a stray cat is pregnant?

Capri, | (none)
I see cats doing back flips and I never saw a dog do one!!! I passed a whole nieberhood and half of it had cats on guard!!! Cats are SSSSOOOOO LOYAL! I even see cats chasing bears!!! Okay and what is your proof that dogs are smarter and better and cuter? The puppy face is all you got. For smarter? Nothing. For better? Fetch. Mans best friend. Cats have like 500,000!!!! I have this book called Cats Are Better Than Dogs! The cat post isn't for ripping furniture, it's to FIAL THE NAILS SO THEY WONT RIP UP YOUR FURNITURE!!!!

Shelby, KY | (none)

lori, LA | (none)
a cat can scratch a dogs nose and it'll run away like a whimp. Capri, IL you are soo right!!! CATS RULE!!!! dogs drool! Cats are way better than dogs!!!!!!

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