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body and brain


Makenzie, IL | (none)
A girl in my class had to have a brain tumor removed. She visited our class Wednesday. We were all glad to see her. She said she is doing better.

Rejyavik, AK | (none)
Your brain send messages though nerves to your muscles.

Donta'ya, OH | (none)
I tested my brain and I gave it a quiz and it got a 100% on the test.

brain freeze, OH | (none)
brain freeze is caused when veins in your mouth particularly the roof contract then they warm up and cause a sharp short headache if you touch the roof of your mouth it nullifies it

gage, OH | (none)
did you know mummies had their brains pulled out through their noses?

michelle, IL | (none)
My friend can spin faster and longer than other girls without getting dizzy, perhaps her balance section of the brain is bigger than normal.

Johana, CA | (none)
The muscular system Your heart is a muscle, muscles make you breathe. And muscles hold you upright,if all of your muscles rested at the same time, you would collapse. The muscular system is made up of the muscles that let you move

galatica, ON | (none)
I whant to be a neurosurgeon/neuroscience when I grow up so the brain is really interesting to me.

niccolo, NC | (none)
i like science and i know that the brain is the boss of your body and millions and millions of nerves they all are linked to the brain.

Kert, MB | (none)
3nEYbG That's 2 clever by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

Moe , MI | (none)
could somebody help find a great science fair project?

sylvia, | (none)
did you now that your right side can control your left side and your left side can control your right side the brain can break open. Your brain can shut down.

Lily, OH | (none)
Could somebody help me find a great science fair projects

malia, HI | (none)
to patrick, patrick im your freind

Jennie, AL | (none)
I do not think it is realy freezing the brain but it makes your mouth realy could. i am not sure though. hope this helped some:)

pautschgirl, IA | (none)
Wow this is really random....and i thought this was a dscussion on the brain! Anywho...th e brain rocks! Isn't it amazzzzing how it can control millions and millions of parts of your body never getting tired or frozen (like a computer) it can just go super fast with everything....if you think about it long enough it could make your brain hurt! LOL!

Isiah, NY | (none)
I know everything on the brain.

Joseph, MI | (none)
In my dreams I have full consciousness, littery, It's so cool. I can control, wake up, solve problems, and read in my dreams. The coolest or weirdest thing in my dreams is people, animals, or monsters have personalitys. Like, for example, someone may be kind but greedy. Lastly, I'd like to mention that when I dream it has nothing to do with memories or things I've forgotton. Like I siad I can control my dreams.

janetBrooklynWh, AL | (none)
Cool post, I will be sure to come back and visit!

dean, PA | (none)
i like games too afriasia!

TWICE JOHN, NY | (none)

dean, PA | (none)
my dad knows alot about the brain.

Grace, TX | (none)
What does the temperal lobes of your brain do to help you do everyday activities?

Julia, TX | (none)
I think so, but I'm not sure.

Laiyla, CA | (none)
Once watching a video, I saw someone mention they were ambidextrous- meaning they have ability with both hands. I think I could be too, but I'm not sure about it. I'm right-handed, but I can write legible(but ugly) with my left hand for someone who is right-handed. How is that possible, and can I train the submissive side of my body(the left) to be as coordinated and able as my right?

Aileen, MA | (none)
EW! desgusting i hate brains there so squishy and gooey and yucky yuck i know thir like the most important part of our bodies but their so yucky ew!

chloe, IL | (none)
Do you ever wonder how your dreams are made? i think that our brains just are stored with millions of billions of things, that when your sleeping all the stuff you remember just speeds through your head, and then you have a dream that makes absolutely no sense.I think this is correct because whenever i have a dream, its about something i have not thought about for even years. Maybe dreams work differently for everyone. Bye!

Alex, IN | (none)
you know, your brain does alot of job`s like thinking,brething or moving. which are you doing right now?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Leslie, CA | (none)
Is it possible to read someone's mind without technology, or a really smart brain?

Noah, PA | (none)
To Brian: Brain freeze is caused by nerves at the top of your mouth. They are very senetive. Once they feel the tempature drop, they send a warning to the other cells, wich then causes the cells to warn the brain. Then the brain freezes.

bryce, MH | (none)

annie, NY | (none)
If you are left handed could you be any hand?

