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body and brain


Natalie, GA | (none)
Helo, this is from "Seele2". This is my HQ. So contact me here! SuperSciGirl, I have your answer from your question posted! The answer to: "Do all of your body parts connect to your brain, or do some work independently?" The answer is: All of your body parts are connected to your brain. Some muscles move voluntarily, by you, and some work independently, like your heart. You do not concentrate to keep your heart pumping, it pumps automatically. SuperSciGirl, contact me to receive more answers to more of your questions. Here is a fact just for you: Did you know snails have teeth? Yup, they do! Type you later! By, By!

Natalie, GA | (none)
My "HQ" is on the body and brain message board section. If you contact me here, you are more likely guaranteed that you will get a response back than in any of the other subjects. In my messages, if you see "Seele2" , it means the message is from me. Remember that!

Natalie, GA | (none)
Hey, friends! Did you know that a snail has TEETH! Your eyes when you sleep, go through a period of REM sleep. REM sleep, is when your eyes rapidly(R for rapid) and quickly move back and forth! REM stands for rapid, eye, movement. Ever knew that? Ask me a question and I can answer in 1 to 2 weeks.(Due to school.) Chat later y'all!!

Destiney, OH | (none)
I love learning about the human body. There are so many things for us to learn about and still so much that no one knows. I am learning many things as i go through middle school. I enjoy learning about everything, even some of the things that disgust me or make me think "How is that possible?" I enjoy all of the complex things that are going on and learning how everything works. I hope to one day be a science teacher and learn more and teach more students things to get them through life.

jj, TX | (none)
the coolest part of your body is your legs because i can run fast!8)

Laura, GA | (none)
You get energy from your food because your stomach digests it and takes it and turns it into energy so be glad you have a stomach!! Also be glad you have bones! Without them you could not do anything! So be glad you have A stomach to digest food with and bones to help you do stuff!

Rachel, GA | (none)
My favorite part of the body is the heart because it works with your brain to keep you alive! We also digest our food in our stomach. LEARNING ABOUT YOUR BODY IS SO COOL!!!!!!

H.A., TX | (none)
to Tommy: If the floor is a light source, then your shadow would be on the roof, therefore it would be impossible to step on it. Hope this helps :D

fan of Dragonfly tv, TX | (none)
I love my body and don't want to hurt it!

Makenzie, IL | (none)
I know the name of 18 bones and where they are at.

caelin, DE | (none)
I wonder how many blood cels are inside your body?

Allie, FL | (none)
Never smoke if you don't want lung or heart disease.

amie, NC | (none)
how many bones do a adult have?

amie, NC | (none)
how many bones do a baby have?

kendall, CO | (none)
my class is learning about the human body

SuperSciGirl, NC | (none)
Do all parts of your body connect to your brain or do some of them work independently?

Danielle , PE | (none)
I think that the COOLEST part of your body is the brain. The Brain is a part of the body that I would LOVE to study when I grow up.

harley, FL | (none)
olivia, HI | Great Games hey you guys. I hate most of the games but i lllooovvveee the dog breeding. The game is explicit yet interesting, loving and care free, caring and touching, cool an brainy, like me. i love it extra lot. I couldn't live with out it!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mia, OR | Great Games i liked dog breeding, but it's kinda hard.P.S.,julia,i'm in second grade too!!!!!!hi can.t take loge

Swirlpaw146, PA | (none)
so ive heard that your body makes over 1,000,000 red blood cells each minute! you need these or else... ...Diamond Black Phenomena!! Lot of people die or are hospitalized, cared for constantly,OR-Hospitalized-For A Year Or So! Its Scary So U better make sure u have HARD WORKING bone marrows! PS:@Sarah- No- My Bff Just Broke An Arm!

HENESSIE, CA | (none)

sarah, VA | (none)
have you ever had a broken bone?

Sumayyah, PA | (none)
Hey everyone

hannha, NY | (none)
I love learning about my body, it is sooooo cool! did you know that We inherit half our genes from our mother and half from our father. Therefore, every individual is a mix of the properties of his or her parents. We can get our eye color from our mother and our hair color from our father. But how does inheriting a particular gene result in blue eyes or any other physical trait? Genes contain the information that directs the cell machinery to make proteins. The different proteins of the body form the physical features seen by the outside world.

