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Finley, NY | (none)
I like Bug's because they are fun and funny. My name is Finley I am 4 years old

Alley, NY | (none)
Me and my freind started a bug club.We try to find out as much as we can about bugs.I know two people who have allready started their own! Keep it spreadding, Alley

l432minute, | (none)
what kind of bug is this? It is green and brown and looks like a leaf, but it isn't a katydid. I already checked. This project is due Monday!!!!! Can anyone help me?

Lydia Grace, IL | (none)
Today I caught a Monarch butterfly for the very first time!!!!!!!!!!! It is the coolest thing I have ever caught! It is sooooo fun!

hailey, TX | (none)
bugs are cool but i would never touch one.

Lydia P, IL | (none)
Today I caught a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on my butterfly bush! I caught it on my first try with my butterfly net. I am going to release it soon. I am 6 six years old. I love it!

karoshi, PR | (none)
ill bugs are really gross

to*rr*ie, OH | (none)
my favorite bug is lighting bugs.i like them because they tickle your hand and its incredible to learn about its light.its hard to find at night because its wings are black, and dark red.i wonder how the lights made of?

hamsterheart, CA | (none)
I like bugs a lot.

Benjamin, MI | (none)
Oh hi again its me ben.oh I bet some of you are wondering what wolly worms eat. well some types like dandelion leaves. I'm sorry but I don't know about the other types.

Lydia, LA | (none)
I have seen something like Selena's...it is about 1 inch,yellow-white,and fuzzy.I saw it on a rottin wood pile and I think it was eating it.Any idea??? PS:Amanda,if it was furry looking,it could be a wooly bear/worm,but I'm not sure PPS:ana,everything needs food and water!!!

kenneth, OK | (none)
i saw anm insect or something that was almost ssee thru and it look like some kind of fairy is this real or my imagination?

Benjamin, MI | (none)
My first message! I had a mantis before and they are cool and they make good pets. But they only live a few months. But if you are wondering what they eat they eat other bugs. Even each other!

heidi, GA | (none)
what is the caterpillare eating my boston ferns...it is green with black bars

Jimmy, AL | (none)
Them fire ants drives me crazy!

samantha, NJ | (none)
hey.. I was watchin tv and saw a frog on my floor!i freaked out took it outside it sadly died but its black anyone know what kind he was??

Selena, WV | (none)
I found a large, yellow, fuzzy thing with wings at my mom's house. It was at least the size of an eyeball(It is not a moth or a butterfly, all it looks like is a piece of fuzz with wings).

Yesenia, TX | (none)

Yesenia, MX | (none)
Hey Dominic they can live for 10 days without it's head 'cause it not like a brain or nothing they just can't get water...BUGS!

Kate, KY | (none)
I have a pet stag beetle. does anyone know how to take care of it?

Ewwe!, FL | (none)
I saw what I think was a bug it was about and inch and a half long, grey and black striped and furry and took off screaming. Can you tell me what it was?

Danica, MN | (none)
Hi, Me and my dad just found a really strang worm that has spikes. Can any of you tell me what it is?

Alexandrea, FL | (none)
i love the pill bugs

Optigutilatic, AL | (none)
I would like to say whats up to everybody here. This is my 1st post here. It surely looks like the moderators involved with this place certainly are doing a stunning job. I just hope to learn about a good deal of info here and guide others all I can.

evakartjeme, AL | (none)
I would like to learn a lot of information here also I will help other members as much as I can.

Phoebe, PA | (none)
It is ok if a red and black caterpillar get's wet and what do they eat?

Gabby, OH | (none)
Is it ok if a red and black caterpillar get's wet and what do they eat?

tori, NE | (none)
what wold bugs do

Bug-thats what my friends, TX | (none)
BETH,what color is the baby catapillar?? __________________ Brooke, it will probably take ~atleast~ 4-6 weeks. __________________ Julia,again ~atleast~ 4-6 weeks __________________ Tayla-they eat other small insects-flys,gnats etc... __________________ Keyanna,give the frog small insects,catch them with a container w/a lid then place the frog in a wet,grassy/leafy container,then add the insect container in the frog container,and add a lid for about 4 min. then take the lid off. ps please-anybody if you catch an animal or bug or insect(there is a difference) please let it free... Thank You

Macy, TX | (none)
I saw a fuzzy white bug but when you touch it a tinny bit all the hair falls off and it (the bug) is very tiny. Do you know what it is?

Nelly, ND | (none)
what happends if you put a prymantise and a wasp together? Do they fight? Or What ?

Shannon, AR | (none)
catipillars need grass,leaves.and water.

Anna, MN | (none)
Hi Amanda,The bug you saw was probably a Box Elder. They are orange and black but could look Red and black.

Simmy, MA | (none)
Some bugs are o.k. but believe me, watch out for ticks!

rachel, ID | (none)
my puppy threw up a brown and black caterpillar...it made her sick....what kind is it. nits not furry..it about 1 inch..kinda looks like a round worm...help me..lol

Bell, MO | (none)
Amanda from IL we think your bug is a lady bug.

