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amie, NC | (none)
are birds cute?

niccolo, NC | (none)
did u no that the falkon can fly 240 miles a hour [falkon is a bird]

keara, AZ | (none)
i have pet birds(parakeets).

josh , OH | (none)
i have my own bird at home

cassie, CA | (none)

kiyanna225, LA | (none)

logan, PA | (none)
flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp

BffsRock009, FL | (none)
I have birds all over in florida! their is this old, scary-looking tree behind my comunity, and hawks live in it! Sometimes they O (it's a shape!) my house all the time. My brother said he saw them pick up a squirel once... but, he's a liar! See ya!

Euodoxea, WI | (none)
Today I saw a ruff legged hawk and I went outside and saw the same ruff legged with a another. then two sharp shinned hawks came and chased them away. and when the ruff legged hawks where gone the two sharp shinned hawks came and hovered above my head. It was the best thing ever.

Euodoxea, WI | (none)
I LOVE birds and want to be an ornithologist when I grow up. I especially love bird's of pray. I have been seeing lots of eagles lately and don't know why there here. So why are they here?

JACK, TX | (none)

Rhyanna, NY | (none)
Reply to:Emily, ON: Birds are amazing, and I am considering being an ornithologist when I grow up, They are beautiful, and it's so amazing to watch them fly, they look like they could skim the clouds. I especially love hawks, red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, owls, and sparrows. It's sad how people keep them locked up in cages though, and won't let them fly. __________________ You're right, Emily. I have always wondered what it would be like up there, wind in my hair, clouds above my head. I wish people could fly like birds could. Not super-powers exactly, but that grace that birds in flight have, with wings and that eyesight. It's absolutely amazing. And Emily, have you ever read Rice Moon? It's a story about a bird that is cooped up and it is passed along from person to person, until finally someone lets it go. It's two or three pages in pretty big print, but I think you would like it. I'm just glad that the bird got free in the end. I love those birds-- I don't know what type they are (sparrows mabye?)-- that dot the sky like blueberries in a blueberry muffin. That's really what they remind me of. And I happen to particularly enjoy blueberry muffins. Or watching birds in flight. I am either buy a marimba or binoculars. One is for the band I am in, the other is for birdwatching. I think right now I am going to go with the marimba. I need to practice Olympia. I am playing the bell part, and to tell the truth, the whole song sounds a bit like the Star Wars opening. That's all for now. May we stay green!!!!!

koby, | (none)
hey! koby! what do you want for crasmas?

Kelly, NY | (none)
A bird crashed into my window and died (so sad) I'm going to bury it, but how do I kinow if it's a girl or a boy?

Kimberly, NY | (none)
I love birds becaz thay sing soins And thay nice. And thats why I love birds. And I bilt a bird house. And I bilt it my self. Also my a name is Kimberly.

kristie, NE | (none)
I like parakets be cause I have2.

Aubrey, OH | (none)
Stephanie,I am very sorry about Frosty.I had a fish named Sam but he died.He died a week and a couple days ago.It is sad when pets die. *****************,AUBREY

Jenika, OR | (none)
Hi, my name is Jenika. I'm almost 12 years old and still watch OPB and PBS when I get home from school. I love OBP and when I was little it was the only thing I could watch.Now I like to watch the science and history shows. I love watching Antequie Road Show. Thanks for a great channel for kids and young adalts. Sincerely,Jenika

Chloe, IL | (none)
My favorite bird is the toucan their so bright and colorfull! some people even have them as pets! i saw it on a website! it was so awesome! when i,m older i,m going to buy a pet toucan, and a gorilla, and a elephant!

STEPHANIE, WI | (none)
HI i got a new gray bird i will take care of her 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% becuse gray birds are vary vary Rare FROSTY WAS VARY RARE THANK YOU ALOT i relly hope you relly like it PLEASE READ IT OK IM AT THE END OF THIS REPORT NOW SO I HOPE TO HEAR BACK VARY VARY SOON FROM YOU OK AND REPORT OF WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS OK IM LEVEING NOW BY!

stephanie, WI | (none)
i got a nother bird it is a tercoise coler so i named her tercoise please report back soon THANK YOU

stephanie, WI | (none)
i love birds i have 16 of them do you have aney ther names are breez noae jerry cristil sunshine dimend halk butterfly emerald frosty snowflak stormy jaden thoes are the names i hope you like my report

karina, AB | (none)
birds are my FAVORITE thing in the world!! the little cute thing spoils the bad day to begin a great day! when i get a budgie i will get a blue budgie and name it Majestic, let it look at its self in the mirror on my purse ( because birds think there is another bird when they look in the mirror.) and i will take 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% care of him/her.!