Archie , NJ | (none)
you digest in your body

Lamia , OH | (none)
I think a kid who know how to take care off a pet should be able to have a pet

cassie, CA | (none)
your dna is in cromasomes

DORIAN, TX | (none)

mariah, IN | (none)
i like pumpkin pie and cinnamon but my mom said i couldnt eat cinnamon anymore what should i do?

tionna, NY | (none)
how did u make a dress

tabby, | (none)
what up

felicia, MA | (none)
hello. my name is felicia and i think that all dog's should be given a great home no matter what

MAckenzie, WA | (none)
Peace out People! I like Pie

laura, ME | (none)
in baseball its not how hard you hit its how you you position your back your back is shaped like an 's' you have to make it strate

Grace, TX | (none)
Okay so the way that when you get older you become less flexible is that you loose your cartalage in between your joints. Then is starts to hurt whenever you try to do something flexible.

Grace, | (none)
We are naturally bouent because our body is made up of 80 percent water.

Grace, TX | (none)
There is a part of your brain that is in control of your emotions. That part is most likely when you get happy or sad to send a message to another part of your brain that will send a message to your tear places that will then cause you to cry. I am just gusessing here though so do not rely on me.

Grace, TX | (none)
There are 206 bones in our body. And to answer the next question your bones get weaker and weaker day by day if you don't get enough calcium.

Ashley, TX | (none)
Karissa, it's really simple. Our lungs basically inflate then deflate when we breathe, like a balloon. Then, without really thinking, our brain keeps tabs on our breathing while we do other things. (: Hope this helps. -Ashley

Grace, TX | (none)
If you put a bandaid on a wound and don't let it breathe a while or clean it out it will probably get infected do to the fact that you are letting all the bad germs sit on your wound and or you are robbing your wound from the oxygen that it needs. The oozy clear stuff that is coming out of the wound when you take the bandaid of is called puss and that is bad. So go see a doctor and get some antibiotics to help fight the infection.

Grace, | (none)
The way that we breathe is called respiration. Respiration is there to give oxygen to the blood cells so they can carry it out to other parts of the body. That is why we breathe though so I guess that we breathe by the action of enhaling and how we inhale is by our brain to recieve a message from our blood cells to the spinal cord to tell us that we need to breathe like now.

Grace, | (none)
The way that you get more immune to stuff is to experience them. Like if you got Chicken Pox your body builds up the immunity to not get it again. It has its own little defenses. The same goes if you get mono.

Grace, | (none)
The lungs and the heart, I know that they work kind of as one but how does the heart start pumping? Does the brain send messages to the heart to pump? Or does the heart just has its own energy source? I if so where does it get its sourcec of energy?

Julia, TX | (none)
I think you stay around something for awhile, and after a few times of getting sick or something, you grow immune to it. Like farmers and the swine flu. They were always around pigs, so the swine flu didn't effect them, as h1n1 comes from pigs. ;) hope this helps.

Ramya, NC | (none)
How do you get more immune other than vaccines?

cody, IN | (none)
your brain helps your thinking and movements.

sierra, IN | (none)
Hey all you people I would like to answer some questions that you have asked.To ally,PA:Your foot can be bigger than the other foot becuase you dont rub it alot,or it could be that you bumped it on something you shouldn't of bumped it on.And always clean your feet in the tub or shower.Now this one is To amber,OH First I'm 1,0000000% sorry about that.Second it takes 39 musles to breath i think i spelled that right.You might of played around somehow and poped a musle that helped you 2 breath.So for you it would take 37 musles to breath cus you proply poped it.So go to the hostpital if it still hurts.Thank you all people that i helped!So i hoped it works out amber in Ohio!ILL POST MORE!and help out or just talk!!!!!:):):(:)

karissa, LA | (none)
how we breath

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
annie, NY: the organ next to your hip is called your kidney, i think i spelled it right. Anyway, your kidney, i think, is what cleans your pee. it takes all the junk outta it, and cleans it. if you dont take care of your kidneys, you could get a kidney stone, i think. so drink lots of water, and stay away from sugary drinks when its not mealtime... oh, and use the bathroom regualy. Philip, NY: Yes, i'm afraid so. (Sigh), us big kids will never be able to do gym. andrea, CA: we have about 200 bones in the body. when we're atults (YUK!) we'll have 206 don't ask me how!