Ashley, UT | (none)
do black and orange catpillers grow to be a butterfly

Carley, MN | (none)
Amanda, IL: that red and black bug you found could be any number of things. It could be an asian beetle (looks like a ladybug) or a Bomabier beetle, or anything else. could you describe it a bit more?

Brooke, MS | (none)
My children found a big green worm, It made its cacoon about 2 days ago. Our question is how long will it stay in the cacoon?

Sophia, AK | (none)
i hate spiders to Katie and they DO freak ME out and i am sooooo glad i don't have to study insects any more and tayla praying manteses eat other bugs (i just read!)see!!!i am getting soooo crazy!!!lol and i REALLY DO like that i am not studying them we had mealworms and hissing cockroaches in our science room!!!!!and 1 died:(

Amanda, IL | (none)
i found this bug and it is red and black!!! but what is it?

Yvette, CA | (none)
I saw a bug about 5inches in length. it was a beige color and it had a big round or oval shaped stomach and then the rest of it was long, about 2-3 in width, with approx. 4-6 legs. I have never seen anything like it, ever! Does anyone know what it might be?

Ashlee, BC | (none)
one i found a catterpillar and i let it crawl on my hand it was soo cool

Gargi, NY | (none)
Do u know bugs have more protein than steak!

lizzie, MN | (none)
what kind food dragonfly eat

Gabby, IA | (none)
I found a caterpillar it is fusy and brown and I need to know what dose it eat?

averi, ND | (none)
what do red and black eat

sarah, NY | (none)
i found a orange,yellowy-white and black moth like thing on the side of my house in mastic beach suffolk county. what is it????? what does it eat???

Rylie, TX | (none)
What do small yellow catapillars eat?

Katie, WA | (none)
I hate spiders. I mean I won't run away and scream they just freak me out. (I will run away and scream if there BIG!!!!)

karina, AB | (none)
once i saw the cutest fuzzy caterpillar and he was so cute!!!!! a bee landed on my nose and i said that was NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!! just so you know bees are fuzzy and wasps are shiny.

shelby, MD | (none)
i found this little brown and black frog i have no clue what they eat and im going out of town and bringing him please write back some how

Kailey, FL | (none)
what kind of cattapiller is this? Brown with black spots....hee hee I burned it...lol

Cristian , MD | (none)
What do caterpillers eat?

Taylor, NE | (none)
Im at a friends house we found at catapiller and we were wouncering what should we feed it and what should we keep it please aswner me!!!!!!!!!

Julia, TX | (none)
How long does it take for a caoon to turn into a butterfly?

katie, IL | (none)
what do inc warm eat ?

geo4, MX | (none)
how do u get a catapila to have a baby?*********

Fern, | (none)
I need to know what type of cattarpillar this is.

cain, | (none)
What do lovebugs eat

ana, AS | (none)
do baby moths need water.

Payton, OK | (none)
how long does a caterpillar stay in a cacoon?

Will, | (none)
Hi there i am doing a project and i just need some information i was just wondering how long does a stag beetle stay in its cocoon for while metamorphosising

Zappy, KS | (none)
Where can you find caterpillars? And how can you make them survive love enough to be a butterfly? And what enviroment do grasshoppers need?

sabrina, CA | (none)
do catapillares have hair when there little?

Katy, MO | (none)
Does anyone know what kind of bug is a yellow and black flying bug

bETH, FL | (none)
i got this baby cattarpillar and it is not eating. Do baby catterpillars eat?

BUGS NO.1, HI | (none)
bugs are no.1!! i love ladybirds the most they are amazing, i love the noise their wings make. i also like grass hoppers i like the sounds their legs make. BUGS ROCK !!!! BUGS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!! BUGS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUGS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah, PA | (none)
Praying Mantises eat other bugs, when their little you should feed them flightless fruit flies, which you can buy at the pet store. When they get older the eat bigger bugs, like crickets. Its a good idea that if you cant take care of it anymore you should let it go. All caterpillars dont eat leaves, and even the ones that do eat different types of leaves.

Kelly, ON | (none)
How long does it take for a monarch caterpiller to become a monarch butterfly?

Caroline, CA | (none)
Has anyone seen a bug that has a really long neck, long antennae,striped body, a pair of wings, and a weird tail type thing? I saw one in my pool a couple of years ago. It might be a type of mayfly and it was really funny looking.

tayla, | (none)
what do praying manteses eat

Sophie, MO | (none)
I think bugs are cool. I found a big moth in my pool. It is light brown and bigger than any butterfly I have ever seen. Does anyone have any idea what kind of moth it could be?

nandy, | (none)
who likes bugs?

maan, AZ | (none)
i got a preyingmantas bout 6mm long. what do i feed him?

EMI, IL | (none)
How do you take care of baby praymantisis that I got at school.

