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Bag on a Stick

amanda, CT | (none)
I was able to put 12 skewers and then I ran out of skewers

namiss lori, MA | (none)
more then 99 sticks

ham, AK | (none)
what is a bag on a stick???????????????????????????????????????? i do not get it??????????????????????????????????????????

breanna, MS | (none)
hi max it is breanna

dustin, CA | (none)
bag on a stik is so cool

qais, HI | (none)
what is a bag on a stick

Violet, CA | (none)
I only got 3 in before it started leaking and nothing happened when I put a skewer above the water line it was a lot of fun!

MACKENZIE, OH | (none)

Bobbie, TX | (none)

peighton, IA | (none)
i did good.

Anna, MN | (none)
Mine leaked on the first time.But only a litte.

lindsey, SD | (none)
Once I did it at first water was going all over, but nothing happen.

emma, CA | (none)
43 sticks

kae, NE | (none)
my mom and grandma totally freaked out. I was LOL but it was still kinda fun!!!

Elizabeth, | (none)
I actuly trid it twice and the 1st time it only took one,but the 2nd time it took 3.

erik, NJ | (none)
i was able to put in 24 of them

lorenzo, KY | (none)
more than four

Ellie, MA | (none)
If I wanted to, I could fit more than 14 skewers in the bag with no water leaking out! It was a lot of fun!

Ellie, MA | (none)
If I wanted I could fit 14 skewers in the bag with no water leaking out! It was a lot of fun!

alex, WA | (none)
I actually poked it through one side only so it leaked.

Meredith, TX | (none)
It was crazy!I tried it with skewer and nothing came out but then I tried it with toothpicks and water went every were! your friend meredith

lola, TX | (none)
I thought that it was guaranted to leak!

Kathryn, WI | (none)
It was really fun, and i put in 16 sticks in the bag! It was super cool!!

Danielle, | (none)
More than four it worked great! I am amased

max, MN | (none)
mine never leaked Intel i got to fifty,and then wham!! It squirted all over!this was a fun experiment.

Jordan, CA | (none)
It was so cool!!!!!!!!Im pulled them out and i squeezed the bagg and it exploded

alexis, GA | (none)
i put 14 sticks in the bag with water in it and it didnt leack

Alex , MS | (none)
I could put eleven skewers in the bag i thught that with it being a ziploc bag that it would leak after maybe four but i was wrong

Jacob, NC | (none)
When I put the skewers inside the bag filled with water it leaked a little bit but otherwise it worked

sarah, MA | (none)
instead of the bamboo i used tooth piks it worked

Vincent, MD | (none)
Because the bamboo screwers were thick.

amy, CA | (none)
i was sure it was gonna leak because i know that holes make something in water leak.so i couldnt belive it when i tried it.

Jada, OH | (none)
this was really cool when you put it at the top it all spills out it was totally awesome .

Trysha, CA | (none)
I got 20 sticks in the bag! I would'vegoten more if I had time though.

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