BffsRock009, | (none)
To krystal: Your DNA is what makes you you. if we all had the same dna, everybody would look the same. it kinda like sayin, "Hi krystal!" "how are you, krystal?" and so on. And thats what DNA is.

lina, | (none)
how does dna work in our body?

krystal, | (none)
whats dna?

Lyneer, | (none)
I just got a cut and put a bandaid on over night and when I took it this morning it started to ooze a verry small amount of clear liquid and I want to know whats happening.

Naomi, OK | (none)
How long can cheetahs run at 60 miles per hour?

joshua, CA | (none)
i want to know where can i download a pedocut or application so i can put task or stuff into a robot because my science fair is comin up in 3 months. Please tell me. I need it so much thanx bye :D

andrea, CA | (none)
how many BONES WE hAVE in our bodies?

Tommy , MO | (none)
How do you not step on your shadow when there is a light source?

Cuke Grower X1, FL | (none)
So it turns out I'm not moving to California YET. This first one goes to Annie of New York. You have 3 layers of skin. First one is the epidermis, next the dermis, and finally a layer of FAT. Next one goes to Ally of Pennsylvania. It's completely normal to have one foot bigger than another! Actually, I have that same thing! It's just natural. Now, Brandon of Colorado, yes, you're right! At our age we have about 300 bones in our body. But did you know that a newborn baby has about 650 bones in IT'S body? Next one to Aubrey of California. Aubrey, guess what? I'm moving to California, too! We might accidentally bump into each other at some store! Oh, yeah. I got off track, didn't I? Yeah. So there isn't any contagious cancers discovered yet; but keep a keen eye on the news, and see what they've discovered. That's all!

brianna, AL | (none)
i love my body

Aubrey, CA | (none)
Are there any contagious or infectious cancers?

Brandon, CO | (none)
There are about 300 bones in our body and an adult has 206 bones in its body.

ally, PA | (none)
how can your foot be bigger then another

annie, NY | (none)
How many layers of skin do you have, What internal organ is on the right side of your body, mostly by your hip.

Cuke Grower X1, FL | (none)
Howdy. Here are THE ANSWERS to all your questions. First, Lily, of MI, the green vein is called the LYMPH VESSEL. It's full of cells that make viruses get out of you before you get sick. It helps you VERY nicely. Now, to Robyn. DNA is made of 4 materials; plus sugars. Yes, the same sugars in your candies. The 4 materials are: guanine, actine, thymine, and another I forgot. So that it is! Now, to Ben of Conneticut. The strongest bone in your body is the femur. It'd be pretty sad if you broke it! Now to Jack, of Kansas. The foot is strong from holding your entire weight, which is a LOT, giving the answer! That's it, Cuke Grower X1! :)

Jessamyn, NE | (none)
How can you balnce better for ballet and dance when you have to go up on your toes

jack, KS | (none)
Is your foot stronger than your hand?

Ben, CT | (none)
What is the strongest bone in your body?

jojo, MD | (none)
Maybe you could test how much weight goes on when a group of people stand on a seasal:)

Astro, NC | (none)
The strongest bone in your body is called the Femur. The Femur is also the strongest and longest bone in yourbody.

Robyn, CA | (none)
What is DNA made of?

Laiylaly, CA | (none)
ToNefetari, NC:the energy that u get is 4m ur food

Lily, MI | (none)
what is the green vein for?

Keerthi, NY | (none)
There are 201 bones in the body.

Kayla, BC | (none)
I am learning about the human body at school and I was wondering.... how many muscles are there in the human body?

Nefertari, NC | (none)
Hello, I would like to know where does the energy to do sports come from?

kaitlyn, PA | (none)
my bones are shrong

Philip, NY | (none)
I have a question. A really hard one. How does a person's age affect his or her flexibility?

Caroline, NC | (none)
How bones are in the body?

Sam, MN | (none)
I want to know, why does your foot tingle when it has fallen asleep and starts to wake up?