Zac, TX | (none)
I know what all caterpilars eat. They all eat the same thing:LEAVES!

savannah, GA | (none)
i found this little yellow bug and fuzzy bug in my garden. what kind of bug is it?

Cole, AL | (none)
what does lady bugs eat?

Maci Adib, AL | (none)
how do you take care of bugs that are dieing?

alaina, FL | (none)
Q. what do walking sticks eat????

Dominic, NJ | (none)
We heard on the show today that a cockroach can live for 10 days without its head. How is that even possible?

gabriella, NE | (none)
how do u take care of a ladybug?

zachary, MN | (none)
hi do catarpillars eat planes

Madha, CA | (none)
What do baby moths look like

Sarah, CO | (none)
How do you take care of a praymantis.

Niki, AL | (none)
My cousin loves bugs. In fact she caugh a moth on her finger at our home and set it free.

Hi, AL | (none)
I'm actually from Australia. Sonia, you can start off by catching lady bugs and letting them free when you're finished. Build tehm a home in a chinese container and see whether they like it. You can usually find them in leafy bushes.

christy, OK | (none)
i saw what i thought was a very large-the size of my hand, with a long stinger on the end of it, what is this thing ???

kiki557, UT | (none)
I want to know how long praying mantises live,and How you keep them alive in the winter.

brianna, NC | (none)
how do i take care of a little frog i found in the wild and i realy want to keep can u take a guess what it might eat i need a respond because i just found it today so i do not want it dieing on so please give me a respond as quik as possible thank u

Sonia, IA | (none)
I'm SO AFRAID OF BUGS!!! Any tips on learning to like them?

k.e, | (none)
how do preying mantis eat?

stevie, CA | (none)
Daer Nerys, of ME, i don't know what type of bug it is but don't touch it! i once picked up a catterpillar with little spikes and i had to go to the doctor. if you ever see one don't touch it sorry to not be able to answer your Q. i hope this helps, stevie

Dillon, IN | (none)
what do praying mantis eat

Sandy, FL | (none)
I saw a black fuzzy catrpillar and I am wondering if it stings or not?

Alex, MN | (none)
Do praying mantises live in minnesota?

kiana, AB | (none)
i found a caterpillar type of bug that is bright green, hairless has 8 suckers as the back legs and 6 front legs i woundering if this a caterpillar, and if so what does it eat???

princess, | (none)
i want to know what ants eat

ricky, MO | (none)
i foune a flying bagworm but i do not know why it is flying it is weird it did look like a fairy but if you saw it close it is not if any on knows about it email me at ricasumm@aol.com plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i am ichin to find out

Nerys, ME | (none)
i found a very hairy bright yellow cattapillar with big spikes down the center of its body.What is it?

Keyanna, TX | (none)
I found frogs and a hairyworm, and i can't seem to find what they eat. the LITTLE frogs won't eat nothing, except for this flying bug i found, which i can't find any more. and if i put grass in the cage, it will die, and stink. So what do these animals eat?

Justin, TX | (none)
What do catapala worms [a strange catapiler that is light green and black that turns into a moth] eat?

Victoria, IN | (none)
Hi, I'm Victoria from Indiana. I love bugs. Kristine, your catapillar sounds like the Pipevine Swallowtail in my bugbook. Jacob, my dad showed me a Saltmarsh Catapillar Moth in my bugbook, scary!!!

joel, | (none)
what do baby praymanits eat

Michelle, TX | (none)
In the past week we have noticed tons of catipillars, their body is black and has long, spiky white hair. They are infesting our yard, trees, and all over the house. Can someone please tell me about them?!?!

taylor and gavin, PE | (none)
my kids want to no if catapillars have babies

erin, IA | (none)
how do you take care of inch worms because i have one in a pot in my house at the moment and do they turn into cocoons.

Ben, SC | (none)
I haven't heard any update on the bees disappearing. Might you have an update?

kristine, ME | (none)
i found a flourescent pink catterpiller and i dont know what kind it is. or what it will turn into.

Jacob, TX | (none)
I found a Black fuzzy worm, 1/2 inch thick and 2-3 inches long. It has red horizontal stripes down it's body. Any ideas what this is?

hunter rae, FL | (none)
catirpillars eat leaves.and do you actually think its good to keep a catirpillar as a pet?

chaz, CO | (none)
how can i take the best love,food,water,and shelter and give it to my catipillar?

dusty, OK | (none)
how do you tack care of a catirpillar.

Ethan, HI | (none)
I found a lighting bug and I had to kill it.

Capri, IL | (none)
Is it okay if i mention insects?? Well whatever I LOVE HONEYBEES not bumble bees HONEYBEES!!!

wayne, MA | (none)
i found an inch worm what does it eat? do they become butterflies? why do the hang on strings from the trees?

Darby, NY | (none)
How do I know what leaf to feed the caterpiller I found?

lauren, NJ | (none)
I found a tiny light green inch worm, what does this bug eat?

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