Cuke Grower X1, CA | (none)
Well, uh, HOWDY! It's me, ol' Cuke Grower X1! And the only reason I'm talking like this is that I'm moving to the WEST! Well, does California count? Okay, this first one goes to Danielle of British Colombia. It all depends on the side that is dominant to the brain. But there IS a twist! The right brain controls the left body, and vice versa! Next one goes to Chloe of Illinois. Yes, Chloe, all about the computer is true! But, even though, there IS something quite similar to a brain- called a CPU. It's the main area for sending and storing information. Next to Deedy of Louisiana. Yes, indeed smell and taste ARE linked. Note that when we are sick, we can't really taste much. When your nose is clogged, then certainly your taste buds should clog up too? Next one to Christi of Alaska. I see you are a very smart girl. It is true about having NO brain. But, there are a few execptions. Plants don't have brains, and ameobas, or tiny creatures in the water, don't either. Now to Shelby of Mexico. The size of your brain doesn't matter. But, you'd still be smart, even with a brain 1 inch long. Now this last one is to Rebecca of Oklahoma. It is true all about this. Milk DOES have calcium, an essential vitamin for happy and healthy bones! Well, that's all, bye for now :)

terace, OK | (none)
i love human brain because that is how we think and learn???

rebecca, OK | (none)
that if you drink milk that you will have really strong bones

cierra, DC | (none)
Iam so smart i have state aaaaaaaaaa on my report on brains

Shelby, MX | (none)
I have a big brain, so I'm smart! SUPER, SUPER SMART!

Goanar, UT | (none)
Did you know that a volcano can expolde the highest with baking soda and vinger

Christi, AK | (none)
Well my brain is big. I'm smarter than my teacher and I have a big imagination. With out a brain, you'd be dead!

Anna, MN | (none)
Did you know that you use your whole brain?

deedy, LA | (none)
can smell miss up the way of taste

Chloe, IL | (none)
A computer doesn't have a brain, just something that acts like a brain!

daniellee, BC | (none)
What causes some people to be left handed?

Alexis, KS | (none)
I did the rainbow cardboard do it and I saw a whitish color. most people saw a reddish colour. What did you see? Our brains seem to act diffrently.

Jake, MN | (none)
The stomache, heart, and intestine mucels are exambles. I'm not sure aboute the brain.

jeanine, NY | (none)
between a girl and a boy who has better memory?

rov, ME | (none)
what is basball

Natalie, | (none)
can you have sports that is good for your brain on this website?

shekz, FL | (none)
what is one type of involuntary actoin?????

afriasia, YT | (none)
i like the games.

Caroline, CA | (none)
This is really wierd! While you are sitting, lift your right leg off the ground make clockwise circles in the air with it. Now draw a '6' in the air with your right hand. Your leg will automatically switch directions! It's preprogrammed in your brain somewhere!

johnsonjunior, AL | (none)
Hi all. Your site pbskids.org is very suitable. I think I've found my constant comunication place :) Sorry if wrong branch

Sophie, MO | (none)
Does a computer really have a brain or just something that works like a brain?

Savannah, ON | (none)
What is a spinal Cord?

Ellie, BC | (none)
Why do we get memory lose?

teddy d., WA | (none)
My BRAIN is working on this puzzle!!!

sydney, MI | (none)
did you know about the cerebellem and cerebrum

Candy, IL | (none)
Does anyone one know about the stroop effect?

ocha, NM | (none)
what ia a brain

Jamsona, AL | (none)
Hello friends! i new on your forum! see ya:))

kaylee, OH | (none)
why dose the brain function the way it dose?and why are there diffrent parts to a brain like the sight is in the back insted of in the front?

Sarah, UT | (none)
What does the brain do?

JEREMIAH, SC | (none)
how does your brain work?

Marsha, WA | (none)
Are there,any jobs perhaps falling in the brain group as in a brain doctor or anything like that?

kashira, AR | (none)
you are right some baby brains are bigger then adults

michaela, BC | (none)
i know that u are righit that brains can do so much stuff for u

Tiffany, OH | (none)
what is memory?

mario, NH | (none)
I wonder what causes brain freeze?If you know can you tell me cause i really want to know.

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