Clare, CA | (none)
Dear Kristen from PA, A white duck is a girl.

jessica, WV | (none)
how do you tell a male from a female pelican?

Kristen, PA | (none)
How do you know if a white duck is a boy or girl?

cynthia, MD | (none)
I just brought a Cockatiel bird. I want to know if it is a boy or a girl.

morgan, TX | (none)
in got a parrekeet today! I want to know if ti is a girl or boy?

Taylor, PA | (none)
Have you ever seen a puffin before? They are very cool animal. I went to the Baltimore Aquarium and found out so many interesting facts about them and I even got a penny with a puffin on it!!

Clare, CA | (none)
I love birds. I love all animals. I have 19 PETS! I have, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 fish, 1 tortoise, 2 birds, 4 chickens, 1 roster, 4 ducks and 3 turkeys!! That`s a lot! I take very good care of them. -Clare

Lady, MO | (none)
My user name is Lady I picked that name Because I like that name that I picked

Tina, MO | (none)
Birds are all difrit colors and also they're red and blue.

Roxiey, AL | (none)
Hi how can you tell if a sun conure is a boy or girl. if you know i will really like to know. Thanks

Preston, TX | (none)
I have 3 keets and they all seem to get along pretty well I think its ok if you get another one.

stevie, CA | (none)
Why do some people think it's gross to eat the yolk of an egg?

Unknown, UT | (none)
Golden eagles are thought to live 15-20 years in the wild and have been known to live 40-45 years in captive. I am doing a report on them and they are very interesting.

jacob, WI | (none)

revi, NT | (none)
i love are there penguins they are so cut or shod i say they are the most buteful thing in the world

Meg-anne, NY | (none)
im thinking about getting another budgie but fear they may fight help plzxxx

mina, ID | (none)
i want animals photos

alex, MO | (none)
which came first the chicken or the egg?

rita, | (none)
how do i stop my bird pull out his f help

Niki, AL | (none)
My grandfarther has bought 2 birds. A girl who laided eggs before he had her and her husband. I have only seen them once.

sydney, HI | (none)
i love bids

selene, | (none)
If you have a cocataiel how can you tell if it a boy or a girl?

tiffane, SC | (none)
ilove birds

stevie, CA | (none)
hey vero, of CA i have an answer to your question. i have a bird , it's really hard to tell with mine mine's a cockatiel. and no it's not the same with all birds. let's just say you get a ....uh, cockatiel if you get a gray one when it's a baby and it's face turns yellow it's a girl, if you get a white cockatiel you can never tell! stevie

stevie, CA | (none)
hey i have a problem , my pet bird hank, has a really sharp beak, is there any way we can make it less sharp? please help, his beak hurts when he bites me! stevie

May, VA | (none)
well how would you tell some ome that

Mary, FL | (none)
I need hekp with my Nanday. The bird is puling out her fether. she looks like a puck chinken. she has father on her head @ wings. Is there any to stop her? or anything I can put on her to stop her?

Sabrina, CA | (none)
I think birds are the best! I got my bird the beginning of the year and it is great. It's neme is Sunny because of the colores of it's feathers. it is a paakeet.

zach, PA | (none)
budgies are cool birds

Vero, CA | (none)
How can you tell a boy bird froma girl bird? is it the same way to figure it out for all birds?

bre, OH | (none)
my birds tail is dirty i put ia small bowl of water in it's cage but it does not bath in it what do i do?

bre, OH | (none)
i have a pet bird i don't know the type of bird it is it's blue and white with a white and black tail how do i know if it's a boy or girl

Emily, ON | (none)
Birds are amazing, and I am considering being an ornithologist when I grow up, They are beautiful, and it's so amazing to watch them fly, they look like they could skim the clouds. I especially love hawks, red-winged blackbirds, chickadees, owls, and sparrows. It's sad how people keep them locked up in cages though, and won't let them fly.

dog lover, | (none)
cats are mean so are birds. dogs are soooooo awsome

priyanka, PA | (none)
I think we suold help save girds becase a lot of paple kill birds

Emily, NY | (none)
Is my parakeet a boy or girl?

Capri, IL | (none)
Birds are my favorite animal, and cats are my seconed, and dogs are my fortyth. I wanted a lovebird but I got Judy instead. At first I didn't know how to train a bird to not bite you (she was kissind too hard) and then every time i said no, after 5 thousand times she listened finally to not bite and not climb up my head and make 1 thousand knots!!! YAY SHE IS THE SWEETEST!! Oh and Alyssa If It is a malerd its a boy is it has a green head and a girl is all brown. If its not the spicies of a maled I have no clue.

bird lover, NE | (none)
i love birds they are sooooooo cute my sister has one named buddy and believe me they are fun to play with

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