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Christopher, VA | (none)
Maybe we can have Planes run or melted trash

den, TN | (none)
i whant to creat a pet robot dog that play socer

Brenna, OH | (none)
Hello Dragonfly TV fans. We ( my family ) just tore out the wall in our house because we thought it looked ugly and my mom was prying out the plaster and me and my brother ( I know thats inpropper grammer ) were bored so my mom let us draw on the walls with marker. It was super fun. We played hangman and Tic Tac Toe which is my brothers ultimate favorite game. It is finished now but the pictures I took with my new camera are awesome! Just wanted to share about that. I've already told my friends but I think it is sciency.

Blake, CT | (none)
How is this idea? A foot-long rod with a triangle shaped peice of cardboard. Simple. Probably effective.

Kevin, UT | (none)
So I read some messages about Boeing 747's and the Concord but what about jet and fighter planes. I like the F/A-18 and I'm learning how to fly one.

heidi, AL | (none)
i want to make a hovercraft

Jackson, GA | (none)
I would invent a fighter like an x-wing from Star Wars

rachel, OH | (none)
i love this thing called japanese erasers are they avashion??

Daniel, OK | (none)
I need help inventing something like a flying go-cart

Michael, OR | (none)
Me and my friend are biulding a H.P.F.M.(Human Powered Flying Machine). We already have the details and are making it from a bicycle. We hope it will be able to cross the River next to our house (width:40-60').

Jonathan , FL | (none)

sammmy, MX | (none)
If you want to fly a airplane get a flight simulator its fun

matthew, OH | (none)
I think flying is the best thing, but it is a shame that they retired the Concord due to safety reasons. I like the boeing 747, and I would like to go on one.

tia, MI | (none)
Hi am tia wondr how you can make your own hot air ball you wil ned bak ing soda red and gren ball blow air in the gren ball por the bak soda in the red ball git a pop btl por the vinger to the botl pot on the red ball ovr the botl tiu it and wice litre.

Aaron, NC | (none)
I liked the 7-4-7 as well, though now there is even larger A-380 which is completely 2 stories. My personal favorite is the concord. I hate that it had that huge accident and was retired.

mikey, WA | (none)
umm...lets see here when im older im going to be an inventor when i grow up and im working on a car that is made out of recyceld materials and solar energy also it will have three wheels made out of recycelde materials and when the solar runs out of solar it will be running by rechargable car battery witch may need two seperate engines..(it will not be easey but in THIS generation it's possible i am not able to guess untill i can make a prototype...however the helicopter is fuzzey still if we can both share ideas please write here..

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