Sakura, HI | (none)
How does TV weaken your brain cells? I really want to know.

nicole, GA | (none)
what is the amount of gravity per square inch?

seth, NY | (none)
to shannon: yesitdoes

maloree, GA | (none)
how does your body work?

amber, OH | (none)
dose any one know how many muscles it takes to breahe? im wondering because i hurt my chest some how and i think its my ribs.. but i went to the nurse at school and she said it was muscle spazems.. :/ i dont know what to do.. i dont get it.. i had hurt my chest.. well brest bone while i was putting up my hair the bone made a popong nose like i cracked it.. like nuckle.. and ever since my rib has been hurting when i breathe in and when i sing any thing i do with my right arm. dose any one kno?

devin, | (none)
bobby how many germs in human body .

christie, SC | (none)
why is it that when you take salt in water then drop an egg in it it flotes and it dosent work with pepper

mia, DC | (none)
how many thunmbs do we have?

Shannon, OH | (none)
Hi,I was wondering does the brain have bones?

bob, KY | (none)
my teacher says that we are natraly bouent.

Russa, WI | (none)
How can we improve our flexibility?

Kate, WA | (none)
The brain is my favorite part of the human body. It's cool!

bobby, IL | (none)
How many germs in human body?

Leah, TX | (none)
Our body repels water because we have natural oils! (remember? =D)

Sammy, CA | (none)
I wonder why pass 99 of 100 tests!?!?!?!?!?!?

Melinda, OH | (none)
Hi.My grandpa died of lung cancer last month.What is lung cancer and how do people get it? Is there a cure for it?I want to learn more to study the lungs and cancer.

Pablo, TX | (none)
How many bones do we have in our bodies?

Christopher, GA | (none)
I did an experiment on the effect of the drop of a water balloon on the size of its splash. My results were that as the height of the water balloon increased, the size of the splash increased. I need some research information on this topic. Can you help me?

Rachel, NY | (none)
Muscles are very cool, they help you to move!!

Michelle, NC | (none)
how many muscles does it take to blink an eye?

lala, AL | (none)
why does our body repell water

Andrea, WA | (none)
Peace out yo!!! I like to study the body!

Bob, BC | (none)
how much do you walk in an average day at school?

Ronil, AB | (none)
I want to know what are Brains are made of

Andrew, ON | (none)
how many blood sell's do we have?

shaniya, FL | (none)
i love your show and your net work on comperter and it is on pbs kid

lilac, MX | (none)
How many muscles in our legs?

Jacquelyn, MI | (none)
How many muscles are in the fingers of one human hand?

mykel, NY | (none)
does your body move with your body all the time?explain

Sarah, | (none)
Ho many musles do we have in our arms?

samantha, TX | (none)
how dose your hart beat.

ashli, PA | (none)
how many times do you breathe in a minute

stevie, CA | (none)
Did you hear the news about the skeleton scientists found? They took clues and told us that we crawled first,stood up, crawled again, and then here we are standing up again!

Brittany, NF | (none)
How often do I need my heapatitis shots each year?

hunter reilly, OR | (none)
How many square inches of skin covers our body?

jessica, CA | (none)
how many bones are there in a fetal pig?

stevie, CA | (none)
did you know that we swallow enough saliva a day to fill 2 galllons? hope you enjoy this, stevie

Kayleigh, CA | (none)
How many muscles do we have in our body??

Nina, OH | (none)
How dose your body create waste?

sam, CO | (none)
did you know you have 27 bones and 37muscles in youer hand

Sarah, YT | (none)
how many times does the average human being blink in a year?

Brittany, OH | (none)
how hot does your heart beat at a time

Darby, NY | (none)
When you sleep,does your brain sleep too?

Ashley, BC | (none)
We Have 206 Bones In Our Body.

wendy, KY | (none)
does any body know how to explain how the digestive system works?

Hannah, NC | (none)
Why do we cry when we are sad or very joyful.

maria, VA | (none)
How many bones are inside our bodly plus how do our bones get weak day by day?

cvb, FL | (none)
how many days do cells last?

chelsea, ON | (none)
i love csi and i will hopefully be one when i grow up

sarha, NY | (none)
how many muscles are there in your face

shelly, LA | (none)
To:Shannon,OH. Hello Shannon to answer your question about does your brain have bones? No the brain does not have bones insted it is made of a tissue allong with allot of other things.it is extremly complicated to explain what it is made of and how it works thanks and I hope this helps! :) To:Melinda,OH. I amtrully sorry about your grandpa I hope you and your family will be fine, :) Now to answer your question about why your grandapa died. Lung cancer is caused by many things, the most common is tobacko smoking and others are breathing in Radon gas, Asbetos and polluted air and allso secondhand smoke. Again I am sorry about your grandad and I hope this helps! ;)

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